Majors were drafted on Sunday - April 7th.  Your coach will be in contact with you.  Updated rosters are listed on the website. 


Minors were drafted on Tuesday - April 10th.  Your coach will be in contact with you.  Updated rosters are listed on the website. 




Last day to sign up for 5 to 7 years old (Coach Pitch) is NOW.  Coach pitch teams will be selected on Wednesday - April 17th.   Your coach will be in contact with you. 


Tee Ball (4 to 5 years old) clinic will be Saturday April 27th and Saturday May 4th from 10:00 to 11:30 at Cavanaugh Field.  

14th Annual Dapper Dan Steak & Crab Leg Feed

Join us on Friday - June 7th at the Ali Ghan Shrine Picnic Grounds for our 14th Annual Dapper Dan Club Steak and Crab Leg Feed.

Ticket to the event is for $100.  Ticket includes steak and crab legs, baked potatoes, salad, beverages, and a chance to win $2,500.  


Ask any Dapper Dan Coach or Executive Board for a ticket!

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New Rule - Effective 2019


It has been brought to the attention of the Dapper Dan that an entity referring to itself as “Cumberland Baseball” is actively recruiting players from Cumberland to join its minor league to play this summer.  The Dapper Dan Club of Allegany County has no affiliation with this organization.  We have facilitated little league baseball in Cumberland for the past 69 years, and currently offer four different leagues to the children of Cumberland, ranging in ages from 4 to 12 years old.  Our historic commitment to this ongoing effort has never been stronger and we look forward to continuing to teach your children baseball fundamentals, team work and fun. 


The Dapper Dan’s rules prohibit a player or coach in our league from participating in another local league (excluding weekend travel ball) at the same time.  The basis for this rule:


 (1.)  Pitcher’s Pitch Count: The most important reason is the safety of a pitcher. The pitch count of a particular player pitching in both leagues would be impossible to control.  It is not feasible to develop a count that would allow them to pitch in both leagues, nor is it fair to either league’s team to reduce a pitch count less than already established.


(2.)  Game Scheduling: Scheduling is nearly impossible where kids/parents would have to choose one league versus the other. There is no way to guarantee Minor Division players would have games on different nights in each league the entire year. Asking them to choose one league over the other isn’t fair to the kids or the other players/coaches in the league.


Bat Change mandated for the upcoming 2018 season (updated 2/15/18)

DAPPER DAN RULE AMENDMENT (changed as of February 2017): The Major & Minor Divisions will both be allowed to use a barrel diameter up to 2-5/8".


The Dapper Dan Executive Board voted to follow the Little League rules regarding the change in bats for the 2018 season as issued in the following statement by the Little League Board:

With the Little League® International Board of Directors formally adopting USA Baseball’s new standard for bat performance testing, Little League International fully supports this program. For more than seventy-five years, Little League has used improvements in science, engineering, and technology to take the sport of baseball to higher levels. By utilizing the most current advancements available, manufacturers can now develop bats with a wood-like performance, which is important for the long-term success of the game. Developed by a USA Baseball committee of scientific experts, Little League Baseball® has decided to adopt the new bat standard for mandated use effective January 1, 2018. All national members of USA Baseball, including Little League, are encouraged to adopt this new standard. Little League-approved bats can be used through December 31, 2017, and the current bat regulations will be in effect until then. That includes the moratorium prohibiting the use of all 2 ¼ inch barrel baseball bats constructed with composite material in the barrel, unless approved.


This change affects all Major and Minor teams in the Dapper Dan Little League that all current bats with the Little League stamp will be prohibited regardless of the material used to construct the bat.



The bats with the USA standard stamp should be now be available for purchase. All teams affected will be equipped with one of these bats per team that all players can use. There will be no grandfathering of existing bats for the Major and Minor Divisions.