State Spirit and State Basketball Itinerary:

March 5, 2019- March 9, 2019


Contact Information:

Emili Brooksmith 307-421-2385

Sydney Gwerder 308-430-3161


Hotel Information:

Holliday Inn Express I-25

Casper, Wyoming

307- 237-4200



Tuesday, March 5th

·       4: 30PM Depart East High School, arrive at East at 4PM

·       6:30 PM Arrive to eat dinner (per district policy this being the first meal is on the athlete)

·       7:30PM Arrive at Hotel

Wednesday, March 6th

·       10AM Head to Events Center (we will be getting lunch along the way)

·       2:30PM Competition Begins

·       9PM Head back to hotel for dinner


·       Girls Game 9AM

·       Boys Game 12PM

·       We will be doing our nice dinner and shopping on this day.

 Friday, and Saturday

·       Our schedule will depend on our basketball teams seed after regionals and also after each day of play. I will keep everyone updated by email as much as I can. We will come home after our teams get kicked out of the tournament however, our teams are currently seeded 2nd and there is a strong possibility we will be home late Saturday to cheer the Championship games. We will be performing at our basketball half times.



Packing List:

·       All uniforms

·       Both sets of poms

·       Bows

·       Phone charger

·       Make up

·       Curling iron

·       Blanket

·       Pillow

·       Feminine products

·       Dressy outfit

·       Medication

·       Nail clippers

·       NO nail polish

·       Shoes

·       White no show socks

·       Nike socks

·       Lipstick and blush

·       Money

·       Swim suit

·       Make up

·       snacks













Cheer Roster

1.     Melanie Doughty

2.     Erica Farris

3.     Molly Fields

4.     Mollee Gribble

5.     Aryanna Lancaster

6.     Alexis Martinez

7.     Bailey McAlister

8.     Ashlin McCracken

9.     Alyssa Medina

10.  Brooklyn Prince

11.  Emily Ruiz

12.  Abigail Salisbury

13.  Auriauna Severin

14.  Jazmin Snipes

15.  Braeden Stewart

16.  Madison Terry

17.  Madison Wriborg

18.  Tighe Vuyk

Dance Roster

1.     Amira Cummings

2.     Melanie Doughty

3.     Molly Fields

4.     Mollee Gribble

5.     Molly Higgins

6.     Gabriella Martinez

7.     Angelle Nath

8.     Auriauna Severin

9.     Jazmin Snipes

10.  Madison Terry

11.  Madison Wriborg

12.  Hannah Tarr


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