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Fall try outs (anyone that did not swim summer) - Aug 12, 14, 19, 21, 26 from 5pm-5:30pm

Swim Meet Survival Items

Look over this list of things that you might want to have at a swim meet

Welcome to a swimmer's life: Sleep, Eat, Swim, Eat, Eat...Repeat (possibly in that order) :)

1st...make sure you know WHERE the meet will be, and what time our warmups are.

2nd...FOOD...your swimmer will eat, graze, eat more...most kids share food, too!

Swimmer's swim bag: pack an extra suit, extra pair of goggles, extra swim cap, 2+ towels

Extra beach towels or blankets for kids to sprawl out on

Pop-up tent/shade of some kind...Academy, Harbor Freight, etc carry them

Folding chair(s)- will need if there is space in a gym or on a pool deck

Money for concessions, t-shirt vendor at big meets, parking at big meets, heat sheet

Sharpie marker- to write swimmer's events on them with in E-H-L format

Highlighter- to mark your kid's events in the heat sheet

FYI: Sharpie's also draw on backs/arms/legs on race days...they all draw on each other

Portable electronics and chargers- to keep them (you) occupied between races

Smartphone- so you can follow real-time results with the Meet Mobile app at big meets

Sunscreen, bug spray and hat for outdoor meets, possibly sunglasses, too

Cooler with healthy snacks and drinks...if you don't want to purchase concessions

***District and State Meets are long...please bring everything you need to stay cool!!!***

Most of all, REMEMBER to encourage your child, don't worry about their technique-that's our job!  All they want is for you to say, "Good job!", even when you feel it is not...ALWAYS point out a positive...leave the other stuff to us!  We have a rule about dwelling on things - DON'T!  :)

Parents, sit back, enjoy the chaos, AND PLEASE HELP US by VOLUNTEERING!!!

Thank you for trusting us and for loving your children!!!

-DAST Coaches!!!!