For those parents with players born in 2004 or later you need to complete the Parent Respect in Sports in order for your child to be eligible to play this season. Your child will not be able to go on the ice without it.   The program is accessed through the ALLIANCE Hockey website (, under the “PARENTS” tab.

 It is a one hour online curriculum with both audio and visual features that allows flexibility and does not have to be completed in one session.

 Is this required every year?   No, once you have completed it you are certified and there are currently no plans for requalification/recertification.

 My child was not born in a birth year above 2004 and is a registered player, am I still required to complete the Program?   Completion of the Parent Program is only required for parents/guardians of players at the 2004 birth year and younger who participate in a League.  

Porting My Profile from another Hockey Association to ALLIANCE Hockey: 
If you have previously completed the Respect in Sport Parent Program through another governing body, you may transfer (port) your certification and profile to the ALLIANCE Hockey Respect in Sport, data-base.

Click the link provided and follow the instructions provided.


$12 per family (one parent/guardian certified per family and other parent, step parents, grandparents, kids, etc. can take the program for free by using the certified parent username and password). 

Payment is made on-line with a credit card at the time of registration.

Once this has been done once the certificate does not need to be done again.


Custom Mouthguards

There will be a table set up at the arena on Saturday September 29 from 8am to 11am and Sunday September 30 from 9am to 3pm in order to purchase a custom fit mouth guard.  

Jennifer Haslam will be taking orders for mouth guards.  .  She will advise delivery (usually within a week)  

Please visit her at the arena if you are interested.  $30.00 for 1 or 2 for $40.00 (same person)



Novice Program Changes Coming for 2018-2019

As many parents have already heard, there are some changes coming to the Novice program.  The OHF and Hockey Canada have implemented changes in the way Novice hockey will be presented and taught.  This new program has been put in place in order to teach the basic skills at a young age so players can enjoy the game.  The outline of the program can be found on the following document link.

 OHF Player Development Model

Goalie Equipment
Each year Dofasco Minor Hockey has goalie equipment available to Goalies interested in playing this position for their teams.  We have sets available for Tyke, Novice, Atom and a limited amount for Peewee.  Tyke equipment is usually given to the coaches at the beginning of the season and each week different players can take their turn playing this position. 

Please contact Craig Stannix @ if  you know your son or daughter will require equipment this season.  We can make arrangements to get the equipment to you.  There is a $100 deposit required for any equipment being loaned out.

2018-2019 House League Coach/Asst Coach and Trainer Applications
Applications for Head Coaches, Asst Coaches and Trainers are now being accepted for the 2018-2019 House League season.   To submit your application, please go to the Online Forms and fill in the Coaches Application or Apply Now.  We are looking for Coaches for All divisions. All coaches need to have a Valid Police Check, Coaching or Trainers Certification and the Online Gender Identity course completed.  If you are new to coaching you can visit the Coaches Corner (From the Menu above, go to Pages; Coaches Corner) for any questions you may have. 

Volunteers Required 
In order to run a successful Hockey program we require the assistance of a number of VOLUNTEERS. Your executive commitee is always looking for more help. There are number of positions which still need to be filled. If you are interested in helping make this fantastic hockey league even better, please send an email to to find out where you can help out.  Positions still required to be filled:
Peewee Convenor
Equipment Manager

 Registration for Dofasco Minor Hockey    2018-2019 Season

In order to register please click on the "pages" button from the menu at the top of the page and click on Registration.

Skating School parents will need to email our registrar at if they wish to enroll their child in the house league program for next year as she will need specific information in order to create a profile for your child in the Hockey Canada Registry.  You will not be able to register your child until this profile has been created. 


The only payments accepted at the time of registration are credit card or money order.



Midget Division -   Players FULL with a wait list

                             Goaltenders - FULL

Bantam Division - Players and Goaltenders FULL with a wait list

Peewee Division - Players - 2 Spots left 

                              Goaltenders - FULL

Atom Division -      Players - FULL with a wait list                          

Novice Division -   Players - FULL with a wait list

                              Goaltender - FULL

Tyke Division -       FULL with a wait list

Hockey School -    FULL with a wait list


If you would like to be placed on the wait list please contact the registrar at