• 2019 season set to begin May 6...



Below is a the schedule for the Playoffs, it is also available in PDF format for printing in the downloads section, or click herePlayoffs will begin Wednesday September 11, 2019. All teams will also play Friday September 13, and will be guaranteed at least 2 games on Saturday.
- League will supply umpire, and 1 new ball per game, each team is to also supply 1 good used ball to the umpire. 
- Round-Robin games - no new inning after scheduled Start time of next game. No extra innings to break ties.
- After the round-robin, all games are to be played to completion, no time limit, no ties. 
- No mercy rule. Runs for and against will be needed to determine position for Semi-Finals. Home teams do NOT bat in bottom of 7th when leading.
- Scores are to be submitted by the WINNING team by email or phone immediately after the games on Wednesday and Friday. Scores on Saturday are to be reported immediately following the games to the scoreboard posted in front of the concession at Diamond #1.
- There is NO coin toss for home team, home team is shown on the schedule based
on final regular season standing for the round-robin, and round-robin standing for the semi-finals and finals.


Good Luck to all teams.




Schedule 2019

The schedule for the 2019 season is complete and can be seen by clicking on the Schedule link from the top menu. 
Also in the Downloads section you will find a PDF copy of the schedule as well as the league rules. All team managers should have a copy of the rules on them for all games.