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Hi Team and Parents--
This is an important week.  We are leading into our game week!
Today-Monday Dec. 2 we have our regular PRACTICE at MAPLESHADE from 6:30 - 7:30 pm.  We will practice a number of drills, go over positions, and the importance of communication with teammates during the game.
From observing the clinic work the girls participated in this weekend - I have appointed Katie position 1, Josie position 2, Mackenzie position 3, Lynisa position 4 and Anna-Lee position 5.  Kayla and Khirze I will assign your positions tonight.  I was impressed with our team's teamwork, passes, defense, running the court and their layups and rebounds shots.
***First Game is Thursday, Dec 5 at 5:30 pm playing Longmeadow #3 at Glenbrook.  Please arrive by 5:10 pm to stretch, warm up and receive my instructions.  Come in your blue team shirts and black shorts (like soccer or basketball shorts).  Bring your own water bottles.
***Second Game is Saturday, Dec 7 at 5:00 pm playing Longmeadow #2 at home-Birchland.  Please arrive by 4:40 pm.
All parents if you haven't already, please review the East Longmeadow Park & Recreation Code of Conduct, sign it and return it to me.  Also if there are any medical conditions I need to be aware of about your daughter that impact basketball participation or reduced participation in the games please let me know.
Coach Phyllis and Asst. Coach Chad