El Cajon Youth Football and Cheer Association is a non-profit organization whose mission is to :
Set the standards in youth sports by providing youth with organized competition in a safe environment.
ECYFC believes we will build character in today`s youth by teaching respect, responsibility, fairness, and good sportsmanship.
Bring our youth closer together through common interest in sportsmanship and competition.
Introduce the players to the fundamentals of the game as well as teach sportsmanship, discipline, and honor for the game and each other.
Instill the values of education, by encouraging our participants to maintain satisfactory grades in school, and to emphasize the importance of keeping a proper relationship and balance between scholastic and athletic endeavors.

As we celebrate our 59th Anniversary of providing Youth Football and Cheer, we look forward to many more with the help of our many volunteers and sponsors.  All Board members and Coaches are strictly volunteers and do so for the love of the game and to help the hundreds of youths in our programs every year.  


2018 Q "Super" Bowl


Congratulations to our 11U Falcon Team for making it to the Q-Bowl for the Second year in a row.   They are looking to defend their title this weekend VS The Raiders.  Come out to support the Falcons as they will be playing at San Diego High School at 2pm.  We are looking for having a huge turn out so we can fill the stands with Falcon Fans!  









2018 City Champions

8U & 9U

Congratulations to the 8U and 9U El Cajon Falcons for brining home the 2018 City Championship Trophies.  Your hard work and dedication paid off and we are very proud of your accomplishments.  Thank you to the Coaching Staff for your commitments and dedication to our players.  You've helped develop their skills for the next stage of their youth careers.  Looking forward to building a successful 2019 Season.  EC.... U.... KNOW!!!! 










2019 Executive/ General Board Results


Congratulations to all the Elected Executive and General Board personnel.  We are very excited to have our positions filled with committed Volunteers.  The El Cajon Falcons Youth Football & Cheer Association wouldn't be a success without the countless hours of dedication our Board gives on a daily basis.  I'm looking forward to the new and promoted volunteers below.  


Elected Executive Positions:

Vice President- Vanessa Robles

Secretary- Amy Jackson

Coaches Director- Raul Villegas

Cheer Director- Angela Ruiz

Eligibility Director- Brenda Cesena


Elected General Positions:

Eligibility B- Mariana Villegas

Eligibility C- Anna Marcello

Eligibility D- Sarah Gaskins

Assistant Concession Director- Sarah Gaskins

Assistant Cheer Director- Mercedes Payne

Scholars Director- Amy Jackson

Equipment/Field Director- Marc Marcello

Ways and Means Director- Mark Lewis

Weigh Master- Anastacio Ruiz

Communications Director- Dinesti Golightly

Team Parent- Lori Pyles

Publicity Director- Sina Tafilele








2018 Fall Season


Please see the 2018 Fall Season Tab on the TOP for information regarding the Fall Season.  Upcoming events will be posted on a regular basis.





2018 Season is here! 


First off I want to thank everyone who has dedicated their time during the off season and assisted with all the back end work.  Without all your dedication none of this would be possible.  It's going to be a fantastic season and want to welcome the Players, Parents and Coaches that transitioned from each others association to fill our teams this season.  Our 12U and 14U Falcons will be going to Play with the Eagles and the Eagles 8U and 9U will be playing with the Falcons.  







Practice Days for Remaining of the 2018 Fall Season


7U/Flag (2hrs/3 days) Tuesday thru Thursday 5:30pm - 7:30pm

What to Wear: Practice Pants/ Short, Practice Jerseys, Mouth Guard, Soft Helmets, Flags and WATER!


8U-11U (2.5hrs/ 3 days) Tuesday thru Thursday 5:30pm - 8:00pm

(2 days Full Gear/ 1 day Thud)

Tuesday- THUD

What to Wear: Helmet, Shoulder Pads, Practice Jersey, gym shorts, Cleats, Mouth Guard and WATER!


Wednesday and Thursday- Full Gear

What to Wear: Helmet, Shoulder Pads, Practice Jersey, Practice Pants, compression shorts, Cleats, Mouth Guard and WATER!




It's imperative that you bring plenty of water to practice as they will be acclimating to the weather and full gear.  Practice Days for the week for All Tackle Divisions and Cheer will be Tuesday thru Thursday. 













Congratulations to the Following 2018 Fall Head Coaches:


7U- Zach James

8U- Rudy Robles Jr.

9U- Matt Thomas

11U- Anthony Neely

Cheer Div 8- Angela Ruiz

Cheer Div 12- Sharyce Bailey

Cheer Div 14- Armaund Fowler








Congratulations Falcons 10U Team for bringing home the 2018 AAU Spring Championship.  Great job to Coach Neely, Staff, parents and especially the players for making this a great season.  All your hard work paid off and you remain Champions! You continue make your community and Organization PROUD!  EC U KNOW!!!! 





Congratulations 2018 Executive/ General Board


Executive Board


Rudy Robles Jr. **** President **** 


Tamia Gordon **** Vice President ***** 



Jessica Valencia **** Treasurer **** 


Jessica Harmon ****Secretary****


Dave Khansari **** Coaches Director **** 


Niecy Walker **** Cheer Director


Vanessa Robles **** Eligibility Director ****



Lisa Ivory ****Concessions Director****



General Board



Brenda Cesena **** Eligibility B ****


 Open **** Eligibility C ****


Sarah Gaskins ****Assistant Concession Director****


Sharyce Bailey **** Assistant Cheer Director **** 


Amy Jackson **** Scholars Director ****


Raul Villegas **** Field Director ****


Raul Villegas **** Equipment Director ****


Open **** Ways and Means Director ****


Anastacio Ruiz **** Weigh Master ****


Open **** Communications Director ****


Angie Ruiz **** Team Parent ****


Open **** Publicity Director ****









8U- TM

9U- MM









Congratulations 2017 El Cajon Falcons Little Scholars


William Larson



Kensai DuBose

Eliseo Arenas

Jacob Barnett

Dustin Godbold


We are very proud of your accomplishments on and off the field.  You should have received your personal invitation to the Sunday March 11th Little Scholars Banquet.  Looking forward to seeing you there. 








2017 10U Q-Bowl Champions





Congratulations to Coach Neely and Staff for a remarkable undefeated season.  Parents you have been a big part of this win and want to thank the entire team for becoming the family you are and supporting each other throughout the entire season.  We are very proud of everyone that was part of this team!  Looking forward to 2018! EC U Know!!




2017 14U Cheer Champions





Congratulations to Coach Niecy and staff for an amazing 2017 Season.  You all showed a lot of heart and finally brought back El Cajon Falcons a Championship.  We are very proud of you!





El Cajon Falcons

14u Q-Bowl Champions




Congratulations to Coach Neely, Staff and 14U team for the UNDEFEATED Season and Winning the 2015 14U Q-Bowl.  All that hard work and dedication has paid off.  You boys represented very well and we want to wish you luck in the Regionals.  With all that hard work, the Florida National Tournament is in your hands!      







Congratulations to the 2014 Back "2" Back Q-Bowl El Cajon 5th Grade Black Champions!









Congratulations to our 2013 Mitey Mite "Super" Q-Bowl Champions!!!




2013 8-Man Season 3-4 Team

rudyrobles1's Falcon Football album on Photobucket


rudyrobles1's Falcons album on Photobucket