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08/18/2018-08/19/2018 Pre-Season Warm Up (Georgetown) 4GG Non-Sanctioned
08/25/2018-08/26/2018 Back to School Bash (Georgetown, Pflugerville)
09/01/2018-09/02/2018 Labor Day Classic (Georgetown, Pflugerville)
09/08/2018-09/09/2018 September Slug Fest (Taylor, Georgetown, Pflugerville)
09/15/2018-09/16/2018 Battle Royale (Georgetown, Pflugerville)
09/22/2018-09/23/2018 Fall Classic (Taylor, Georgetown, Pflugerville)
09/29/2018-09/30/2018 Fall Grand Slam (Georgetown, Pflugerville)
10/06/2018-10/07/2018 Line Drive Classic (Georgetown, Pflugerville)
10/13/2018-10/14/2018 Go Yard Slugfest (Taylor, Georgetown, Pflugerville)
10/20/2018-10/21/2018 Battle of the Bats (Taylor, Georgetown, Pflugerville)
10/27/2018-10/28/2018 Pumpkin Bash (Taylor, Georgetown, Pflugerville)
11/03/2018-11/04/2018 Big Buck Classic (Taylor, Georgetown, Pflugerville)
11/10/2018-11/11/2018 Veterans Day Classic (Taylor, Georgetown, Pflugerville)
11/17/2018-11/18/2018 Frozen Ropes (Taylor, Georgetown, Pflugerville)
11/24/2018-11/25/2018 Leftovers Classic (Taylor, Georgetown)
12/01/2018-12/02/2018 Project Grinch Wipeout (Cedar Park, Georgetown) Non-Sanctioned
12/08/2018-12/09/2018 Winter Blast (Georgetown)
12/15/2018-12/16/2018 Winter Classic (Taylor, Georgetown)



 If you are interested in selling or  promoting products at our events  please contact:

 Augie Ramirez

 Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a High School Kid looking  to get started we have opportunities available in tournaments as  well as league games.

 Please contact our Umpire Coordinator:

 Wayne Raney 512-415-7118



Register your team with USSSA for the 2019 season
(Fall 2018 and Spring 2019)

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Looking for a place for your child to play in Central Texas? I have put together some lists to help you as parents find the information you need.

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