The Riegel Ridge has a delayed opening today.  if your game was scheduled there please check with your coach for the new game time as we are on a modified game schedule below.

12:15 - 5/6 Boys - DV4 vs DV5

1:30 7/8 Girls DV1 vs FT1

2:45 5/6 Girls DV1 vs TC1

4:00 5/6 Girls DV3 vs DV2


All games at AMS are on schedule 

10:15 7/8 Boys DV3 vs FT1

11:30 7/8 Boys DV2 vs DT2



 Dear Basketball Community:

DVBL would like to clarify some things as the 2018-2019 season gets underway. First, we are excited to have acquired the Alexandria boys basketball program previously run by BJ Farrow. BJ has also joined the DVBL board and will be the one to help any Alexandria player/parent or coach as they get acquainted with DVBL. We were fortunate to acquire the girls program several years ago and are looking forward to having the boys.


Other than that, nothing else has changed within the DVBL. We have the same gym time at Holland School, the Ridge and Alexandria Middle School - just as we always have.

Your child will play with others kids from Holland, Alexandria, Upper Black Eddy and a few other towns where kids have chose DVBL. Your child could have a coach who resides in any of those towns as well - as all of our coaches are parents of a player.


For Little Shooters - Little Shooters practice and play at the Ridge - as always.


For D1 - 1st & 2nd grade - Division 1 players will practice and play between the Holland and Alexandria gym locations. This level plays games against the teams in the division. There is no traveling.


For grades 3rd and up - your child will play games under the North Hunterdon Basketball League. Other teams we play will include - Kingwood, Delaware, Franklin, Bethlehem, Union and Clinton. We have been a part of the NH Basketball League for several years and it is a wonderful competitive program. And if you remember- our boys 5/6 coached by Mr. Denvir WON the championship last year!


If you have any questions or concerns - email, call or stop any one of us and ask. Our board members include: Jen Kersten, Brandi Bontempo, Mike Henderson, Jim Hintenach, BJ Farrow and John Brereton.

Thank you & we look forward to seeing you on the court!




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