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We are pleased to announce that Crofton Baseball Fall registration is open.

This fall we will offer the following ages and levels of participation.  Please log in to see exactly what your child is eligible for based on their birth date.

Intramural 6U - Kindergarten and Pre-K

County 8U - 1st and 2nd Grade
County 10U - 3rd and 4th Grade
County 12U - 5th and 6th Grade
County 15U - 7th-9th Grade
County 18U - 10th-12th Grade

Select 8U - By tryout
Select 9U - By tryout
Select 10U - By tryout
Select 11U - By tryout
Select 12U - By tryout
Select 13U - By tryout
Select 15U - By tryout

All age groups will require an initial deposit of $50 to secure a spot and allow us to order uniforms.  The remaining balance for the season will be due Sept 1st.  This will allow us to plan for the number of participants without charging the full amount depending on any potential cancellations due to COVID.  In the event of a cancelation of the fall season prior to ordering uniforms, all sports fees will be refunded. If cancellation occurs after uniforms are ordered, anyone who has paid anything beyond the initial $50 deposit will be refunded that amount.  Any cancellation mid-season (after 9/1) will likely be pro-rated depending on league fees)

Thank you for understanding how cautious we are being with regards to collecting money again.

All age groups will be following county guidelines and volunteer coaches will be given protocols  as far as social distancing at practices as well as fan/spectator proximity. 

If there ever was a time that we are in need of volunteers, this is it.  Please do not forget to sign up as a coach or team parent if your schedule allows it.
 We can't wait to see everyone out on the fields again.

Crofton Select Baseball Team Tryouts are in progress for the Fall 2020/Spring 2021 season!  

Crofton Cardinals Baseball Vision and Mission Statement


PLAYERS before plays.

Crofton Baseball fosters integrity, respect, teamwork, and character while instilling a love of baseball in those it serves.



Crofton Baseball is a community-based youth baseball program committed to creating a safe and fun setting for players of all abilities to learn integrity, respect, teamwork, and character while developing their skills in the game of baseball.  The Select level offers players of more advanced ability a competitive environment to develop their baseball skills and strengthen their commitment to the game.


Crofton Cardinal Player Wins 2019 National Pitch, Hit and Run Competition!

Congratulations to Charlie Compher from the 8U Crofton Cardinals for winning the 2019 National Pitch Hit and Run Competition.  We are all proud of you! 

Over 40 Finalists From Across the Country and Canada Competed for the Chance to Become Champions.  

Ten young players were crowned Champions of Major League Baseball’s youth skills competitions– the AllStar MLB Jr. Home Run Derby and MLB Pitch, Hit & Run – after competing at Progressive Field in Cleveland, Ohio. Forty-four children (ages 7-14) from around the United States and Canada advanced from their respective regional championships to compete in the Finals at the site of the 2019 MLB All-Star Game Presented by Mastercard.  Following are the champions of the 2019 Jr. Home Run Derby & MLB Pitch, Hit & Run:

Jr. Home Run Derby: 12U – Ryker Parker from Charleston, W.Va.

                                   14U – Landon Perry from Hollidaysburg, Pa.   

Ages 7/8: Charlie Compher from Gambrills, Md. 

Ages 9/10: August Backman from Waterbury, Vt.

Ages 11/12: Brady Blanks from Jupiter, Fla.

Ages 13/14: Sylas Boris from Greensboro, N.C. 

The fourth annual MLB Jr. Home Run Derby Finals featured 20 young sluggers who advanced from over 1,800 local competitions across the U.S. and Canada.  The MLB Pitch, Hit & Run Finals featured 24 finalists who advanced from over 4,200 competitions in each age division. Rhys Hoskins of the Philadelphia Phillies, Eric Hosmer & Matt Wisler of the San Diego Padres, J.P. Crawford of the Seattle Mariners are all Pitch, Hit & Run alumni. First overall pick in the 2019 MLB Draft Adley Rutschman (Baltimore Orioles) is also an alum of the program, having competed in 2006.   Finalists of both competitions attended various All-Star Week activities, including PLAY BALL PARK (July 5th – July 9th), All-Star Sunday featuring the All-Star High School Home Run Derby, All-Star Legends & Celebrity Softball Game and SiriusXM All-Star Futures Game (July 7th) and Gatorade All-Star Workout Day featuring the T-Mobile Home Run Derby (July 8th).  

Both competitions are part of the PLAY BALL initiative, which is baseball’s collective effort to encourage young people and communities to engage in baseball- or softball-related activities, including formal leagues, special events and casual forms of play. PLAY BALL events have become MLB’s signature youth engagement activity during the professional and amateur baseball and softball calendar, especially on key dates throughout MLB’s Championship Season and through the Postseason & World Series. PLAY BALL events demonstrate the positive way the game can serve as an outlet for physical activity, fun with friends and learning how to play the sport at its most basic levels. PLAY BALL also serves as the League’s youth umbrella in which all associated programs and events derive from the initiative’s consistent, simple message: However You Play Ball, PLAY BALL! is the PLAY BALL initiative’s online home and is accessible via,, and other partner websites. also links to, which provides players, parents and coaches with the information and resources to help with proper play and instruction. Health and safety information, including through the Pitch Smart program, also is available. In addition to flagship partnerships with USA Baseball and USA Softball, PLAY BALL is also supported by the U.S. Conference of Mayors, Minor League Baseball, Little League International, and MLB Corporate Partners Chevrolet, Scotts and Kingsford. 

Fall Baseball 2020

Selecting the proper Age Division:     

 Registration Closes 8/09/2020

2020 Fall Baseball Eligibility
Typical School Grade Birth Month Intramural (In House) County (Local Travel) Select Travel + Tournaments (By Tryout)
12th Grade Sep-02   18U  
Oct-02   18U  
Nov-02   18U  
Dec-02   18U  
Jan-03   18U  
Feb-03   18U  
Mar-03   18U  
Apr-03   18U  
May-03   18U  
Jun-03   18U  
Jul-03   18U  
Aug-03   18U  
11th Grade Sep-03   18U  
Oct-03   18U  
Nov-03   18U  
Dec-03   18U  
Jan-04   18U  
Feb-04   18U  
Mar-04   18U  
Apr-04   18U  
May-04   18U  
Jun-04   18U  
Jul-04   18U  
Aug-04   18U  
10th grade Sep-04   18U  
Oct-04   18U  
Nov-04   18U  
Dec-04   18U  
Jan-05   18U  
Feb-05   18U  
Mar-05   18U  
Apr-05   18U  
May-05   18U 15U
Jun-05   18U 15U
Jul-05   18U 15U
Aug-05   18U 15U
9th Grade Sep-05   15U 15U
Oct-05   15U 15U
Nov-05   15U 15U
Dec-05   15U 15U
Jan-06   15U 15U
Feb-06   15U 15U
Mar-06   15U 15U
Apr-06   15U 15U
May-06   15U 15U
Jun-06   15U 15U
Jul-06   15U 15U
Aug-06   15U 15U
8th Grade Sep-06   15U 15U
Oct-06   15U 15U
Nov-06   15U 15U
Dec-06   15U 15U
Jan-07   15U 15U
Feb-07   15U 15U
Mar-07   15U 15U
Apr-07   15U 15U
May-07   15U 13U
Jun-07   15U 13U
Jul-07   15U 13U
Aug-07   15U 13U
7th Grade Sep-07   15U 13U
Oct-07   15U 13U
Nov-07   15U 13U
Dec-07   15U 13U
Jan-08   15U 13U
Feb-08   15U 13U
Mar-08   15U 13U
Apr-08   15U 13U
May-08   15U 12U
Jun-08   15U 12U
Jul-08   15U 12U
Aug-08   15U 12U
6th Grade Sep-08   12U 12U
Oct-08   12U 12U
Nov-08   12U 12U
Dec-08   12U 12U
Jan-09   12U 12U
Feb-09   12U 12U
Mar-09   12U 12U
Apr-09   12U 12U
May-09   12U 11U
Jun-09   12U 11U
Jul-09   12U 11U
Aug-09   12U 11U
5th Grade Sep-09   12U 11U
Oct-09   12U 11U
Nov-09   12U 11U
Dec-09   12U 11U
Jan-10   12U 11U
Feb-10   12U 11U
Mar-10   12U 11U
Apr-10   12U 11U
May-10   12U 10U
Jun-10   12U 10U
Jul-10   12U 10U
Aug-10   12U 10U
4th Grade Sep-10   10U 10U
Oct-10   10U 10U
Nov-10   10U 10U
Dec-10   10U 10U
Jan-11   10U 10U
Feb-11   10U 10U
Mar-11   10U 10U
Apr-11   10U 10U
May-11   10U 9U
Jun-11   10U 9U
Jul-11   10U 9U
Aug-11   10U 9U
3rd Grade Sep-11   10U 9U
Oct-11   10U 9U
Nov-11   10U 9U
Dec-11   10U 9U
Jan-12   10U 9U
Feb-12   10U 9U
Mar-12   10U 9U
Apr-12   10U 9U
May-12   10U 8U
Jun-12   10U 8U
Jul-12   10U 8U
Aug-12   10U 8U
2nd Grade Sep-12   8U 8U
Oct-12   8U 8U
Nov-12   8U 8U
Dec-12   8U 8U
Jan-13   8U 8U
Feb-13   8U 8U
Mar-13   8U 8U
Apr-13   8U 8U
May-13   8U  
Jun-13   8U  
Jul-13   8U  
Aug-13   8U  
1st grade Sep-13   8U  
Oct-13   8U  
Nov-13   8U  
Dec-13   8U  
Jan-14   8U  
Feb-14   8U  
Mar-14   8U  
Apr-14   8U  
May-14 6U 8U  
Jun-14 6U 8U  
Jul-14 6U 8U  
Aug-14 6U 8U  
Kindergarten Sep-14 6U    
Oct-14 6U    
Nov-14 6U    
Dec-14 6U    
Jan-15 6U    
Feb-15 6U    
Mar-15 6U    
Apr-15 6U    
May-15 6U    
Jun-15 6U    
Jul-15 6U    
Aug-15 6U    
Pre-K Sep-15 6U    
Oct-15 6U    
Nov-15 6U    
Dec-15 6U    
Jan-16 6U    
Feb-16 6U    
Mar-16 6U    
Apr-16 6U    
May-16 6U    
Jun-16 6U    
Jul-16 6U    
Aug-16 6U    


Levels of Competition

v  Intramural – Crofton Rec Intramural (Tee ball – 10U)

Ø                 In-house league play. 

             Teams play against other Crofton Rec teams.  

Ø                 Some exhibition games against other local clubs begin to occur at 10U.

Ø                 First come first served.

Ø                 Players play 2 years at each age group

v  County Travel – Chesapeake Baseball Association (CBA) Rec (10U – 14U)

            Increased competition