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  • Practices every Tue & Thu - 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm at Celebration

Cougars/Battlecats Final Farewell game - Sat May/12/2018 @ 11:00 am


As a farewell before all current and former players (Cougars and Battlecats) start college in fall I would like to see them to wish them luck.  For that I am organizing a final game, similar to our traditional "kids-parents" game but this time would be current Cougars players against former Cougars/Battlecats players.  Ok, well parents are also welcome.

Game has been rescheduled and will be on Sat May/12/2018 at 11:00 am in Celebration.
I hope all of you can come and play, if not at least stop by to say hello and wish you luck.  I will have my coach jersey ready to have all the players to sign it for me!!!
Coach Beto

Cougars 2018 Spring season, "The Farewell" season

Cougars team,
Welcome back to the Spring 2018 soccer season, the "Farewell season"!
After more than 11 years and 22+ seasons volunteering to coach soccer, I am entering with joy and sadness the final season.  Through out these years I have been blessed of coaching and getting to know over 150 players and their families; I am thankful to see how those little kids, have become young adults getting ready for the next phase on their lives. 
It is my deepest wish that I have been able to contribute to build in them discipline and respect to their team mates and adversaries in the field who are nothing else than peers in the process to mature and become adults.
I have had a blast with all of them, I grateful of seeing how their passion, dedication and spirit have resulted on nothing else but having fun and mature!.  Multiple nice memories will stay with me forever and I hope the same for all of them.
I also want to thank to all my assistant coaches that helped me through out the years.  We shared the victories and the losses with great attitude! 
Rishad Omer (Raahim's dad)
Kevin Koithan (Matt's dad)
Ernie Espino (Julian's dad)
Gregg Cotton (Jacob's dad)
Paul Cahill (Kian's dad)
Thank you again to all the players and their families!
See you around...
Coach Beto 

COUGARS "The Team" Spring 2018 (The "Farewell" Season)


Andrew Contreras # 4  
Austin  Rees # 13  
Benton Brooks # 93  
Bruno Celis # 10  
Eric Jung # 3  
Garrett Gill # 7  
JP O'Brien # 5  
Jose Hernandez  # 6  
Kian Cahill # 23  
Koby Luttrell # 88  
Leon Konjarevic # 18  
Richard Zhang # 20  
Rodrigo Rios # 19  
Sarath Muddana # 8  














Head Coach: 
Beto Celis,  972-467-8710 

Assistant Coach:
Paul Cahill,  651-341-5793


Cougars Team's Rules

No matter if you are 8 years old or 80 years old, these rules apply for soccer and life....

2. To listen and pay attention
3. Play fair and respect others (Teammates, Opponents, Coaches, Referees, Parents...)
4. Try your best always (at games, practices, at home, at school...)
5. Be on time (practices and games) 


Practices Tuesdays & Thursdays 8:00-9:15 pm in Celebration #4, starting on Feb/27


First practice Tuesday Feb/27

Practices every Tuesday and Thursday at Celebration #4 from 8:00 pm to 9:15 pm

Players must wear shin-guards and cleats and brings lots of water!


Game Schedule ready


Game schedule is ready!   Please bookmark the following page: Cougars game schedule Spring 2018

Always check the schedule online at the PYSA before each game as there may be last minute changes, and also check the fields conditions at Field status.

Please arrive 30 minutes before each game for warm up and game plan.  

You can check the standings at this link:  BU19 Div 3 standings




Uniform Information

- RED Jersey  
- BLACK Shorts
- BLACK Socks
- Soccer shin guards
- Soccer shoes
- Soccer ball (size #5)

Jersey model:
      High Five "Flash" (22661); color: RED  (if the "Flash" model is no longer available pick a similar one in RED)
            Front: Logo on the chest is BLACK
            Back: Number in BLACK (8 inches on Adult Sizes & 6 inch on Kid Sizes)
- You can order the jerseys at: 
   "Soccer Post" In McKinney (off of 75 and El Dorado on the east side by Kohls) Tel 214-544-8444 (they have the logo information)
- You can get the socks and shorts in "Soccer Post" or in Dicks or Academy, or even Target or Walmart.