2019 update

Hi Everyone we are getting close to the start of the season. We are working schedules and doing our best to get them up as quickly as possible. Keep checking back for schedules. 

*** 2019 ***


The schedules are BEING FINALIZED! for all teams and leagues. Any changes after the schedule is posted must be done between coaches, It is the coaches responsibility to keep the date/time.


All scorebooks MUST be signed by the Umpire and the lineup have a line drawn through it for all divisions. Although, not necessary for Minors B we want everyone to get used to this practice.


Input of all scores is MANDATORY FOR Seniors, Juniors, Majors and Minors A WINNING TEAM INPUTS WINNING SCORE.  Please be respectful of all teams if the team has reached the 10 RUN mercy rule please input that SCORE ONLY. I don’t want to see any 29-3 scores in the system!!! (29-3 should be entered as 13-3)

To input scores:

1.   Go to:

  1. Click on schedules
  2. Click on Division and Team from the drop down menus.
  3. Click on the button on the right side “Report scores”
  4. Select the date or range of dates that games were played, select division.
  5. Select location or the first option – ALL locations
  6. Enter Password – Division/Password is supplied below
  7. Change Games Status to complete and ENTER SCORE. Please only put in 10 run differential.

Game Length (Juniors/Seniors ONLY)

Due to light limitations 4 innings is considered a complete game until the end of April for fields that do not have lights.

Games must be played at the time posted.  If the opposing team is 15 minutes or more late and  the game is not official the opposing team is responsible for payment of the umpire for the makeup game.


We don’t expect any. Please show respect and good sportsmanship to all opposing coaches and umpires.  If a question on a rule is brought up please have coaches go to their directors, directors can then send those questions to me. A separate note will be sent regarding commonly asked RULES later this week.  Any coach ejected must report this to their league director/commissioner. All Rules are located on under Rules/Eligibility.


Please note by clicking on any team name from the Teams/Roster list, coaches info will be displayed. For Coaches info that is incorrect text Bob Williams the correction@ 215-589-5800.  Please use this information to reschedule rain outs and make any other changes to the schedule. DO NOT WAIT TO RESCHEDULE RAIN OUTS. Reschedule asap. It’s an issue every year. 12 GAMES MUST BE PLAYED TO QUALIFY FOR DISTRICT PLAY! 







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