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Wildcat Baseball...

P1W On the Attack

"Striving for Excellence"In ALL that We DO!


2016 Heartland Athletic Conference Div. 1 Champions

2016 District VI AAAA Runner-Up 

2015 Heartland Athletic Conference Div. 1 Champions 

2014 District VI AAAA Runner-Ups

2013 Central Penn League Champions            

2013 District VI AAAA Runner-Ups

2012 MountainLeague Champions                

2012 District VI AAAA Runner-Ups

2011 Mountain League Champions 

2011 District VI AAAA Runner-Ups

2010 Mountain League Champions

2009 Mountain League Champions

2009 District VI AAAA Runner-Ups

2008 PIAA AAAA State Semi-Finalists

2008 District VI AAAA Champions
2008 Mountain League Co-Champions


Wildcats Join a New Conference - Spring 2015

In the 2014-2015 school year, all Central Mountain athletics will be competing in the Heartland Athletic Conference.  The Wildcats are excited to be competing in the Hearland Athletic Conference which has a lot of rich tradition and excellent baseball talent.  

This year's schedule will be demanding with three games scheduled most weeks from league games, and a competitive non-conference schedule mixed in with the league games.  Non-league games will be played against:  State College, Altoona, Mifflin County, Dubois, Williamsport, and Hollidaysburg. 

Below are the teams competing in Division 1 of the Heartland baseball conference.  (Teams will play each other twice.)

Central Mountain


Jersey Shore



Milton  w/Meadowbrook



The conference website is...  http://phacathletics.org/baseball.htm


2014 Senior Day

Thank you Evan, Ryan, Cayden, Trevor, and Darrin for your commitment and dedication you have given to the Wildcat Baseball Program.

Continue with the 1PW mentality in ALL that you do.


Clinton Co. CleanScapes/Keep PA Beautiful

March 9, 2013

The Wildcat Baseball Team spent Saturday helping Clinton County CleanScapes keep PA beautiful.  The cleanup began at Mill Hall Community Park and moved to M & T Bank.  Players then continued to the banks of Fishing Creek.  It was a very nice day.  There is word that a Harlam Shake is being organized for later this week.  I am not sure what that is, but it sounds interesting.  Check back to see if there will be any Harlam Shake news.  For now, check out the PrePickUp picture, the FirstPickUp picture, and then the PostPickUp picture.  Nice job fellas.  You definitely gave a 1PW On the Attack effort today.



Clinton County's Got Talent 

We had a GREAT time as a team participating in the Clinton County's Got Talent talent show.  Thanks for giving a P1W On the Attack effort in ALL that you do!


2012 Varsity Team Picture

2012 Varsity Team Picture - 615ONE UP

2012 Wildcat Junior Varsity Team

                         2012 Central Mountain Junior Varsity Team                              Junior Varsity Roster: Junior Varsity Website

We will miss you Kels!

February 6, 2012

On February 6th, the Central Mountain Baseball family and the entire community were saddened by the news of the passing of Kels Lomison. Kels was a long-time baseball enthusiast who enjoyed the game of baseball very much, but he enjoyed the CM players much more. He devoted his time and efforts to the program in many different ways. Kels worked very hard behind the scenes raising money for the program by selling tickets, running the Off Ben Avenue Follies, getting sponsors, and much more. Recently, he did most of the leg-work securing sponsors and patrons for our game program of which he really liked the larger book. His commitment and sacrifices to helping our team were unparalleled.
Kels will be remembered most as the “Voice of Central Mountain Baseball.” If you were ever at a Wildcat baseball game, you would have noticed Kels deep penetrating signature voice calling the line-ups before the game and announcing the box scores each inning. The lines I will never forget and will live in the hearts of all players is his pregame announcement to the fans. “I want to welcome you to Mill Hall and the Home of Central Mountain Baseball. “ He would then introduce the starting lineups and have everyone stand for the singing of the National Anthem. His words were, “Please stand and lets honor God and our country.” After the anthem, Kels would say, “Look out there on the field. See those guys in blue. They are called umpires. Their going to do their very best at making calls, but they may miss a call. If they make a bad call, they have broad shoulders, so you let them know about it. If you do, make sure you keep it clean. If you can’t keep it clean, leave right now, we don’t want you here.”
Kels, we weren’t ready to see you go, but we know you were a man of faith and loved the Lord, so we know you are in a much better place. I guess they needed a baseball announcer in heaven. I want to let them know that they got the very best. Kels, “You’re the Best.” We will miss you. “615ONE UP”

Wildcat Baseball Senior Project Opportunities

Wildcat baseball player's senior project opportunities:
(1) Organize and run a summer/fall baseball tournament. (Tournament Director)
(2) Organize youth baseball clinic or camp over the winter months.
(3) Organizing and running the hitting league. Or running a supplemental league for another area of the game, for example, a pitchers league.
(4) Saturday Jr. Cat Clinics in the Spring for grades 6-8. Instructional Period then a game period.
(5) Coaching a little league team.
(6) Construction work and design on any of our baseball fields.
(7) Creating a season highlight video utilizing multimedia programs.
(8) Organize and work on field rennovations for a local field. (Appropriate approvals needed)
(9) and any other idea satisfying project requirements.
If interested, contact Coach Kramer