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Field Hockey League ByLaws
Jersey Junior Field Hockey League 


J.P. Case,  Lebanon, Tewksbury, Montgomery, Bridgewater
William Annin, Hillsborough, Warren Hills, Franklin, Readington

Teams will be awarded 3 points for a win, one point for a tie and 0 points for a loss. Two twenty-five minute halves with a 5 minute intermission.  Penalty strokes are not used at our level, corners will be use.  If two teams are tied based on points at the end of the season then the tie breaker will be: 
1) Head to Head. 
2) Goal differential between the teams involved
3)Total wins against top seeds.
4) Goals against (Total).
5) Coin Flip.

The top 8 teams will make the playoffs. Teams will not be reseeded. Quarter finals ,Semi Finals and the Championship game will follow as per schedule.
Higher seed will be the home team throughout the playoffs


There will be sudden victory overtime if teams are tied at the end of regulation during

Tie Breaker for Tournament Play
  • The overtime periods will be 7 vs.7. Six players and goalie. Teams
    must have a goalie
  • 10 minute sudden victory overtime periods shall be
  • Prior to the overtime there shall be a 5 minute
  • During intermission the official meets with the
    captains for a coin toss
  • The visiting team captain calls the coin toss and the winner chooses the direction or possession to begin the Tie-breaker. If the tie is not broken during the first 10 minute overtime, the teams shall change ends and the team not having possession of the ball to start the first overtime shall have possession
  • There shall be 3 minute intermissions between
    overtime periods
  • A player disqualified during the regulation game may
    not play in the Tue-breaker
  • A player still serving a suspension at the end of
    the regulation period may not play in the Tie-breaker until the suspension
    period is completed
  • Once the overtime has started, any disqualification or suspension shall result in the team playing short and shall carry over from one overtime period to the next
  • Time out shall be permitted if a team has not
    previously used their time-outs during the regulation play
  • On penalty corners the defending team is permitted
    to have only four players behind the goal (a goalkeeper and 3 players)
         Home team will pay for officials. Away team provides transportation.
The League Director and Hosting Athletic Director must be present at the Championship
game. If one can’t make it then one must send a replacement. There will be a trophy for the winner of the Finals.
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