"Wizard supported tournament" registration opens up to the club in two waves via e-mail – first offered to coaches, then to the remainder of the club.  When it is your turn, you must act fast if you have an interest in attending, most of the allotted spots fill up quickly and then registration closes.  For those specific events, do not contact the tournament directors for extra spots.

"Non-Wizard supported tournament" registration can be done directly with the event organization.  Many times these are the state events.  There are several other tournament options that you can consider; there just won’t be planned Wizard club presence or coaching. 

View upcoming tournaments via the “Tournament List” link on the left sidebar  Each will include available tournament details, location, group/division appropriate, registration instructions/links, hotel blocks (if needed).  They can also be found in the calendar area of our website.

It is important that you choose group/division appropriate tournaments.  There may be more than one category that is applicable to each wrestler.  We have also developed "Practice Group Criteria" to help you use as a guide for choosing tournaments.  On the tournament list page, the following "groups/divisions" are noted following the Tournament Name:

  • Any Level Wrestler – tournaments appropriate for all experience and age levels.
  • 1st & 2nd Year Wrestlers – restricted to those who are just beginning wrestling, in their 1st or 2nd year.
  • Beginners & Intermediate – typically appropriate for wrestlers in White & Black groups.  1st & 2nd year wrestlers may also consider these beginner tournaments. 
  • Intermediate & Advanced – typically appropriate for wrestlers in group Black & Yellow.
  • Dual Team Invite Only – restricted to those selected for dual team.
  • Advanced – appropriate for Yellow group wrestlers, and majority Black group.
  • Advanced Invite Only – restricted to those selected for advanced group within the dual team.
  • Qualifiers – tournaments that participants must qualify for.
  • Show All Divisions - to see a complete list of tournaments, regardless of divisions.

There are 5 different age classes in the IKWF

  1. Tot: 5 and under
  2. Bantam: 6 & 7 year-olds 
  3. Intermediate (a.k.a. Midget): 8 & 9 year-olds
  4. Novice: 10 & 11 year olds
  5. Senior: 12,13 & 14 year-olds

For additional questions regarding which tournaments your wrestler should attend, feel free to ask your practice group coach or Tony Fontanetta at


Most open tournaments we enter use blocked weight classes.  The wrestlers weigh in before the tournament and are grouped by weight and experience.  There are no set weight classes.  Most of the Varsity Invitational Tournaments and the State Series Tournament do use set weight classes.  The weight class you wrestle at Regionals must be maintained for Sectional and State tournaments.

Most of the tournaments are double elimination (your child will wrestle at least 2 matches).  Wrestlers placing first through fifth are typically awarded with trophies, medals or ribbons at each tournament.  Many of the tournament flyers indicate awards given.

These tournaments are voluntary we encourage you to go, but it is not mandatory.  You can sign up for as many or as few tournaments as you choose. 

The tournament fees are not included in the registration fee. Each tournament will require a separate fee. The tournaments are typically $20 - $25 per event. The tournaments typically will last from about 6:30 am in the morning until about 2:00 pm in the afternoon. 

Some tournaments are out of town and may require a hotel stay. These hotels will be located in the hotel area on our menu or a link from the tournament page. If you want a room you must book it on your own. Rooms go fast and they also have a date when the block ends so don't wait too long to reserve your room.  Vicki Marchese will be handling the hotels for us this season. Dale Moore handles the tournament registration and Laurie Bourquin will handle payments for the tournaments. 

Singlet distribution These are ONLY to be worn to tournaments for Wizards wrestling. In order to get a singlet you will need to give a $75.00 check post dated to 4/1/2018.  Singlet handout dates & times are on the calendar and there will be an email reminder also. If you have any questions about singlets please contact Sabrina Jimenez  

State Qualifiers

  • Regionals - Open to all age levels: Bantam, Intermediate, Novice, and Senior.  Intermediate, Novice & Senior wrestlers finishing in the top 6 places are eligible to advance to Sectionals.
  • Sectionals - Novice and Senior wrestlers finishing in the top 3 places advance to State.
  • State 


Other Miscellaneous Tournament Info

What do I wear to tournaments?  We ask that your wrestler wear our singlet when they are competing for our team as well as wear our team colors and gear. We support kids going to other training facilities during the off-season to train, but from November until March they are part of the Wizards. This also prepares them for high school since those coaches wouldn’t allow other teams colors or singlets. 

Skin checks are done at check-in for every tournament.  Kids cannot wrestle if they have questionable skin issues to prevent potential spread of contagious skin conditions.  If your wrestler has evident skin infections, ringworms, impetigo, staph, other fungal/bacterial skin infections, this is the skin clearance form used by the IKWF league. Your physician can provide clearance by providing treatment to the skin infection and completing an IKWF form.

Finger nails are checked at check-in for every tournament as well.  Kids cannot wrestle if they appear to be long enough to scratch another wrestler.  Make sure they are clipped every time.  Keep a nail clipper in the wrestlers bag, just in case.  

Food & Beverages  We encourage you to bring a cooler with snacks and drinks.  Concessions are generally available throughout the day at all tournaments, but offerings vary. 

Team Spirit.  Let's promote Team Spirit by all sitting together under our team banner at the tournaments.  Help save seats for other Wizard families when able.  Also, try to wear black and gold to show your team support.


CLW keeps track of our kid's wins and losses each season for their stats and regularly updates them in the "Stats" section of our website. It is also kept for their overall Lifetime win stats.  At the end of the season, we award the kids for reaching different levels at the banquet.  It encourages the kids to keep going to try to hit the next level.  There are 15-win, 20-win, 30-win, 40-win and 50-win clubs for the season. You are responsible for checking/verifying your wrestler's stats throughout the season. Wrestlers stats are FINAL when we enter the Novice/Senior state series.


Win Criteria

IKWF season starts 12/1 - This is when wins and losses will be calculated.

Only Wizard scheduled IKWF sanctioned events count towards win club.

National (in season) tournaments count towards win club (BYES AT NATIONALS DO NOT COUNT).

Bye criteria

1. A bye only counts as a win in a "seeded" tournament such as Regionals. Only 1 bye counts per tournament and you only get the bye as a win if you win the following match.

- if the wrestler wins his match after the bye this will count as 2 wins.

- if the wrestler loses his match after a bye it only counts as 1 loss.

3. A wrestler can only receive 1 bye/win potential per tournament or bracket.

4. If a wrestler only has 2 matches at a 3-match tournament a bye is not given.

5. If an opponent leaves a completed bracket for any reason such as injury, illness, or ejection this is considered a forfeit and the wrestler receives a win(All tournaments seeded and non-seeded).

6. A forfeit at dual tournaments where the opposing team does not have an opponent at their weight receives a win.


New IKWF Age Groups for 2018-19

For complete age group and weight classes for 2019 please click the link for the IKWF Website



Senior 9/1/2003 to 9/1/2006 12, 13, 14
Novice 9/2/2006 to 9/1/2008 10 & 11
Intermediate 9/2/2008 to 9/1/2010 8 & 9
Bantam 9/2/2010 to 9/1/2012 6 & 7
Tot 9/2/2012 to 9/1/2015 5 & Under







Wizards Picture Link


 To all Wizard families:

We have a collection of Wizard photos from over the years.  The link to the Wizard Smug Mug photo album is:, please go take a look!!  We have taken many photos from past seasons.  Check out the site to see if you can find any of your wrestler.

The albums/pictures have no restrictions. You can download and print any of the pictures, and there is no charge. You may order prints or gifts directly from the site or download the pictures you want onto a disk and take it to any store. 

Pictures are very important part of the Wizards Family.  If you have any pictures or videos and want to upload them to our photo albums, please submit them to our dropbox.  It's very easy to use and you can upload one or several at a time.  Please indicate the tournament they are from.

With that in mind, we are always looking for more people to take photos at tournaments of as many Wizards they can.  If you have interest in helping out periodically at tournaments you will be attending, that would be so helpful.  Volunteering to do this does not mean that you have to do it at every tournament either.  

Contact with any questions.








 2017-2018 Elite Tournament Placers




Wizard wrestlers and family members come together to give back by packing meals for
“Feed My Starving Children (FMSC)” to help eliminate starvation in children throughout the world. 








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