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Columbus Youth Baseball League


2018 All Star Game and Watermelon Feed



The 2018 All Star Game will be held on Tuesday, July 17 with all three games starting at 7:00pm. Raffle prizes will be drawn throughout the evening.


The rosters are listed below, and each game will be played under the regular rules of the league. Players please arrive by 6:30.


Rookies Skill Challenge will begin at 6:00pm with pitch, hit and run competitions.  Prizes will be awarded.

Pony League All Stars

White Team

Andrew Beck, Pirates

Jordan Williams, Pirates

Joseph McFarland, Pirates

Syrus Jeffcoat, Pirates

Brendon Haynes, D’Rays

Christian, Clayborn, D’Rays

Tiernan Happ, D’Rays

Tristan Graham, D’Rays

Dylan Jensen, Cubs

Jasper Wozny, Cubs

Jesse Hollendieck, Cubs

Tyler Badura, Cubs


Gray Team

Aidan McCollum, Reds

Peter Paul, Reds

Niels Schmidt, Reds

Bryson Huey, Reds

Michael Matulka, Rockies

Nathan King, Rockies

Reed Blaser, Rockies

Wyatt Schott, Rockies

Carter Fjell, Dodgers

Dylan Marker, Dodgers

Nehemiah Peters, Dodgers

Tyler Cline, Dodgers

Major League All Stars

White Team

Caydn Kucera, Twins

Gavin Rocha, Twins

Jakub Kavan, Twins

Kamren Kudron, Twins

Cadyn VanBuskirk, D’Backs

Joel Thomas, D’Backs

Wyatt Spragg, D’Backs

Ryland Prokopek, Giants

Braylon VanCura, Red Sox

Cooper Duranski, Red Sox

Jonathan Alba, Red Sox


Gray Team

Kasen Grape, Brewers

Jaimeson Kirkland, Brewers

Aidan Cerda, Brewers

Ashton Macken, Cardinals

Ashton Schulz, Cardinals

Ian Redfern, Cardinals

Conner Chriswell, Giants

Logan Salak, Giants

Carter Fedde, Royals

Elijah Peters, Royals

Spencer Witter, Royals

Minor League All Stars

Minor League All Stars

White Team


Charlie Larson, Angels


Grady Gillespie, Angels


Noah Williams, Angels


Aiden Meers, Angels


Damon Liermann, Braves


Dedryck Waverka, Braves


Matthew Krueger, Braves


Brett Belzer, White Sox


Hayden Messersmith, White Sox


Kade Wulf, White Sox


Mike Krieke, Tigers


Gray Team


Alex Dush, Mets


Brayden Fleming, Mets


Myls McGannon, Mets


Aidyn Blaser, Phillies


Jayden McKay, Phillies


John Paul, Phillies


Donavin Novak, Orioles


Gabriel Torres, Orioles


Teegan Stempek, Orioles


Gavin Forsberg, Tigers

Hunter Kaspetz, Tigers