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Dublin Panthers


2018 August Summer Jam League Champions

Basketball Skills Training at Emerald Glen Park


 4201 Central Pkwy, Dublin, CA 94568

Wed. and Fri. Sept. 19th thru Oct. 26th

5pm - 6pm

Boys and Girls 4th grade through 7th. Grade

$20 per child a session

$200 per child for 12 session (2 day free)



We’ll give you a step-by-step training program that focuses on drills that mimic game moves in order for you to get better and see real results faster. You’ll develop:

·        Ball-handling to get you where you need to be on the court (prime scoring position or making the defense collapse on you so that your teammate has an open shot)

·        Scoring moves to make getting buckets easy (1 to 3 dribbles to score points within your team’s offensive plays)

·        Passing to make sure your teammates get the ball in their shot pocket to increase the speed and accuracy of their shots

Please contact Coach Stevon (925) 202-8873



Dublin Panthers Boys Won Championship June 2018

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The Dublin Panthers

The Dublin Panthers is a non-profit AAU girls and boys basketball organization. We will begin providing opportunities for talented and motivated girls and boys by fielding teams in 2018. The Dublin Panthers will play in one out of town AAU tournament and 2 local tournaments from the middle of March through the end of May. So we are looking for girls and boys from 3rd grades to 6th grades to showcase their talents.

Welcome to Dublin Panthers

We want this to be a great experience for your child (or children) and you.

Our mission statement is to teach PANTHERS boys and girls basketball in a fun and competitive atmosphere that encourages skill development, sportsmanship, camaraderie and learning how to win and lose with class.  We are currently working on a Youth Development Model where the focus is not just basketball skills, but also mentoring, tutoring, and assisting with keeping their grades up.

Below is a little more detail to let you know what is expected of your youth athlete and what you can expect of the coaches. We would like to work with your children who are 3rd grades through 6th grades for both boys and girls.


Our Goals for the Kids:

  • Seed a passion for basketball in all of our players. Hopefully, this will be the start of a lifetime of playing the game of basketball.
  • Compete, learn something about themselves and grow as athletes and people.
  • Learn basketball skills and fundamentals.
  • Have fun!


Expectations we have of the Coaches:

  • 100% commitment and respect for your kids as individuals and for the team.
  • Positive attitudes and constant encouragement.
  • An appropriate level of challenging the kids to work hard, which will result in positive results on the court. There is a delicate balance between pushing too hard and not pushing hard enough at the young ages. If you think we're pushing too much, or not enough,  just let us know.
  • Structured practices with an appropriate mix of repetition to breed basketball instinct and new drills/routines to avoid boredom and learn new aspects of the game.


Expectations we have of the kids:

  • Great attitudes! This is CRITICAL in basketball because it is a game of surges and momentum. If we get discouraged every time a team scores several points in a row on us, we will be defeated. We want the kids to stay calm, dig in and work through it. Similarly, when we make a  run on other teams, we want the kids not to be complacent but continue to work hard. If one kid gets down, it can quickly bring everyone down.
  • Work as a TEAM: Basketball is fun when you work as a team. That means EVERYONE plays unselfishly, plays tough defense, hustles, dives and gets rebounds, hustles back on defense, etc...
  • Attend practices and be on time for games (30 minutes before a game for warm-ups). 
  • Listen and Learn: We hope and expect all kids that want to play, hustle and have fun. Everyone needs to understand their part and execute. They are accountable to each other and to the coaches. In order to succeed, EVERYONE must listen, learn and execute.
  • Show great sportsmanship ... Win or Lose.


If you are interested in joining the Dublin Panthers please contact us at:


Text (Head Coach) Stevon Jones (925) 202-8873

Coaches Job Description:

We are deeply involved in AAU Youth Basketball. Our program is looking to hire a Coach with basketball knowledge and a strong desire to teach the fundamentals of the game. Dublin Panthers is in its 1st year of AAU basketball and we want to establish a positive strong foundation for our youth to quickly to share our love for the game while teaching fundamentals, positive attitudes, and teamwork.

This is a terrific opportunity to learn from a former college and professional coach. The person hired for this position will need strong critical thinking skills and creativity in order to integrate into our dynamic and passionate team. Weekly hours are part time to start - after 3pm, including Saturdays and/or Sundays during our spring, summer and fall seasons. The instructor will assist in teaching basketball and will be compensated based on experience.


If you are interested please contact us at dublinpanthers@yahoo.com


Call Us at (510) 474-0719