Season Suspended Until April 27th

March 20, 2020

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, The Dapper Dan Club will further delay the state of the 2020 season.

All baseball field activities are suspended until April 27th.  We will reevaluate the start date again in a few weeks.

Registration will remain open at this time and will extend the last day to sign up to the following:

10 to 12 years old - April 5th

7 to 9 years old - April 12th

4 to 6 years old - April 19th

2020 Baseball Season - 71st Season of Dapper Dan Baseball

Sign up now for the 2020 baseball season!  


Click the link on the right to sign up.  


On site registrations will be held on Saturday - March 7th from 9:00am to noon at The Riverside YMCA. 


The Dapper Dan Club is not affiliated with any other organizations and plays only within the City of Cumberland.  Dapper Dan is the longest active little league association in the tri-state area with over 70 years of participation.  


The final on-site registration will be announced shortly.

One League Rule - Effective 2019 Season


The Dapper Dan League prohibits a player or coach in our league from participating in another local league (excluding weekend travel ball) at the same time.  The basis for this rule:


 (1.)  Pitcher’s Pitch Count: The most important reason is the safety of a pitcher. The pitch count of a particular player pitching in both leagues would be impossible to control.  It is not feasible to develop a count that would allow them to pitch in both leagues, nor is it fair to either league’s team to reduce a pitch count less than already established.


(2.)  Game Scheduling: Scheduling is nearly impossible where kids/parents would have to choose one league versus the other. There is no way to guarantee players would have games on different nights in each league the entire year. Asking them to choose one league over the other isn’t fair to the kids or the other players/coaches in the league. 


This rule applies to major and minor teams. 




The Children's Adaptive Sports League (CASL) is a nonprofit joint effort consisting of volunteers and members / employees from The Dapper Dan Club, The Children's League, and The Riverside YMCA.


The purpose of CASL to provide various sports clinics to special needs children (4 to 21) in the Tri-State Area. The second clinic will be held in the near future.  All children will have the opportunity to participate in fielding, throwing, batting, and running the bases.  The clinic is free and no equipment is required.


To sign up, click here or the link (CASL Registration) on the right side of the page. 

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