Darrin Breeden

Sunday August 9th

So there are 2 things I need to address.
1. We are now going to our regular practice schedule of Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 6 to 8. Everything will still look the same and be patient as we have everyone there. Yes, that means every child will practice 3 times a week on the same nights.
2. I will be at the field tmr, Sunday 2 to 4. I need anyone who can and hasn't been fitted for a helmet to come by. We will take temp and your child will come get his or her helmet. If you have already received yours the you are good. With the number s as good as they are (thank you for that) we might be low on helmets. I need to address this in next few days. If you can't make it tmr then Monday we will try and get remainder of kids
Thank you to everyone for a great first week. We really appreciate your patience and understanding

next week info

Here are the guidelines and instructions for the start of conditioning practice on Monday Aug 3rd.
We are asking that each parent pull into parking lot and go straight all the way back to baseball fields and circle back around to the gate and ticket booth at entrance to the field. we will have cones set up and will have 3 lines for temperature checks. Once your child is cleared they will enter the gate for practice.
Please remember that each child is responsible for their own water or gatorade. we will have water and gatorade at concessions. Water is $1 and Gatorade is $2.
Football players will need to wear shorts and tshirt. need to have cleats but tennis shoes will get you through the first week.
Parents are NOT allowed to enter the field area. Just players, cheerleaders, and coaches. Practices will start as close to 6 as we can. We are asking that if at all possible come early. we will probably start checking temps around 530.
If you are not sure on what day your football player is suppose to be there, please look at a previous post with the kids days on them. right now we are spitting the teams to help with social distancing during conditioning. If you have not signed up yet, come monday and plan on your child practicing. Sign up sheets will be in the ticket booth. The fee is $75. If you have not paid your fee yet, You can pay it also.
Cheer will be on regular schedule for practices. Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays from 6-8. The first week they may not stay the full 2 hours. Monday and Tuesday will be when they will try on their uniforms to make sure everything fits. If it does everything will be sent home with them. Same rules will apply for cheer as football as far as social distancing. Michelle will be sending out a group text to give anymore information by this weekend. If for some reason, parents do not get a message by Saturday, please contact Michelle.
Michelle will also try and have a parent meeting the first week of practice to answer any questions and go over everything for the season. I will let everyone know when. If you have not turned in birth certificates, please do so by the first week of practice.
Your child will also need a physical in the next 2 to 3 weeks. You can go to your family physician or Express Health Clinic will do them for the Bronco kids for $20.
Here are the 2 locations
153 East Broadway blvd
Jefferson City, TN 865-471-5111
228 N fairmont Ave
Morristown, TN 423-586-6262
you can call ahead and schedule an appointment and guarantee your time slot. Just tell them it is for a child with the Broncos.
If you go to your family physician just remember it is the TSSAA sports physical form.
I will try and meet with the parents next week to address and questions or concerns. I understand there will be inconveniences but the main goal is and always will be to get the kids to play. It is gonna look different for a little bit. Please be patient and understanding as we try and figure out the best way of doing what is required. we may have additional paperwork for each parent to fill out. We are working on that also. I am excited to get started and as soon as any info changes or is made available we will share it.
Again, any questions you have now. you can message us or call us.

Practice schedule

I am going to attempt to provide the list of players and the days they are going to practice since we are going to split the squads. Starting August 3rd @6. These are the 2 days a week your child will condition.
Please commit below that you received the info. I will also email and put on the webpage. Also, help spread the word that this is on here to any parent who may not see this.
Monday and Thursday
Pee Wee football
Tuesday and Friday
Pee Wee
Monday and Thursday
super grasscutters
Tuesday and Friday
super grasscutters
Monday and Thursday
Tuesday and Friday
If you do not see your childs name, do not panic. You can still sign up or if you think you have signed up and do not see name. Please contact us or comment below. If any questions please feel free to ask.
Please remember the rules and guidlines listed in a previous post. Each child is responsible for their own drink. we will have gatorade and water to sell if you do bring any.
Thank you and lets have a great season.

starting up info

Here is the update of the season.
There are a few things we have to do and will do in order for the kids to play ball and cheer.
August 3rd. starts conditioning practices. These practices will be without helmet and pads. Here are a few things we are going to do in the month of August.
Each kid will be responsible for bringing their own water or Gatorade. We will have water and Gatorade at concession. That will be all that concession will have. Water $1. Gatorade $2.
Before the kids enter the field, we must check and log their temperature. We are working on the most efficient way of doing this.
The only people who will be allowed to enter the field will be coaches and players. Parents can sit outside the fence or in your vehicle.
We are going to follow CDC guidelines and practice social distancing. Because we are doing this, we are gonna split the rosters of each squad. This is going to benefit the kids I think. We are going to practice on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Starting at 6.
Each kid will practice only 2 times a week. Mon and Thurs or Tues and Friday. The coaches are gonna get together and split the squads and you will find out the days of your practices.
This should allow for alot of individual work for the kids and keep in mind that these rules only apply to the month of August
We have been told we are playing football. We have a schedule that will be posted once we get closer. We do know this, Jamboree will be just weigh-in, there will be no games. That is scheduled for Sept 5th. Then after that, we get a week in pads with first game scheduled for Sept 12th. Grasscutters will be allowed to have a coach on the field for first 3 games.
We have a few spots on each squad for kids to sign up. We will have paperwork for you to do so at the ticket booth. Cheer of course is not having sign ups.
We are going to do everything we can to ensure the kids play football and have a blast doing it. It will look different to start and we ask for your patience. The main thing is getting the kids to play. Thank you

jersey info. last date

Football parents. If you have a personalized Jersey, I need you to have the kids try them on. We need to make sure they still fit.
If you are not sure. You can come by the field on Tuesday May 26th.
Grasscutters @ 530
Supers @ 6
Pee wee @ 630

Also if you are new and want to get a personalized Jersey. Come by and we will take care of it then.

You can also come by and pay sign up fees if you havent. Thanks

Cheer fitting reminder

Just a reminder for next Saturday.  Please if you have any question or concerns about the upcoming season.  Dont hesitate to ask. You can call your coach or Kevin at 865654720

Saturday May 23rd At the football field. We are gonna schedule each squad at different times. 3 or 4 girls will come upstairs to get fitted at a time. Here is the schedule

Grasscutter cheer at 9

Super grass cheer at 10

Pee wee cheer at 11

The cheer package of $300 will be due that day. Michelle will be getting in touch with you guys if she hasn't already. If you have any questions, you can message us anytime and we will get back to you.

VERY IMPORTANT. Since it is so close to season starting, and since we are ordering the girls new uniforms this year, THIS IS THE LAST CHANCE TO SIGN UP FOR CHEER. No sign ups can be accepted after this. We apologize for any inconvenience but with Covid-19 this is just how it’s happened this season.
Please also be mindful and ensure that the parent or child is not running a fever or experiencing symptoms when you come.

Thank you.

No Spring Practice

Unfortunately we are gonna have to cancel spring practice for this year. There are several reasons but of course the main reason is keeping the kids safe.

I know some of you had kids who wanted to try it in the spring to see if they wanted to play. This doesnt change. They can come out when we come back and try it. If you havent signed up yet, that is also not a problem. As soon as we can get together, we will hold some sign ups or you can wait till fall practice starts.

For all the cheer parents who have alot of questions. i will try and answer as many as i can.
Some of you also had kids who wanted to try it to see if they liked it. This may force your hand on that. We will probably have to have that decision without a spring practice.

We had also talked about new cheer uniforms. This is also up in the air for many reasons. As soon as we are allowed to, we will meet with you guys to discuss this. We do have a cutoff date for this to be possible and it is coming up fast. Even if we stay with last years uniforms. We have several new cheerleaders who will need fitted.

I also know that with these times the cheer package can be another financial burden. That is why when we get together we will look at our options.

On a positive note. It does look like it wont be long before we can get the kids together. As soon as we can we will. We will play football. Make sure the kids are safe and let them know that things will return to normal soon.

The Bronco family will be together soon. If any questions, you can comment or message us. Keep coming back to the page for updates. Will have another one next week. Thanks and tell kids I miss them.


cancelation notice

So due to all that is going on. The EMFC and EMCC has postponed all activities. With that we will be postponing the cheer parent meeting scheduled for the 21st. Our cheer director may contact you individually or if you have any questions feel free to message us.

We will hold another sign up and have a meeting when we are able. Please take care and use common sense when it comes to everyday life. Hopefully in a couple weeks we can pick back up. Thank you


Cheer parents

We will be having a Cheer Parent meeting @ 10:00 am at the Bronco Field on March 21st. We will be going over the cheer package and the up coming season.

We will also use this as another sign up day. Anyone who has questions or wants information about the cheer program before they sign their child up, are also welcome to attend this meeting.

If you want to sign up or have questions regarding football. You can come by as well


more sign ups

reminder that tmr we will be at the activity center from 9 to 1 for the last sat of early sign ups.


we will also be there Monday and Tuesday 2 530.   thanks


Early Sign up dates

Since they dont have school tmr. Here are the flyers that will be there next week lol. Hope to see everyone at sign ups.
Also. If you ordered a hoodie at the banquet. They will be at sign ups to pick up

No photo description available.
Image may contain: possible text that says '& Cheer Program: The Dandridge Broncos safe, fun Environment Top of the line Facilities History of Excellence Safe, updated Equipment Knowledgeable certified both football & cheer by the National Youth Sports Coaches Association multi-level recognition training Practice usually Mondays, P.M. Practice begins Games will be played Saturdays 1st Game is encouraged Excellent communication parents (E-mail, website, m/DandridgeBroncos text alerts) certification July. August. 2020 Football Director: Jason Pee Head Coach: Kelly Super Grasscutter Head Coach: Kevin Glenn Grasscutter Head Coach: Jason Hopson 2020 Cheerleading Michelle Vaught Coach: Moore Super Grasscutter Head Coach: Stanley Grasscutter Coach: Watson'


So here is how you need to spend you Saturday on February 8th.
Early sign ups @ activity center 9 to 1

Then. The Broncos are hosting the Smokey Mountain Ravens semi-pro football team sat night
The Broncos are running the concessions and it will serve as a fundraiser for the Broncos. Come on out and support both teams

Image may contain: text


Early Sign up dates


Sign-ups for Dandridge Broncos Football and Cheerleading will be held on the following dates at the Field of Dreams, Activity Center from 9:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M.) on Saturday


¨ Sign up dates are Sat, Feb 8th  Sat , Feb 15th   Sat ,  Feb  22th

¨ Ages for  Grasscutters  5,6, & 7   born between  8/2/12 - 8/1/15

¨ Ages for Super Grasscutters 8 & 9  born between 8/2/10—8/1/12

¨ Ages for Pee Wee  10 & 11  born between  8/2/08—8/1/10


Detailed info and all necessary sign-up forms are available on our website at:

What to expect:

· Please bring a STATE ISSUED copy of each child’s BIRTH CERTIFICATE if your child is new to the Broncos.

· Football will be going full pads for Spring Practice. Equipment will be issued prior to Spring Practice. Spring Practice dates  May 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th, 11th, 12th, 14th, 15th

· Sign up fee for Football is $75.00. Sign up for Cheer is $40 + cheer package

· There is an optional ‘Volunteer Opt Out’ fee of $50.00 for those wishing to opt out of the expected volunteer duties (i.e. concessions, gate, field maintenance, etc.) for the season. Committing to just 4 volunteer efforts per family during the season eliminates the need to pay this fee entirely. If this option is chosen the fee is also due in full at sign-ups (Football & Cheer)

· Football parents will have the option to purchase a customized jersey with child’s name imprinted on back at a cost of $50.00. After the season the jersey would be yours to keep, as well as be used in upcoming seasons for as long as it fits. Again this is purely optional. Returning players should bring last season’s jersey to sign ups to confirm that it still fits. Please understand since our jerseys are custom made we will not be able to order them last minute. Late sign ups run the risk of not being able to get a custom jersey in time for the season.


Questions please contact us at:


Dandridge Broncos Facebook Page

2020 Board Members and Head coaches

We have all positions in place for the upcoming season
Board members are:

President Kevin Glenn
Vice President Travis Kiestler
Secretary Amanda Pruitt
Treasurer Julie Minton
Members at large. Cameron Green
Matt Cohen
Travis Hager

Football Director Jason Kelly
Cheer Director Michelle Vaught

Grasscutters football Head Coach Jason Hopson
Grasscutters cheer Coach Jen Watson

Supers football Head Coach Kevin Glenn
Supers cheer Head Coach Amy Stanley

Pee Wee football Head Coach Jason Kelly
Pee Wee cheer Coach Heather Moore

We are gonna post sign up dates and spring practice dates soon. Let's have a great season


Bronco Night at Sevier Air

Friday January 10th @ Sevier Air.  7 to 9.   All Bronco kids are being paid for. Siblings and parents are gonna get to jump for $12.  Would love to see all the kids there.  I think it will be a great time for the kids.

Upcoming dates

Here are a few dates to put down on your calendar.

Dec 19th 6 to 8 at the activity center. This is the banquet.

Dec the 21st is the Christmas parade. Would love to have all the kids participating in that. It's a fun day. Meet at Maury Middle at 12:00.

January the 10th. Friday night 7 to 9. We are renting sevier Air for the kids to play. All Bronco kids, football and cheer, will be paid for by the league. Siblings or parents who want to jump will cost $14. Should be a blast.


super bowl week schedule

Ok parents. Tomorrows practice schedule

Super grass and grass no practice

Pee wee will practice at dandridge elementary gym 6 to 8

Thurs is normal.6 to 8

Friday will be 6 to 8 but we might have something special planned


playoff info

Next weeks schedule is this. All games at Claiborne co. Guys there are 6 games. Keep in mind that seating and parking will be first come first serve.

Dandridge vs Pigeon Forge at 12:15

Dandridge vs Sevierville at 2:45

Pee wee
Dandridge vs Northview at 5:00

The rest of the schedule looks like this so you are aware that some communities will also be there all day. That's why I mention seating

11:00 sevierville vs white pine
1:30 pigeon forge vs northview
345 pigeon forge vs sevierville

Coaches will let u know what time to be there.

Supers need to be there at 1. I can tell u that.

Let's have a great week of practice and get after it


Cheer Comp

Competition is at Sevier County High School.
Grasscutters will be meeting at 6am.
Supergrasscutters will be meeting at 7:45
Pee Wees will be meeting at 6:45.
Coaches have information on where to meet them outside the school.

Coaches have given information on hair and makeup.

Doors will open at 8am.
Be there early because the line is long! Once you get there please get ur cheerleader to their coach. You will not be able to go inside with them as they will be entering through a different door.

Parents please all sit together inside the gym so when we do the cheers with the girls we can be heard loud and clear and prove how much we support our girls!
**do not bring signs, cow bells, whistles, or any type of noise makers**
**do not do any of the dance moves in the stands! We can get counted off for that!**

The cost to get in should be no more than $5. They will also have concessions and gifts to buy. They will also be doing team pictures. Make sure to find your team mom if you would like to purchase one!


October 24th practice

Thursdays practice will be alittle different. Pee wee and grasscutters are going to the soccer field across the creek.
Supers will be at the baseball field past the football field.
Grasscutters and supers will practice as long as we have light.
Pee wee might move up to the grass on upper end of football field to use lights.

Cheerleaders are at activity center. At 730 they are going to perform for the parents and kids who want to come watch. The supers will go up.

Concession will be open until 7:15. They will have regular items. No specials.



2020 Baord Nominations

***2020 Board Member Nominations***


The nomination period for positions on the 2020 Dandridge Youth Football board of directors begins Monday (10/21/19) and will end on 11/4/19. Any parent interested in running for a board seat will need to complete a Board Nomination Form and turn in to current President Kevin Glenn prior to 11/4/19. Blank nomination forms are available on our website and in the concession stand. For new parents unfamiliar with this process here is an excerpt from our By Law's regarding our elections / nominations:


SECTION 2, ELECTIONS: Elections shall be held every year for every elected position. This shall take place at the year-end banquet. Every child shall be given two ballots to be filled out by their parents or legal guardians and placed in a ballot box. Voting shall be done in an area with as much privacy as possible.


A: COUNTING: The ballots shall be counted by a three-person committee to be determined by the board. None of these should be running for any elected office, however, the current secretary shall be present for official records but not as an official counter of the ballots.


B. EFFECTIVE DATES: Newly elected officers shall begin their duties the following January 1 through December 31 of the next year.


C. NOMINATIONS: Nominations shall be taken for a period of one (1) week; dates are to be determined by the president. If nominees have not been submitted for each position, the President may opt to extend the nomination period for up to one (1) additional week. Nominees must secure ten (10) nominations to be placed on the ballot. Nominees must inform the President as to their personal interest in running for office during the designated nomination period. No write-ins shall be accepted.


Chili Supper

Thursday, October 17 @ 6:00-7:30, We are having a soup and chili supper at the Dandridge Broncos Football Field. Anyone who would like to support the Broncos, we are having soup or chili with all the fixins, dessert and drink for $5. For $8, all you can eat. Come out and enjoy a practice and have dinner. Everyone welcome! Bring your families!


Homecoming information for Saturday. 
Girls will need to be in uniform and at the field by 1:15

Their escorts will need to be there no later than 1:30.  If they are a football player, they need to be in uniform.  Jersey and game pants.  NO SHOULDER PADS OR HEMETS.

Homecoming papers need to be turned in to the concession stand or to Wendy no later than Thursday. 

Hope to see everyone on Saturday.  Homecoming will be at 2:00. Admission will be charged.

Friday night pep rally

Friday night Starting at 6:00, We will have a cookout and have Hamburgers for everyone. Hotdogs available also. Players and cheerleaders eat free. $4 for Burger, Chips and Drink. We will also have a parent meeting with all football and cheer parents starting at 6:30. Players wear game Jersey. Cheerleaders wear new Broncos shirts. See everyone Friday!

Special dates

Some important dates coming up

Sept 21 will be homecoming

Oct 5th will be breast cancer game

Oct 19th will be senior night

2019 Broncos Schedule

We have a schedule

August 31st. @ claiborne Co. 11:00

September 7th. BYE

September 14th White Pine 5:00

September 21st straw plains 5:00

September 28th @ Grainger co. 5.00

October 5th Newport 5:00

October 12th @ pigeon forge 5:00

October 19th Gatlinburg 5:00

Octoner 26th @ northview 5:00

Coaches will inform you of what time they want the kids there


August 23, 2019

Saturday August 24th at cocke county high school


This is MANDATORY.  you need to be there at 830 and we will weigh in at 930.


The grasscutters will start it off at 10 with 1 quarter. Then the supers. Followed by the pee wees


Your child will weigh in with their jersey, shorts, and shoes.  Thank you and see you there

Remember pictures thurs. Super grass parents I dropped the ball and forgot to remind you.

Grasscutters football and cheer. 5:15

Supers football and cheer. 5:45

Pee wee football and cheer 6:15

Game jersey and pants. Cheer uniform


physical and picture info

The clinic will be at the field Thursday Aug 8th at 5 and be there all thru practice.


they will be $20





Pictures are scheduled for August the 15th.
Grasscutters at 5:15
Supers at 5:45
Peewee at 6:15

Both football and cheer.

Also, the kids will have practice afterward so bring practice gear.

Pictures will be in game jersey and pants for football
Cheerleaders will be in their uniform.

So please come prepared for practice afterward


Schedule info

I wanted to go ahead and let everyone know now. The season schedule WILL change.

The dates will not. We will not have a bye week. Jamboree will still be the 24th and 1st game still on the 31st.

I will let everyone know the schedule as soon as they get it finalized.

Reason for change is parrottsville folded this year and will not be fielding a team.

May be able to let everyone know Monday if it gets done

See ya then. Helmets and shoulder pads only


July 22nd. new info

Practice is still on for tonight!! However, the cookout will be postponed until tomorrow. Full concession stand still open tonight.

Start of season

Ok. So here is the schedule for next week.

Monday the 22nd. Football and Cheer will go to their groups. Coaches will work them out for a little bit. If they turned in equipment then they will get it back.
If they missed spring and haven't been fitted, we will do that Monday.

Monday is also the Cookout. Parents, guardians, and kids will get hamburgers, hot dogs and chips. You will receive a ticket to go to concession for a drink. This is on us. The concession will be open with the regular items and more drinks.

Parents can go ahead and eat at 6 while the kids are practicing.

Tuesday the 23rd. Helmets and cleats only. I would also like to have a parents meeting before practice. Around 5:50. At the big bleachers.

Thursday the 25th. Helmets and cleats only.

We will also do football sign ups any day we are there.

We are also working to get the Express Clinic there to do physicals.



important info

Wanted to go ahead and post a couple of reminders.

We will kick off the season with a cookout for everyone (football and cheer kids and families) on July 22nd at 6. That is also the first day of practice.

Each group will meet and receive their equipment from spring. If they havent recieved equipment, then we will fit them then

We will also be signing up any football players who have yet to sign up. I will be there around 5 so if anyone wants to come sign up, please do so.

We have also talked about doing a couple of evening conditioning practices for the kids. Not sure on dates. Wanting to see if anyone would be interested? . All ages. Maybe a couple hrs 1 or 2 evenings. Just have some fun.  If you are interested and don't have facebook.  Text  Kevin at 865-654-7270 and let him know.

It's about football time so let's get ready


spring carnival

We are all set.  Hope to see everyone Saturday.  We will have a dunking booth, inflatables, plenty of games and contests.  concessions will be open all day so come out and enjoy.  We will have a hand stamp so you can come and go

*There will be a raffle for a flat screen television* Come check us out on the 18th!

No photo description available.


cheer fitting

Cheer parents reminder about fittings Tuesday May 14th at 6:30 at the field! Must be there to cheer! Money due!
Don't forget the bake sale for Saturday May 18th to help raise money for homecoming! If any question contact Wendy Butterworth

equipment turn in

I want to remind everyone that your equipment will need to be turned in this week. You can put everything in the bag with your childs name on a piece of paper inside the helmet.

We are doing equipment turn in Saturday morning 9 to 11. Just return it upstairs.

Also, we are going to postpone the cookout we had scheduled for Friday due to the forecast. Just the cookout. Practice is still happening. 6 to 8

We will do the cookout on July 22nd. That will be the first day of fall practice. Your child can come pick equipment back up and we will have a big kickoff to the season with the cookout.

We have 2 more days of spring practice. Thursday and Friday. It is not to late to sign up for football if you know anyone who is interested. We will also sign up for football in the fall.

If any questions, please ask your coach after practice or see Kevin. He is extremely smart and can answer anything


physical info

I will remind everyone that physicals are required again this year. We are gonna try and get the clinic to come to the field but if you get a chance. With the kids being out of school next week. These are the forms to get. Your family physician should have them. Thank you

No photo description available.No photo description available.

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No photo description available.


Equipment Fitting

March 1, 2019

On March 20th from 530pm to 730pm any grasscutter player who wants to come by and get fitted can do so. This way you will have your stuff ready for spring practice. 

We will also be there that night doing Football and Cheer signups.


Cheer signups have to be completed by Friday, April 5th. Last day to order custom football jersey will be Friday, April 12th.























Sign Up and Spring Practice Info

January 17, 2019

We have early sign up dates set.
Friday Feb 2nd 5:30 to 7:30
Saturday Feb 3rd 9:00 to 12:00
Friday Feb 8th 5:30 to 7:30
Saturday Feb 9th 9:00 to 12:00

Sign ups will be at the football field

Also almost all coaches are set

Grasscutters - Jason Hopson
Super Grass - Kevin Glenn
Pee Wee - Anthony Gockenbach

Grasscutters - Heather Moore
Super Grass - Amy Stanley
Pee Wee -

We will also be doing sign ups during spring practice
those dates are
April 1st, 2nd, 4th, & 5th
April 8th, 9th, 11th, & 12th. 6:00 to 8:00


Last day to order custom Football Jersey is April 12th


Hope to see everyone and lets make this a great year. Thank You!


Ages for 2019 Participation

New players must provide Birth Certificate and all participants must be within this age range:


 born 8-2 to 8-1-14 

Super Grasscutters born 8-2-09 to 8-1-11 


PeeWees born 8-2-07 to 8-1-09








End of Year Banquet

The end of the year awards ceremony will be Saturday, December 8, 2018 at Field of Dreams Community Center starting at 5:00 PM. If you didn't return your equipment please remember to bring it that night. If equipment is not turned in your child can not receive their award.

For the upcoming 2019 Dandridge Broncos Board Committee we had 4 people run for position of member at large. The board only consists of 3 members at large. We will need to have a vote that night. Every child will get 2 votes by their parents or guardians. The ballot will look something like this.

Member at large (vote for 3)

Joel Henderosn

Jeremy Messer

Michelle Vaught

Reffard Damron


#gobroncos #wearefamily #DandridgeBroncos

super bowl

The grasscutters play at 3:30 and need to be there by 2:30


The supers play at 5:00 and need to be there by 3:30 to support the grasscutters


we will be gathering at the field between 1 and 2 to decorate cars and leave from there


we will head up at 2

first rd playoff

Here is our schedule for 1st round playoffs next Saturday (10/27):

Vs Sevierville
4:00 P.M. kickoff

Vs Gatlinburg
5:30 P.M. kickoff

Pee Wee's
Vs Gatlinburg
7:00 P.M. kickoff

All games at Grainger CO!




***2019 Board Member Nominations***


The nomination period for positions on the 2019 Dandridge Youth Football board of directors begins Monday (10/15/18) and will end on (10/25/18). Any parent interested in running for a board seat will need to complete a Board Nomination Form and turn in to current President Kevin Glenn prior to 10/25/18. Blank nomination forms are available on our website and in the concession stand. For new parents unfamiliar with this process here is an excerpt from our By Law's regarding our elections / nominations:


SECTION 2, ELECTIONS: Elections shall be held every year for every elected position. This shall take place at the year-end banquet. Every child shall be given two ballots to be filled out by their parents or legal guardians and placed in a ballot box. Voting shall be done in an area with as much privacy as possible.


A: COUNTING: The ballots shall be counted by a three-person committee to be determined by the board. None of these should be running for any elected office, however, the current secretary shall be present for official records but not as an official counter of the ballots.


B. EFFECTIVE DATES: Newly elected officers shall begin their duties the following January 1 through December 31 of the next year.


C. NOMINATIONS: Nominations shall be taken for a period of one (1) week; dates are to be determined by the president. If nominees have not been submitted for each position, the President may opt to extend the nomination period for up to one (1) additional week. Nominees must secure ten (10) nominations to be placed on the ballot. Nominees must inform the President as to their personal interest in running for office during the designated nomination period. No write-ins shall be accepted.


Breast Cancer Shirts

September 10, 2018

Breast Cancer t-shirt pre-orders are due by Thursday, September 13th. Please stop by the concession stand to place a order. We will not be able to order extras to have for sale. 

Jefferson county vs Beaden Little League Night

Friday night August 31st  at Jefferson County High School.  Its little league night.  The kids will be announced and get in free when they wear their game jerseys.  The cheerleaders will wear their cheer tshirts and also get in free.  The game is at 730.  The kids need to be there at 700.  They will meet in the south endzone in front of the scoreboard.  


Also,  there will be NO practice Monday.  It is Labor Day.  Everyone have a safe holiday and enjoy


We have the schedule.  Lets get ready 



AUGUST 25TH    @ NORTHVIEW    5:00


SEPTEMBER 8th    WHITE PINE  5:00       




OCTOBER 6th  STRAW PLAINS    5:00 (Homecoming and Senior Night)


                             Cheer competition is also on the 13th






GRASSCUTTERS WILL PLAY AT 5  except the Claiborne co game



Bronco Parents Please Read

Saturday is Jamboree Day  (8/11)  and it is MANDATORY. You MUST  be present for weigh in to participate. No showing to Jamboree is not an option.



Jamboree is hosted by Parrottsville and will be held at COCKE County High School


We are scheduled to begin weighing in our players at 9:20  A.M

All players should be there no later than 8:30 in the morning.  PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO CUT IT CLOSE.  There will be no "do overs" if you 15 minutes late and it will be crowded.


If your child is close to the limit to play in the backfield position, (75.5 pounds  for grasscutters,  100.5 pounds  for super grasscutters,  125.5 poounds  for pee wee),  then please remember whatever they walk into the weigh in station with is what they weigh in  with. If you dress them in full pads then the weigh in with full pads


They are required to wear game jersey and shorts.  nothing else.   If you are not worried about weight then you can have your child in their game pants with jersey


All 3 teams will play Newport in 1  8:00  quarter after weigh in starting with grasscutters.  So they will need full game uniform for game after weigh in.


Everyone has to pay $5  admission at Jamboree.  This includes coaches.


Please if you have any questions or concerns message us on facebook,  email,  get in touch with your coach or a board member.  Thank you

Physicals and Info for Jamboree

The Express clinic is NOT coming back out to the field to do physicals. You will have to go to the clinic and get them done or to your local doctors office. The clinic is still doing them for the Broncos. Remember we need these turned in by next Thursday, August 2nd. If you are using the clinic just go there and tell them you are with the Dandridge Broncos. Per the English Mountain conference we have to turn a physical sheet in for every child who participates. Your child CANNOT participate this season without a physical so please remember to get them. If have and questions or need help with them see Kevin at the field.

You need Physical Examination Form and Clearance Form at above link

If you have not turned in a copy of your Birth Certificate for Jamboree that is due too. Your child CANNOT participate this season if they are new to the conference without it.


Remember Jamboree is Saturday, August 11th. Times to follow. (New Parents with any questions on how it works please see a coach or someone in the concession stand for info)

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