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July 10 Bracket Update

The 2019 Tournament continues on Monday with round 3 games in Pony, Major and Minor Leagues.  Tuesday, the Rookies will get started with their championship game scheduled for Thursday at 8pm.

Championship Games are Scheduled for Friday July 12, GOOD LUCK!!


2019 Pony League Bracket

2019 Major League Bracket

2019 Minor League Bracket

2019 Rookie League Bracket


2019 All Star Game and Watermelon Feed Information!

The 2019 All Star Game will be held on Tuesday, July 16 with all three games starting at 7:00pm. Raffle prizes will be drawn throughout the evening. The rosters are listed below, and each game will be played under the regular rules of the league. Players please arrive by 6:30. Rookies Skill Challenge will begin at 6:00pm with pitch, hit and run competitions. Prizes will be awarded.


Pony League All Stars

  • Reds: Michael Matulka, Jayden Williams, John Hernandez, Niels Schmidt
  • Pirates:  Cayden Kucera, Drayke Waverka, Chandler Anderson, Aidan McCollum
  • Rockies: Noah Voichoskie, Logan Rasmussan, Carter Fedde
  • Cubs: Brendan Haynes, Dominic McPhillips, Jonathan McFarland
  • Devil Rays: Carter Braun, Payton Schroeder, Eden Quincy
  • Dodgers:  Austin Albers, Ashton LaPointe, Kayden Aschoff

Major League All Stars

  • Giants:  Paxton Brabec, Kendon Zakrzewski, Braiten Beck, Kelton Zimmerer
  • Brewers:  Jaimison Kirkland, Owen Lawrence, Haden Brabec, Brock Grube
  • Cardinals: Ryder Bock, Colby Matulka, Samuel Abegglen
  • Diamondbacks:  Caleb Schumacher, Jace Blum, Gavin Alexander
  • Red Sox: Carter Schmidt, Brightyn Micek, Rudolph Brunkhorst
  • Royals:  Conner Braun, Taylan Traub, Landon Robinson

Minor League All Stars

  • Mets: Jack Baptiste, Peyton Halvorsen, Isidro Moreno, Aaron Jessen
  • Orioles: Hunter Brunkhorst, Cayden Proctor, Aiden Zegur, Evan Seim
  • Braves: Michael Brandt, Hunter Kasper, Aiden Meers, Braxten Weverka 
  • Phillies:  Trevor Niedbalski, Bubba Fleming, Carter Sedlacek, Kobe Micek
  • Angels: Noah Chohon, Dane Soulliere, Kody Young, Jake Demuth


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