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Chamberlayne Little League Baseball


Hello ALL,

I know you are getting a little nervous about the start of our 2020 baseball and softball season.  Well, we at Chamberlayne Little League are really excited about all the great things we have planned this year for our players and families.  Of course, we have this major health problem hitting our communities and state pretty bad right now.   So, in light of the Coronavirus pandemic, we must follow the National, state, and local advisories regarding practicing safe social distancing as a method to try to combat the spread.  We monitor the situation daily and are looking forward to being able to play ball this 2020 season.  

At this time, all play is suspended until at least May 11, 2020.  If all is well by that date, we expect to get out of the house and back on the field to play ball at Chamberlayne Little League.  

Thanks to all who registered,  please know we are anticipating playing a little league season this year.  AND, for you who are just trying to wait a little longer, we've kept our online registration portal open for you.  Please go on and register for the season.  We will let everyone know what will happen as soon as we know, too.

If you are still a little uncertain and would like to talk to someone, please give our President a call at 804-922-6789.  He is standing by to talk with you anytime.

We are excited to host you and your player for the 2020 season and we look forward to a great year!

Please be safe (and practice social distancing and handwashing)!