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Please check here for any game/practice delays or cancellations!   [More Info]

  • **EDRECO Girls Basketball 2015-16 Season Opener Nov. 22nd!!!**
  • Contact Commissioner Ooey at (443) 865-9706 for more info!!


Welcome to EDRECO Girls Basketball!!!



 Welcome to Edreco Girls Basketball 2017-2018 Season














Please Support our league!

Please show your support for our league through donations, volunteering, and/or by purchasing an EDRECO t-shirt. These items are not only stylish but help us pay for uniforms, up to date equipment, and sponsor the special events that are held at the end of the season. So don't look at it as purchasing an EDRECO souvenir, look at is as a donation that's helping to support these young athletes and keep them active in something constructive! So show your EDRECO colors and help support our athletes! Remember, the EDRECO Girls Basketball program is run by volunteers like you. We'd like to thank everyone that donates their time and money to help make our program a success each and every year.

Do you need Community Service Hours for school?

Volunteering for EDRECO Girls Basketball is an easy and fun way to earn those hours to satisfy your requirement for graduation. We have many positions and duties available from Time Clock Attendant to Score Keeper to League Photographers. Some coaches may even request assistance. With all of these things to do we promise you that you will not be bored.

If interested, please contact an EDRECO staff member for more details. So come out and have some fun while picking up those much needed community service hours for school. Hope to see you there.

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