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CVYBO Basketball League


Meet the 2018 CVYBO Board

September 22, 2018

Please note the below listed board members and their roles.  Please direct questions to the appropriate members when possible to speed up the reply. 

                                                                 2018 Board Members

Rob Shazer - League President                       

Tom Kubicsek - League Vice President                       

Brian Lewis-Boys League Director/Treasurer

Tim Sexton - Girl's League Director/Game Scheduler

Mike Vaughn-Scores/standings

Jason Whitfield - Secretary/I.T 

Randy Wilkerson - CVYBO Board 8th League Advisor

Andy Maddix - Communications Director                                                            


Local Tournaments!

These can be found under Schedules up top.  Using the drop down check either the all boys or all girls tournament divisions.  These are not listed by grade so if you just looked at Boys 4A for example you would not see any.  You must select one of the two divisions above to see tournaments.