EIAA 2020 Summer Soccer Canceled

After weighing the benefits and risks of the various choices, EIAA is opting to cancel the Summer 2020 soccer season. This includes all age groups. This decision was not made lightly, but was ultimately the only reasonable decision for our league and our community. 

The criteria for this decision included:

1. The health and safety of our players, coaches and families. While there are projections that we could be clear of danger by summer, this is hardly a guarantee. I share your hopes that we are clear of danger by summer and this primary reason drops far out of sight.

2. To proceed with a prospective summer season means we would need to purchase uniforms, licenses for coaches, referee fees, equipment and, most importantly, insurance for every player. Once these requirements are purchased, there would be no opportunity for refunds if families chose to withdraw from play or if MURSL decides to cancel later this year. Given the current situation across our community, I would like to avoid spending families money when there may not be a viable return on that investment.

3. Several players have been removed from prospective play this summer by their parents which has led to not having enough players to field teams in all but a single age group.

4. We do not have enough certified referees due to the pandemic breaking up the certification process. As a rule referees are always given to travel soccer first, so we would likely have many games this summer with no referees available.

5. Schools are in a particularly sensitive position here and we rely on our East Irondequoit school fields. Even if EIAA was given permission to assemble teams and play, there is no way to be sure we will have fields available to play on.

6. If we did play this year, we would absolutely not be able to start games until at least mid-June and would have to play scheduled games into August. Due to school sports, we would not have access to any fields past the third week of July. 

EIAA Soccer will be back for our winter program later this year!

Be safe and healthy.



The EIAA SOCCER CLUB'S intent is to teach and promote soccer in our community. The EIAA soccer program’s primary purpose is to develop youth soccer players and promote enjoyment of the game. Your child will work on skill development in a fun and safe environment. If you or your child have any questions please contact us. We want every child who wants to play soccer to have the opportunity at a very reasonable cost.


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