June 5, 2020

The Governor just turned the dial to open up low risk youth sports. We are a medium risk sport and we are NOT open for games today. There are three risk levels.

Low risk is open to competition. If I had to guess that is a sport like tennis.

Medium risk is baseball/softball and is NOT open for games today.

High risk I am going to guess is like wrestling and football based on contact but this is only a guess.

2020 - The Season of Sandlot

May 22, 2020

This comes with a very heavy heart, and to be honest, some tears. As you are aware we didn't get the result from the Governor and his Youth Sport Task Force that we were hoping for. Although we are now able to have practices with "pods" of ten on a field we still have no guidance as to when/if we will be able to resume games. Based on the phase in model we are entering phase two on June 1. Games will not be permitted until we achieve phase three. We have no criteria or timelines as to when we may enter into phase three.

I are fairly certain that tournaments will not be permitted this summer in a fashion that would resemble anything we would want. Some of our associations are also receiving push-back from their local government and schools with regard to field usage.

Based on the above mentioned situations and lengthy discussions with many league directors and some families Crow River Fastpitch has made the very hard decision to cancel the 2020 season. Please understand that this decision had been one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. Due to the open endedness of this situation our local boards are under a large amount of pressure and stress with parents and dealings the situation as a whole. Our families are under a lot of stress also with all of the unknowns with regards to timelines and potential safety risks. My goal is that our families and board members will be able to breath again, per say. At least everyone will be able to move forward in whatever fashion that may look like for each of us.

My hope is that the State will have all of this figured out and that we will be able to go forward with a successful fall ball season. As our Softball/Baseball Consortium continues to work with the Governor's Task Force I will send out updates on any new developments.

Here is my request of you for our kids this summer....ENCOURAGE THEM TO GET OUT AND PLAY SOME SANDLOT BALL. Guide them to get ahold of some friends and find a field or someone's back yard and play some pick up ball. Let them pick teams, the old school way, and have some fun. Encourage them to simply play. Let them explore and learn the game (without being coached) and fall in love with it in a whole different way. If we can all do that for our kids this summer will turn out to be a successful one.

Thanks to everyone single one of my directors and your board members for all of your hard work. I know that it seems to be unacknowledged but what you are all doing is "Building Strong Young Women One Game At A Time".


Update from our Commissioner at MN Softball

March 20, 2020


Minnesota Softball's main priority is to ensure the safety of our athletes, coaches, umpires, and fans as we continue to monitor all relevant information on the COVID-19 virus.


We have received many phone calls and emails about what we are doing about COVID-19. Please do us a favor and spread the word with your coaches and parents. It’s nice that they want to reach out to us with their opinions but it’s also causing us a lot of undue pressure and redundancy of effort.

Our reality is many of our fields and facilities are controlled by cities and schools. Our first event is on May 2nd for tournaments and May 4th for league games. When they block the use of the facilities, that answers many questions for us and we will be able to make better more informed decisions. The good news is this is still forty (40) days away.


 We have cancelled events before. The outrage from cancelling is immense. We will continue to monitor the situation and update you as needed. There will be some meetings that will get postponed. More information on that later.

Some of our partners in amateur sports here in the state have begun laying off people. It’s a sad reality of these times. We are hopeful we all can get through this and get kids back on the fields enjoying our great sport.


Thank you for your continued passion and patience. Updates will be posted as soon as we get them on the following online assets:










2020 Season and COVID-19

March 16, 2020
I'm sure that everyone is wondering where we are with the upcoming softball summer season.  As of right now Crow River Fastpitch will be moving forward as if "all is normal".  We will be monitoring the guidance of the Minnesota Department of Health, the Minnesota State High School League and the USA Softball National Office.  I don't want to make a knee-jerk reaction and postpone or cancel anything at this point.  
I'd like to ask that your community fill out the Community Registration form and the Team Registration forms with field availability by the April 9th deadline as if we are starting on time.  If you do not have coach information you can leave that blank for now and we can add it at a later date.  We can always adjust as needed but at least this gives us a starting point on our end.  Between baseball and softball we are scheduling for nearly 180 this summer and we don't want to get in a situation where we can not get schedules out.
Thank you for your patience and understanding in with this situation.  It's uncharted territory for all of us and we all want to be sure to make the safest decision for all involved without over reacting.


An opportunity for 18U players looking for a home this summer

January 22, 2020

Order your new Crow River Fusion shirts and hoodies

The link to order is on the right.  Deadline to order is Monday at noon.  The color of the logo may change slightly.  We are playing with it to make it really jump out.  Thanks!


The shirt is the same shirt we've used the past five season. It is a sportswear material

The hoodie is 80% cotton / 20% poly.

Meeting notes

October 23, 2019

Thanks to everyone who attended the planning meeting on Monday evening.  We had some great discussion.  I appreciate everyone taking time to help grow our league for the players.  There were three items proposed and voted on at the meeting.  Below are the vote results.  If there is no vote listed for a community they did not vote.  (1) We will not have modified stealing in 10U; (2) pitch limits will be enforced in 10U and 12U; and (3) we will continue to have two umpires per game in our state qualifiers.  

Crow River Fastpitch   10U & 12U # OF UMPIRES
  8 YES 12 YES 12 YES
  5 NO 1 NO 2 ONE


2020 Crow River Fastpitch League Rules

2020 Crow River Fastpitch Rules by Age/Division

2020 Crow River Fastpitch State Qualifier Rules

2020 Season Planning Meeting

October 17, 2019



Our 2020 league planning meeting is coming up!  If you have an item that you would like added to the agenda please email it to me.  We will discuss any suggestion for rules or format changes.  Directors and coaches are all welcome to attend and participate in the discussion.  When items are voted on each community will receive one vote.

Monday, October 21, 2019


Hutchinson Event Center
(intersection of Hwy 15 & South Grade Road)


As you all noticed, on the back of our fall shirts was "No one fights alone!" in memory of Mississippi State softball player Alex Wilcox.  We dedicated our fall season to Alex and ovarian cancer awareness.  Who would think something like ovarian cancer would strike an 18 year old!?!  We played six weeks of fall ball so I've listed the top five signs of ovarian cancer.  Education is the key to most everything in life so this is our attempt to get out important information with regard to this cancer.  Alex's story is below.  Be aware of the signs and remember, NO ONE FIGHTS ALONE!  Our softball community is large, but small, and we all fight together in times of struggle and need.

SIGNS OF OVARIAN CANCER: (1) Abdominal bloating or swelling, (2) Quickly feeling full when eating, (3) Weight loss, (4) Discomfort in the pelvis area., (5) Changes in bowel habits, such as constipation, (6) A frequent need to urinate.

Alex Wilcox, a Mississippi State softball player whose fight with ovarian cancer put a spotlight on the shy teenager, died Monday night. She was 18.

Wilcox was diagnosed with ovarian cancer before her junior season at Brantley (Ala.) High School in 2016, almost a year before she signed with Mississippi State. She had just finished her freshman season with the Bulldogs, where she sparked a cancer-awareness movement.

“When she signed with Mississippi State, I said then she was the face of Brantley softball,” Brantley coach Cindy Hawthorne said. “I don’t see that changing. Now hundreds of thousands across this nation know her and her story. Her legacy will live on.”

Wilcox played in 16 games this season as a freshman at Mississippi State, which honored her and others fighting ovarian cancer with special jerseys. Opposing schools also supported the cause.

"The bravest, most courageous young lady I have ever known went through the toughest battle with a smile on her face every day," Mississippi State coach Vann Stuedeman said in a release Monday night. "The grace and beauty that she put forward while suffering this horrific disease was truly remarkable and nothing short of heroic. Our hearts are broken for her family and all of those that loved her so dearly."

October 2, 2019

Below are the age placements per the USA Softball National office for the 2020 season:

2001-2002 18U
2003-2004 16U
2005-2006 14U
2007-2008 12U
2009-2010 10U
2011-2012 8U