Congratulations to the 2018 CLL Champions!

  *** Text Alert Feature Available *** 
Parents, coaches, players, umpires, field duty helpers, concession stand workers....
Wondering if tonight's game is rained out?  You can receive the latest Alerts from Conococheague Little League via text messaging and/or email.  This season the league will continue to use Alerts to announce last minute cancellations, rain-outs, rescheduled games, meeting reminders, and other special events as needed. 

If you would like to participate in receiving these update alerts, click on the "Get Started" button in the "Game Cancelled?" icon located at the bottom of the Main Menu.  You will need to create an account from MyLeagueLineup (our website host) and sign up.  Don't worry, it is painless and safe.  You will not receive spam or excessive amounts of messages.  Sign up today and stay informed with the latest Conococheague news!


All game results are to be sent to the CLL Information Officer by the Winning Manager after each game. The newspaper ONLY prints any player that has had:

  • 2 OR MORE hits
  • 3K's or More pitching
  • Homeruns
  • 3 RBI's or more

They do not print if your child had one hit. We try to include them in the game recap for each game but we can only include the information reported by managers at the completion of games.  All game scores must be submitted to  the paper by 9:00 pm in order to be in the next days paper.  If you are looking for your child's hits please ask your player's manager.  If your child's name is spelled incorrectly in the Herald Mail- PLEASE- Do Not Call or Email them directly!!! They aren't going to reprint your child's name! Please email your manager and let them know of the spelling error!!!

In regards to the website- We try our best to keep the website updated but there may be delays due to late game times. Please be patient. 

Web Editor Email

 Use this address to contact the Web Editor, for matters pertaining to the website (updates, errors, etc.).