Welcome to the home of the

CVYBO Basketball League


Playoffs have officially started with first games being played last night.

Please send all scores to the CVYBO email immediately after game. Brackets for each Grade are listed under Headlines and scores will be updated on the Brackets. 

All Semi-Finals and Finals will be played at Chartiers Valley Gymnasiums and CVYBO will pay referee fees. Referee Fees for Quarter Finals shall be split between the home and away team.

The dates, times and locations are listed on the Brackets for the Semi Finals and Finals games. Those dates can not be changed unless there is a school closing so please schedule accordingly.

Good Luck to all and if you have any questions or concerns please send emails to

cvybabasketball @gmail.com


Meet the 2019 CVYBO Board

October 28, 2019

Please note the below listed board members and their roles.  Please direct questions to the appropriate members when possible to speed up the reply. 

                                                                 2019 Board Members

Rob Shazer - League President                       

Tom Kubicsek - League Vice President                       

Brian Lewis - Boys League Director/Treasurer

Tim Sexton - Girl's League Director/Game Scheduler

Jason Whitfield - Secretary/I.T.

Andy Maddix - Communications/Social Media Director

Ryan Hoover - Scores/Standings   

Joe Borella - Girls League Liaison

Brad Ring - Boys League Liaison