Want to help with the website?

Thanks for vicomputer_baseballsiting.  We know that our website is lacking and we’re looking for a few volunteers to help get us into the 21st century.

We need the following types of volunteers:

Content updates — just upload things that the league administrators would want on the website — for example, event information or details about the upcoming season.  No real web design needed, just some time and some ability to copy/paste, change the fonts to match, etc.

Design — help us with the actual website design.  Do you have skills and would like to just help us with one little widget or page?  Or even suggestions for how better to organize the information.  At this point, we’re not wed to any single platform, so if you’re a WordPress person, then great… let’s go that way.  If you’ve got some other expertise, let’s go that way.

Website Committee lead — this person’s (or persons’) role could be defined as we go.  Hopefully, we get a few of the volunteers above and we need someone to guide the team along.

Please email if you have ideas or would like to help in any role.