Playoffs 2019


1) Hillsborough
2) JP Case
3) Clinton
4) William Annin
6) Montgomery
Round 1 games
  • BRMS @ William Annin--@ Mountain Park on Thursday, May 16
  • Montgomery @ Clinton (win)--Wednesday, May 15
  • BRMS/William Annin winner @Hillsborough - Monday, May 20
  • Clinton @JP Case - Thursday, May 16
Finals - TUESDAY, MAY 21 (Raindate Wednesday, May 22)

All league scores should be reported within 24 hours.

Games ending under a 10-run rule are recorded as a 10-run win (not the actual score) Ex. Final score of 16-3 recorded as 13-3

Schedules online are per the master schedule.  Should you have moved a game or had to reschedule one you will find it on its ORIGINALLY SCHEDULED DATE.  DO NOT ADD ANOTHER GAME TO SCHEDULES.

League play ends Friday, May 10.  Games falling after this date will not count for tournament seeding.

Top six (6) teams make the tournament.

League Bylaws

C.J.J.S.A.A Softball By-Laws 2019

Participants: Bridgewater-Raritan, Branchburg Central, Clinton Township, Franklin, Hillsborough, JP Case, Montgomery, Readington, William Annin

1.      Games will consist of 7 innings.  A 10-run rule will be in effect after five (5) innings (4 ½ if the home team is ahead).

2.      Game Balls:  Home teams will provide game balls.

3.      Game Book:  Both teams are encouraged to keep a game book.  At minimum, the HOME team MUST keep an accurate book.  If that is an issue it must be made know to the visitors thus making their book the book of record.

4.      Line-ups:  consist of nine (9) field players.

a.      Teams may opt to include a DH for one of the nine (9) fielders.

b.      Teams may additionally bat a tenth (10) Extra Hitter (non-fielder).  (May be inserted as a field player but must remain in the original line-up batting spot.  The field player they are replacing becomes the Extra Hitter in the line-up.)  All substitution/re-entry rules still apply.

5.      Re-entry:  Only permitted for a starter who was removed for a substitute.  Re-entry must be in the same spot they occupied in the original line-up.  Substitutes removed from a game are not eligible to re-enter.

6.      Bats:  All bats should be ASA approved with the ASA stamp.

7.      Time limits/Curfew: If applicable, all home teams whose field has a curfew, or time limit, must communicate those to the opponent the day prior to a game to ensure the traveling team makes every effort to arrive and warm-up in a timely manner.

8.      Courtesy Runner: May be used to speed up the game in place of pitchers and catchers.  Runner must not currently be in the game and may not be the same runner for both the pitcher and catcher.  Substitutes removed from a game are not permitted to serve as a courtesy runner except if no available substitutes are left.

9.      Tie-Breaker Rule:   Beginning at the top of the tenth (10) inning, during each half inning used to enforce the tie breaker, the offensive team shall begin its turn at bat with the player who is scheduled to bat ninth (or tenth if batting ten) in that respective half inning being placed at second base. (e.g.: If the number five batter is to lead off, the number four batter in the batting order will be placed on second base).  An available substitute may be inserted for the runner provided they have yet to enter the game.

10.  Warm-up Time: Visiting teams will be given no less than fifteen (15) minutes if arriving late to a field.

11.  Score reporting on website:  Winning teams are required to post results on the CJJSAA website within 24 hours.  When recording scores of games that ended due to the 10-run rule, a cap of 10 runs are issued to the winning team.

a.      Example: A team winning by a score of 16-3 would report the score as 13-3.

Playoff information (League Play ENDS: May 10, 2019)

Top six (6) league teams participate in a single-elimination tournament. 

Seeding will be based on league games using the following criteria:

1.      Winning %

2.      Head-to-Head

3.      Run differential

4.      Wins against highest seeded team on down

5.      Coin flip


Playoff Dates: *All playoff games played @ higher seed

Round 1: 5/15/2019 (6@3, 5@4)

Semifinals: 5/17/2019 (6v3 winner @ #2 Seed, 5v4 winner @ #1 seed)

Finals: 5/21/2019 (@ highest remaining seed)

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