2017/18 Season Information

For the 2017/18 season, we have 14 players and a new format.  Instead of a set time of Sunday nights to play our matches, the new format will be to schedule your match with your opponent within a two week window of time.  This format allows for flexibility to find a time that works for both and the thought is that 2 weeks should be sufficient for this.

The schedule is posted to the website and the date listed for each match is the last day you have to get the match played.  For example the first set of matches have a date of Oct 29th and so we all have until that date to get our match played.

Matches are 8 game pro-sets with a 7 point tie-breaker at 7-7. If you don't complete your match in the allotted court time, please report the score at the end, even if it is tie. Scores are to be texted or emailed to Andrew Oxner and the website will be updated. Both players are to bring a can of balls and whoever provides the balls for the match is to take the other can home for the next match. 

We are also planning to have Saturday nights once a month where we have all 6 courts at DNTC and get together to play singles and doubles.  Since we have 14 players, and we can't all play, I have not included this in the schedule. I will speak with Gareth about the plan for organizing those nights.  Here is the list of players for this season.  I will send out player contact information in an email as I don't want to publish everyone's phone number and email on a public website.


Andrew McFarlane

Andrew Oxner

Chris Matthews

Dan Lopez

Daryl MacPherson

David Anderson

David Burchell

Gareth Dowdell

Glenn Hubbard

Justin McDonough

Peter Dietrich

Rob Weatherston

Stefan Hall

Thomas Wallace