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 Congratulations to all players and goalies on a great season of fun and growth.



                                2018 Cottage Country 3on3


                                                          Sandfly Division


                                                                 Gold - Golden Knights

                                                                  Silver - Predators

                                                                  Bronze - Capitals



                                                                    Blackfly Division


                                                                     Gold - Grizzlies

                                                                    Silver - Gladiators

                                                      Consolation Champs - Chiefs



                                                                    Senior Division

                                                                       Gold - Grey

                                                                     Silver -  Black









   It is our goal to ensure accurate statistics, however we are not perfect. The statistics determined by Cottage Country 3on3 are simply a fun item to track. Stats on the game sheets, as determined by the officials, are final. Thank you for your understanding.