• The season is expected to begin 1st week of April
  • Draft is completed- Teams are finalizing all rosters
  • Gold team is 2018 champions !!!
  • The season is expected to begin 1st week of April

Upcoming Games/Practices
Tuesday, March 26, 2019
Dumont Mens 35+ Softball
RED - Italian Connection @ GOLD - John Pierre Jewelers
Wednesday, March 27, 2019
Dumont Mens 35+ Softball
NAVY BLUE - Uncle Frank's Pizza @ GREEN - Dumont Elks Club
Thursday, March 28, 2019
Dumont Mens 35+ Softball
WHITE - La Taberna @ ORANGE - Finks BBQ
Friday, March 29, 2019
Dumont Mens 35+ Softball
TEAL - Foschini's Brick Oven Kitchen @ ROYAL BLUE - Grant Street Cafe
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Teams/Rosters have been updated. 

Practice/Scrimmage games will begin on Monday 3/25. See schedule above. Feel free to help the other teams & get some extra work in.

2019 Season is expected to begin the first week of April. 







The 2019 rules will have some changes. 

As per the Dumont recreation department & voted in favor by the team represenatives- the league will only use league provided bats. You CAN NOT use your personal bat any longer !!!

 *You can not have more than 6 protected players in your game day lineup.

* line-ups must be set before the 1st pitch. Any players that arrive after the game has started must be added to the bottom of the line-up!

* All runners used will be the LAST player who made an OUT!!

* Runners cannot leave the base until the batter makes contact with the ball or the ball crosses home plate.

* You can hit an Illegal pitch BUT you accept the outcome (hit or out).

2018 CHAMPS !! Gold Team reclaims the top spot.



Gold wins the 2018 championship.

Congrats to Captain Tom Mertz & his team on a great season!! 


Playoffs Results;


Black advances into the 1st round


White Defeats Silver & Black & advances to round #2

Light Blue defeats Black to advance to Round #2


Gold defeats White & advances to round #3

Teal defeats Light Blue & advances to round #3

Orange defeated Royal Blue & advances to round #3.

Red defeated Green & advances to round #3.


Gold Defeats Orange-Advances to the finals


Teal defeats Red -advances to the finals


Monday, April 1, 2019   7:00 PM