• Fall season starts Tuesday September 4th!!!!!



Spring 2019 registration is open now until March 15th 2019.  Registration will take place on a new website and can be accessed at www.siplay.com.  Users will need to access the website and search using the Cookeville Zip Code '38501' to find "Putnam County Youth Baseball".  Users will need to create a parent profile and kids profiles.  This process is a one time set up and will carry on throughout the child's baseball career.  If you have any issues or questions please email us at pcybaseball@gmail.com.   We will also be having in person signups at cane Creek and those dates are to be determined.  You may also sign up at The Sports House on Willow.


Cookeville Baseball Softball Association needs your help. Kroger is giving back to community non-profit organizations like us!! Please help CBSA by registering your Kroger card online.  It is SUPER EASY, won't cost you a dime, and only takes a few short minutes. 


1. Go to www.krogercommunityrewards.com to enroll

2. If you already have an online Kroger account, click “Sign In”

    If you do not have an online account already, click "Create an account"  

3. Select your store preference 

4. Enter your Kroger Plus Card # or alternate ID and your last name. 

5. Enter "Cookeville Baseball Softball Association” or our account # 18320

     as your community rewards recipient. 

6. Click Enroll Now! 

 ****If you have enrolled for us before, you must re-enroll each year and August is the re-enrollment period, so please re-enroll now! Thanks for your continued support!!

This will NOT affect your Kroger Fuel Points! Also, ask grandparents, family, and friends to register and help your ball player with this fundraiser. It only takes a few short minutes of your time, but will help A LOT!!! Thank you for your support of our local youth in sports here at Cane Creek!