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CJJSAA Volleyball Bylaws:

Matches: A and B matches will be played unless a team cannot field a B team.

Any player that plays in the A match should not play in the B match.  If a team does not have enough players to field a B team, the coaches must discuss this prior to starting the match and agree as to who can play in the B match. Generally, if a player has played in the A match for more than 10 points they should not be playing in the B match.

Scoring: Rally scoring with the winner taking two out of three games. 

Games Scoring is first to 25 with a margin of two points. Play continues until a team wins by two after reaching 25.

Only A matches will count for league standings.

3 pts for the win.

0 points for the loss

Teams may use a libero. This is optional.

Winning team enters scores on https://www.leaguelineup.com/forums.asp?url=cjjvl  within 24 hours of game.  League Games must be rescheduled and played prior to seeding for playoffs (the last regular season game day).  Any team who has not attempted or made an effort to reschedule will forfeit the game.


Teams will be seeded based on their earned points.  If there is a tie, tiebreaker will include:

1.     Head to Head

2.     Point differential between teams.

3.     Total wins against top teams

4.     Coin toss


Playoff Format:

Quarterfinals: #6 @ #3

                           #5 @ #4

                           #1 and #2 BYE

Semifinals:  Winner of #6/3 @ #2

                      Winner of #4/5 @ #1

Finals: Semifinal winners play with higher seed hosting.

Champions 2017

William Annin Middle School

Champions 2018

Greenbrook Middle School

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