League Bylaws


• Each team will play their divisional opponents twice during the regular season. 

All games will be played using 8 minute quarters. This includes divisional games, cross-divisiona

games, and “B” games when applicable. 

• The duration of halftime should range between 8 and 10 minutes, 

Each team will be given at least 10 minutes to warm-up prior to the game. All league games take priority over non-league games. If weather causes a cancellation, every effort must be made to makeup the game as soon as possible. Please read the details below listed under 

Rescheduling Games. . Prior to each season, a final regular season date will be established. Any game not played by this date 

will not count toward the standings. The regular season will not be extended for any circumstances. During the regular season, the home teams are responsible for providing and paying for officials, scorers, and crowd control if necessary as well as providing basketballs, water, a towel, cups, and a garbage can for the visiting team. If basketballs and/or water/towel/cups/garbage can cannot be provided, it should be indicated on the DIRECTIONS portion of the league website. It's important when confirming games with opposing schools to mention whether these things will be provided

The starting time of regular season games should occur between 3:45 PM and 4:15 PM. Each school should make every effort possible to respect the start time of the home team. Unforeseen circumstances such as traffic, accidents, bus issues, and/or officials arriving late must be taken into consideration. Every effort possible must be made by the athletic director to get their teams to facilities in a timely manner. Many schools have recreation programs or other outside organizations that need the gym at 6:00 so it's important to start the games on time.

Rescheduling Games

New policy agreed on by the league members during the February 23rd meeting in 2011: If school is closed due to inclement weather, the game must be rescheduled during the next 3 open dates where there is not an already scheduled CJJBL game for each team. The game cannot be the 5th game in a week or the 34 game in a row unless agreed upon by the team affected by the two scenarios just presented. If the two teams cannot reach an agreement on a makeup date and cannot come to an agreement on what should happen to the game (ie- one team forfeiting), then a 5 person panel (Mike Davis, Robert Murphy, Andrew Oliveri, Nicole Monsafani, & Kim Willard) will hear both arguments and make a decision. 

• If a school needs to postpone a game for any reason other than a school cancellation due to weather, their opponent will provide three dates where the game can be rescheduled. The school which caused the postponement must pick one of the dates or else it will count as a forfeit win for their opponent. If it's late in the season and three dates aren't available, the game must be played on the next available date as long as it works for their opponent (team who didn't cause postponement). If a team needs to postpone a game for any reason other than a school cancellation due to weather on the final day of the regular season, the game will count as a forfeit win for their opponent. Lastly, league games take precedent over non-league games. When in doubt, all decisions will err on the side of the team who didn't cause the postponement. 


• All teams will be eligible for the playoffs. 

· Seeding will be determined by the number of divisional wins during the regular season, not winning 


• The higher seed will host playoff games until the finals. 

• The location for the finals will be determined at the post-season meeting. 

• Every effort will be made to rotate the locations of the finals. The host site must be able to accommodate large crowds and have a PA system. 

Officials will be provided by the league for all playoff games. The president of the league will take care of payment during the championship round only. The host team must provide payment to the league assigned officials during the play-in, quarterfinal, & semifinal rounds. Each bost team in the playoffs must provide a clock operator and a crowd control person. The league will pay for the championship round only.. $50 for the clock operator and $50 for two crowd control people. The host site will provide payment to the these workers during the play-in, quarterfinal, and semifinal rounds. The same person cannot work both the clock and crowd control. 

• Playoff dates will be established at the post-season meeting. They cannot be changed unless one of the teams involved in the contest has to deal with a school cancellation. The start time for playoff games will be between 3:45 PM and 4:15 PM with the exception of the finals. Start times can occur earlier ONLY if weather is a concern, both schools agree to it, and the league 

appointed officials can make the start time. . The championship games will start at 5:00 PM and 7:00 PM (amended after 2012 post season meeting). It will rotate every year when determining if the boys or girls will play first. 

• Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will host teams be allowed to provide their own officials. We want the 

officials to be appointed by the league and have no bias toward a school. If a team cannot play on their playoff date, the league will take care of getting officials to the rescheduled date. The opposing school must agree to the change as well. Playoff dates are scheduled one year in advance and it's crucial to keep the dates unless of a major emergency. Playoff date reminders will be sent throughout the season to all members of the league via broadcast emails. 

League Fees 

• As per a change made during the 2015 post season meeting, there will be a $150 entry fee per school (includes entry fee for boys and girls team). 

• The entry fee must be paid prior to the beginning of the season. 

If a quote/voucher is needed for payment, please email the president of the league. 

Please make sure the correct payment is mailed to the correct address

Player Eligibility 

• Only students who attend the schools in the league will be eligible to play in games. Students from 6th, 7th, and 8th grade are eligible as long as they go to a school associated with the league, 

• Exception to this rule- If a student attends a different school because of special needs, he or she may be eligible to participate in the league as long as the student lives in the town. 


• The league schedule will be created by the president. 

• It will be distributed at the end-of-the-season meeting. 

• Changes can be made at the agreement of both schools. 


• The home team must provide and pay for two certified officials during the regular season. 

• The league will take care of assigning the officials during the playoffs. Host sites will pay for the 

officials except during the championship round. 

• If the officials don't show up, the home team will forfeit the game. If only 1 official shows up, then the 

game must be played. Exception to this rule- If an unforeseen circumstance such as a car accident 

prevents the officials from getting to the game, every effort should be made to makeup the game. 

• Officials will not dictate length of quarters. All games in the league will use 8 minute quarters. 


• Trophies will be awarded to each A and B tournament Champion. 


• The league's website is: Please refer to the How To Page when attempting to complete 

league requirements through the website such as home divisional game entry, game result entry, 



• The following tiebreaker criteria will be used to determine seeding in the playoffs if two or more teams 

have the same number of wins at the end of the regular season:  

1. Head to head. If more than 2 teams have the same #of wins, the records amongst the teams involved in the tie will be accumulated. Seeding will be then be based on records against the teams involved in tie. 

2. Point differential in the games played between the teams involved in the tie ONLY will be the 2nd criteria with a cap of 15 points per contest. This will encourage teams to practice proper sportsmanship. 

3. If the first two criteria don't work, then a comparison of records against the team with the best record in the league will be used. Example-If team A & B are tied at the end of the regular season and they split games, their records against the team with the best record will be a determining factor. If team A beat team C (who has the best record) twice during the regular season whereas team B split with team C during the.regular season, then team A would be awarded the higher seed. If this doesn't decide it, go to the team with the next best record and continue this for all the teams in the division until the tiebreaker is decided. If this doesn't work, go to #4 

4. Coin flip 




In order to foster and reinforce the development of character for those participating in the Central Jersey Junior Basketball League, the following Code of Conduct has been developed to support the league's philosophy of sportsmanship. Coaches are asked to discuss the code of conduct with their players, parents, and school community. 


1. Each participating coach and team is responsible for cultivating a positive atmosphere of competition and fair play. 

2. Each participating coach and player must demonstrate respect for the officials of the game. 

3. Home teams are responsible for the behavior of their spectators. 

4. Coaches are responsible for the actions and behaviors of their players. 


Let the players play, let the coaches coach, and let the officials officiate! 



• Sportsmanship is especially important in lopsided contests. Playing substitute players, calling off a full court press, playing zone, implementing a pass minimum before shots are all effective strategies to help in these situations. 

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