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The Clear Creek Men’s Basketball Booster Club is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) organization that is committed to supporting coaches, and athletes in a positive way both on and off the court. The purpose of the Clear Creek Men’s Basketball Booster Club is to promote, develop, encourage, and support the Clear Creek Men’s  Basketball program.


To enhance the basketball program relationship among the parents, administration, faculty, coaching staff, and players, as well as the League City community.


·  To provide adult participation and financial resources to support the activities and provide an enhanced team experience for all the players 
·  To support the players in a manner that is consistent with the rules, regulations, guidelines, principles and policies, established by the University Interscholastic League (UIL) and Clear Creek Independent School District

·  To promote school spirit, high moral standards and service


We encourage each parent/family to renew or place their membership for the 2017-2018 season and we hope to exceed last years membership numbers by signing up more parents this year. The membership fee remains $40.00.

The CC Hoops Booster Club supports CCHS Basketball by working to raise additional funds to purchase needed supplies and equipment. Each season there will be a booster club budget based on funds generated from membership dues. This money will be spent directly on the players throughout the season. Show your support of the Clear Creek Basketball by supporting our basketball program, as a member of the CC Hoops Booster Club. The Club is open to parents, grandparents, family, alumni, businesses, and friends of the Wildcats.

Being a member of the Clear Creek Hoops Booster Club comes with its share of privileges and responsibilities. The support and involvement of our members are vital to our program’s success. But more important than “basketball” success, it is also vital to the quality of the experience for our players. We want our basketball program to be more than just about the sport itself. The camaraderie, relationships, and memories are more valuable than statistics and points. The major role of the Clear Creek Hoops Booster Club is to make those experiences possible. Together we can all make a difference in molding our future fathers, husbands and leaders.


To be successful, we need volunteers like you. No experience necessary, just give us your time and watch the difference you can make in our player’s lives. To sign-up click here.


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