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3/23-3/24 Rodeo Roundup - Event Page/Schedule Link



02/16/2019-02/17/2019 Dust the Rust 4GG 4 Pool, Top 2 play Ship (Round Rock) REGISTER | WHO'S COMING
02/23/2019-02/24/2019 USSSA Spring Kick Off (Georgetown, Taylor) REGISTER | WHO'S COMING
03/02/2019-03/03/2019 March Extreme (Taylor, Georgetown, Pflugerville) REGISTER | WHO'S COMING
03/09/2019-03/10/2019 Spring Break Blast (Georgetown, Pflugerville) REGISTER | WHO'S COMING
03/16/2019-03/17/2019 St Patricks Day Classic (Taylor, Georgetown, Pflugerville) REGISTER | WHO'S COMING
03/23/2019-03/24/2019 Rodeo Roundup (Taylor, Georgetown, Pflugerville) REGISTER | WHO'S COMING
03/30/2019-03/31/2019 March Global NIT (Taylor, Georgetown, Pflugerville) REGISTER | WHO'S COMING
04/06/2019-04/07/2019 Lone Star Shootout (Taylor, Georgetown, Pflugerville) REGISTER | WHO'S COMING
04/13/2019-04/14/2019 Big Barrell Bash (Georgetown, Pflugerville) REGISTER | WHO'S COMING
04/20/2019 One Day Battle - Saturday Only 2 pool, top 2 play ship (Round Rock) REGISTER | WHO'S COMING
04/27/2019-04/28/2019 Gold Glove Classic (Taylor, Georgetown, Pflugerville) REGISTER | WHO'S COMING
05/04/2019-05/05/2019 Cinco de Mayo Classic (Taylor, Georgetown, Pflugerville) REGISTER | WHO'S COMING
05/04/2019-05/05/2019 Temple Battle of the Bats (Temple) REGISTER | WHO'S COMING
05/11/2019-05/12/2019 Mothers Day Global NIT (Taylor, Georgetown, Pflugerville) REGISTER | WHO'S COMING
05/18/2019-05/19/2019 May Classic (Georgetown, Pflugerville) REGISTER | WHO'S COMING
05/18/2019-05/19/2019 USSSA Austin Super NIT REGISTER | WHO'S COMING
05/25/2019-05/26/2019 Memorial Day Classic (Taylor, Georgetown, Pflugerville) REGISTER | WHO'S COMING
06/01/2019-06/02/2019 USSSA South Zone STATE Championship REGISTER | WHO'S COMING
06/08/2019-06/09/2019 Swing for the Fence (Georgetown, Pflugerville) REGISTER | WHO'S COMING
06/15/2019-06/16/2019 Fathers Day Classic (Taylor, Georgetown, Pflugerville) REGISTER | WHO'S COMING
06/22/2019-06/23/2019 Summer Extreme (Taylor, Georgetown, Pflugerville) REGISTER | WHO'S COMING
06/29/2019-06/30/2019 Bring the Heat (Taylor, Georgetown, Pflugerville) REGISTER | WHO'S COMING
07/06/2019-07/07/2019 Independence Day Classic (Georgetown, Pflugerville) REGISTER | WHO'S COMING
07/13/2019-07/14/2019 Melting Bat Bash (Georgetown, Pflugerville) REGISTER | WHO'S COMING
07/20/2019-07/21/2019 Season Finale (Georgetown, Pflugerville) REGISTER | WHO'S COMING



 If you are interested in selling or  promoting products at our events  please contact:

 Augie Ramirez

 Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a High School Kid looking  to get started we have opportunities available in tournaments as  well as league games.

 Please contact our Umpire Coordinator:

 Wayne Raney 512-415-7118


Payment Information

We do not accept entry fee's onsite. Teams that are not paid before schedules are done, will not be added to the tournament.

Entry Fee's can be paid through the USSSA website or by sending a direct paypal payment to:  tournaments@ctxsports.com or https://paypal.me/ctxtournaments

(If sending a direct paypal payment, please include team name and name of tournament in the message/note field).

Entry Fee's:

7U-8U: $205 (Umpires $30 per game, pay at plate)

9U-10U: $215 (Umpires $35 per game, pay at plate)

11U-12U: $240 (Umpires $40 per game, pay at plate)

13U-14U: $265 (Umpires $45 per game, pay at plate)

16U-18U: $275 (Umpires $50 per game, pay at plate)


Register your team with USSSA for the 2019 season
(Fall 2018 and Spring 2019)

Parent Guide

Looking for a place for your child to play in Central Texas? I have put together some lists to help you as parents find the information you need.

Recreation Leagues

Select Organizations