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April 3, 2016


The rules of play, other than as amended by these By-Laws, will be in accordance with the Official Baseball Rules.  Additional specific rules for this league are given in other Articles. In addition, no player will be allowed to compete in any game while wearing shorts or open toed shoes.

A.      Only BBCOR certified bats may be used.

B.     Metal spikes may be worn.

C.     All games must be played as scheduled unless prior arrangements have been made with a minimum of 6 days notice. Coaches may reschedule the game and the umpire, and notify all pertinent parties of the new date/time/place when the game will be played. 

D.     All games are generally set for precise starting times as outlined in the schedules.

            1.    If one of the teams does not appear within fifteen minutes of the specified start time,   the game is                  forfeited. Teams must play if they have a minimum of eight players. 

       2. If, after a fifteen-minute leeway period, a team has fewer than eight players, that team will be         designated as the visiting team and the game will begin.  If that team still has fewer than 8 players after completion of the top half of the first inning, the defaulting    team forfeits the game. 

 a.    No full inning shall be started more than 2 hours after the scheduled start of the game.  Due to weather or time limit, the completion of any inning after the fifth is considered a complete game and the game shall be called due to weather or time, the completion of any inning after the fifth, the game shall be called and be considered a complete game.  Mercy rule is 10 or more runs after five innings.

b.    The team that is behind must complete its turn at bat in the fourth inning or it is not considered a complete game.  In this case, at a later date, the game will be resumed from the point it was interrupted and completed in full.  The decision to stop the game based on time rests solely with the umpire.  Every pitch counts – which basically means that if the game is incomplete you pick up from where it was left off if you are going to complete the game.

E.      If a team uses an ineligible player and/or an ineligible pitcher, the game shall automatically be forfeited, and the coach will be subject to suspension under the Code of Conduct disciplinary procedures.

F.      Minimum playing requirements must be followed unless a player is benched for disciplinary reasons, including failure to attend regularly scheduled practices and/or games. The coach instituting disciplinary procedure must notify the opposing coach prior to the start of the game. In no event may a coach call up a player to substitute for a benched player.

G.     The home team chooses the bench it wants.

H.     All batters, base runners, pitchers warming up on the mound and player base coaches must wear helmets at all times.  Catchers must wear all equipment including a mask, when warming up a pitcher on the field of play.

I.        Any unsportsmanlike conduct (swearing, throwing of equipment, etc.) by a player may result in immediate ejection of the player from the game and subject him/her to additional disciplinary action under the Code of Conduct.  Players fighting are subject to possible suspension for the year.  Any other TCBA members in violation of this provision are subject to review under the Code of Conduct procedure.

J.      As the safety of all players is of utmost importance, the following rules apply.  No player will intentionally collide with a defensive player to prevent an out from being made.  The catcher must not block home plate or otherwise impede a runner from scoring if he doesn’t have the ballHead first slides are allowed anywhere but home.  Any player sliding head first into home is automatically out. Diving back to a base head first is allowed and is not considered a slide. No ‘Defensive faking’: which is identified as any action with the intent of making a player slide into a base when the defensive player doesn’t have the ball.

ü  Coaches should make contact at least three to four days prior to a game with regards to directions and verify game and discuss any and all needed information.