COBRA Official 2018 Fall Season Rules:

Off Court Rules:

·       ALL players must pay their $100 league fee (Venmo, PayPal, cash) 2 days prior to the draft

o   Any player not paid is subject to being placed to the bottom of the reserve list with the next reserve taking their spot

·       All players will sign a waiver that their captain provides stating they know that they are signing up for the COBRA league, will abide by the rules, and understand that the committee (names provided on the waiver) are all equally entitled to make decisions on and off court

·       Captains of each team (even if they step down after the draft) will not be eligible to be traded

·       All players are expected to maintain respect for their opponent, the township, the committee, and the league on a nightly basis. Failure to do so in any ways involving racial slurs, fighting, excessive cursing, and other behavior deemed unacceptable for the league will result in a technical foul and/or suspension

·       There will be ZERO reschedules and ZERO mutual reschedules for this fall season

·       Pre-draft registration: All players who sign up for the league must sign up with their full name and provide a valid Facebook account to the committee who will then share with all captains. Fake Facebook accounts (regardless of when this is discovered) will lead to a lifetime ban from COBRA

·       The committee will review all trades based on voting/veto discussion with reasoning behind each approval or veto provided to the captains involved in the deal. Any committee member directly involved (captain/team member) in any trade will NOT be allowed to vote on that deal

On Court Rules:

·       Mercy Rule: if one team is winning by 25+ points with 5 minutes or less left, the game will end. If one team is winning by 15+ points with 2 minutes or less left, the game will end.

·       1 and 1 rule – ALL fouls under 2 minutes in EITHER half will result in a 1 and 1 situation.

o   If you are fouled under 2 minutes in EITHER half in the act of shooting, you will be given the number of free throws that the attempted shot is worth. There are NO free throws if the shot is made.

o   Example: Any 3 point attempt will result in 3 free throws, any 2 point attempt will result in 2 free throws.

·       Off of a check ball at the top of the key, there must be at least ONE pass prior to any shot attempt. Shooting off of the check without a pass will result in loss of possession.

·       The ball will be “checked in” at the top of the key after all fouls, timeouts, halftime side switches, and after an injury timeout. The ball will be in bounded at all other times.

·       REGULAR SEASON MANDATORY MINUTES: There is an (8) minute minimum for all players in attendance of any regular season game. If a player shows up at half time, the minute obligation is reduced to (4) minutes. There will be NO mandatory minute obligation for playoffs.

Overtime will be one 3:00 minute period. Each team will receive (1) timeout in overtime. The same will apply to all overtime periods, if necessary. 

·       Every team will have (1) 4v4 usage for the season. You can ONLY use a 4v4 if you have 4 players at the start of the game. If you start the game with 4 players and a 5th player shows up after the tip, the team who used the 4v4 can elect to remain 4v4 or switch to 5v5. The minute obligation for players in a 4v4 game is reduced from (8) minutes to (6) minutes. If both teams only have (4) players, both teams will use their "4's". 

·       You may begin a game with 4 players and NOT use your (1) 4v4 for the season and play 4 v 5 until your 5th player shows up. However, if you elect to do this and your 5th player DOES NOT show, you will have to play 4 v 5 the entire game.

·       All timeouts during game play must be called with two feet on the ground in established position.

·       Clear Path Rule: If the committee deems a foul is taken in the open court by the last remaining defender (who is not closer to their own basket than the opposing offensive player) this will be a clear path foul resulting in (2) free throws and the ball.

·       Technical fouls: ALL technical fouls will result in (2) free throws AND possession of the ball, regardless of the circumstance. However, if a technical foul is called while a player is fouled and awarded free throws (under 2 minutes), the (2) technical fouls will be shot followed by the 2 free throws, which act as a possession.

·       During the final (2) minutes of EITHER half, the committee will count down from 5 to 0 on all in bounds on the sideline or baseline.

·       Subbing will only be allowed during dead balls (timeouts, out of bounds, prior to a free throw attempt/after a final free throw attempt is made, halftime, or fouls)

·       Timeout rule: Each team will receive (2) timeouts per half. Each timeout will be a 1 minute time out. If the timeout is extended beyond the 1 minute (committee discretion) you will receive a warning, followed by every time after resulting in (1) free throw for the opposing team. Each team will receive (1) overtime timeout for each overtime period. Timeouts do not roll over from regulation to overtime, or from one overtime to another. IF a timeout is called when a team does not have one, it will result in (2) technical free throws for the opposing team.

·       ALL players MUST wear a shirt/jersey that matches the team color discussed in the captain’s chat that day. You will not be allowed to play if you are in a shirt/jersey color that matches your opponent.

·       ALL games must start within (5) minutes of the scheduled game time. If games are running late, the following game must begin within (5) minutes of the ending of the prior game. Teams must begin a game with at least (4) players or they will forfeit.

·       Fouls that are deemed by the committee upon review to be excessive, unnecessary, or with any belief of intentional harm can result in a technical foul/suspension.

·       Fighting and/or punches thrown will result in a 10 game suspension (can roll over from season to season) and a $25 renewal fee into the league. A second incident will result in a lifetime ban.

·       Any “phantom” calls that are deemed to have been consistently made by a player/team throughout the game will result in (1) free throw for the opponent AND loss of possession if that team is on offense. The committee will decide on what is and what is not a phantom call if a call is questioned. ARGUING to any extreme extent with the committee after a call by either team may result in a technical foul.


Committee Members

Brandon Feinstein, Andrew Schaefer, Nick DeFeo, Chris O'Brien, Mike Rongione, Tony Pallanta, Alex Corry, Phil Carpino, Matt DiMartino, Josh Haines, Tim Lally, Dale Harker


There will not be ONE person deciding on calls. Each committee member will be in charge of making/overturning calls with the same amount of discretion. There will be NO arguing with any committee member. Committee members for each game will be assigned the night of.