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CJJSAA Meet of Champions Records          
Event Boys Record Year School Girls Record Year School
100m Hurdles Dalen Merricks 14.0 2015 Franklin Ariel Richards 15.25 2019 Franklin
100m Anthony Bagwell 11.5 2014 Franklin Qiora Rollins 12.6 2019 Franklin
200m Anthony Bagwell 24.3 2014 Franklin Qiora Rollins 26.5 2019 Franklin
400m Will Sauerhorn 54.7 2016 Readington Morgan Lyons 59.6 2017 William Annin
800m Will Sauerhorn 02:08.7 2016 Readington Caroline Melhorn 02:21.7 2018 Montgomery
1600m Justin Cornetta 4:41 2014 Readington Caroline Melhorn 05:19.4 2018 Montgomery
4 x 100m Franklin Boys 48.60 2016 Franklin Franklin Girls 53.8 2017 Franklin
Shot Jeron Pitts 49'08.25" 2014 Franklin Kachi Nwanonyiri 33' 07.5" 2016 Franklin
Long Jump Jeremy Huang 18' 02" 2014 Montgomery Cheyenne Gurak 15' 08.5" 2016 Readington

 CJJSAA Track & Field Bylaws


Each school will have two distinct track & field teams; a boys’ team and a girls’ team.  Scoring will be done separately, so a winner will be declared for the boys and a winner for the girls.  All meets for are scheduled as dual meets. Non-league teams should not be scheduled to participate in a league meet.


Track & Field Competitions will consist of the following:


Dual Meet :# of Athletes (M/F) Participating from each school

Tri Meet:  # of Athletes (M/F)

Participating from each school


Shot Put (6lbs./8lbs.)



Long Jump



100 Low Hurdles


















4x100 Relay

3teams/3 teams

2 teams/2 teams


Order of Events for ALL Meets:


100 hurdles







Athletes will not be permitted to wear watches.  Athletes with loose medical necklaces/wrist bands must have them taped to body.

Each home team should provide shot puts.

Each team should provide their own baton.

Athletes that will be participating in shot put and long jump must check in and then will have 45 minutes to throw or jump.  This will allow them to participate in track events if necessary.

Coaches must keep a record of their own athletes’ times/distances. Coaches will determine their top performing athletes for MOC.

Coaches are expected to assist in timing/scoring at meets.

Host team provides officials: a minimum of 2 officials and then timers.  For in-season meets, timers may be high school students, coaches, or another adult or parent that can help with collecting times.

Shot Put: Each athlete gets 3 throws.

Long Jump: Each athlete gets 3 jumps.

For 800 and 1600 boys and girls races may be run together at discretion of Officials and Coaches.

For 100m and 200m races, the first two heats ONLY will count in scoring.   (Best three times for each sex are awarded points). 

For 100m, in dual meets, there may be 24 athletes competing so that would mean 4 heats in a 6 lane track.   First two heats count for scoring.  Last two heats do not count for scoring.

For the 200m, in dual meets, there may be 18 athletes competing so that would mean 3 heats in a 6 lane track.  First two heats count for scoring.  Last heat does not count for scoring.

After these scored heats are done, additional heats may be added at the coaches’ discretion to assure that all athletes on a team get ample opportunity to participate. These additional heats will not count towards scoring. If one school team does not wish to participate in additional heats they may leave and the additional heats should be run after all other events conclude.

Relay:  For the Relay, coaches must designate the scoring team.  That team only will qualify to earn points. Only the team that finishes first will earn points (5pts.).

100 Hurdles:  For hurdles, boys and girls will run the same course as outlined here:

This and all other races have originated in metric distances, so there are no odd distances to be compensated for. But this race is not symmetrical. It goes 13 meters to the first hurdle, 8.5 meters between and finishes with a 10.5 meter run in to the finish. 

Hurdle #












From Start













Any school hosting a meet may add events (i.e. discus) but they will not count in the scoring for any meet.


Scoring For each individual meet:

Timing: Races should be timed to the tenth place.  Not beyond.

Host team will record as follows:

         For each event, 1st place athlete earns 5 pts. for their school

For each event, 2nd place athlete earns 3 pts. for their school

For each event, 3rd place athlete earns 1 pt. for their school


Points will be tallied for all events and participating schools girls and boys teams will be recognized as:

1st Place = earned the most points in the meet

2nd Place = earned second most points in the meet

3rd Place = earned lowest amount of points in the meet


For league website: (Entered by HOME Team within 24 hours of meet)

1st Place School Team earns 3pts.

2nd Place School Team earns 2 pts.

For tri meets: Score each school against one other school, head to head;. So it it scored as two dual meets and not a trimeet.

Total team points will be entered on the website by the host school for girls and boys separately.

A Boys Team Champion and a Girls Team Champion will be declared for the league at season end based on total points accumulated from each meet.


Please note that there are schools with some very large teams.  They will only be bringing some of their team members to away meets, but at home meets they may want to run more heats to get their participants an opportunity to complete. We understand this but some schools don't want to wait around and have their buses wait when their teams/athletes are finished.  

Therefore, this is only allowed in two cases:

1. All participating school coaches agree beforehand to allow extra heats

2. If schools don't want to allow extra heats, finish all heats according to bylaws, then host school can run extra heats themselves and visiting teams can leave.


Meet of Champions

A Meet of Champions will take place at the end of the season to recognize individual athlete’s successes.  The top 2 male and the top 2 female athletes from each school, in each event will be invited to participate in this final league meet.  Each school will be permitted to enter one boys and one girls relay team.

Events and rules are the same as described above for individual meets.

No athlete can participate in more than 4 events.

Invitations should be based on times/distances recorded from individual meets during the regular season.  Each school’s own coaching staff should determine athletes to be invited.

Awards will be given for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd place finishers in each event at the Meet of Champions.

Host school will provide officials for Meet of Champions. Coaches from participating schools may be asked to help time events and assist in monitoring the exchange zones.

Host school may provide a concession stand for profit.

Host school may provide a public address announcer if possible.

Coaches should bring their own batons for their relay team.

All observers and non-participating athletes are asked to be in bleachers.

Each school must assure that their athletes are dressed uniformly.

Each school will be permitted to enter 3 wildcard entries for girls and 3 wildcards entries for boys in any event.



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