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March 22, 2019 – 03:20 PM

game was canceled Saturday 3/23.  The storm watch is on for Tuesday March 26, for our practice game with the Giants. 6pm at Nottoli; 5pm show up time.   Watch this space for updates

March 24, 2019

Coach has added practices during the regular season trying to avoid 3 game weeks and holiday weeks (Easter and Memorial Day) We also added a practice at Jones North on Friday March 29, the day before the regular season as there is a good chance that one or possibly 2 of our events this week will be rained out.  Our first regular Season practice is Thursday 4/4 at Jones South 5:15 to 7pm. The rest of the added practices will be on the schedule by 5pm Sunday 3/24/19

Some highlights of the practice season so Far

A lot of this so far but some fun as well. We got sort of a practice game in Saturday March 16  vs. 5 players with the Redwings. We lent them 4 players at a time so we could get a couple of at bats. We drove in more Redwings runs with our players that they did with their own!

An example was Cobra ( Jacob Campbell) who got on base for the Wings 3 times and driving in one for them.


Flap ( Moses), caught and played third base for the redwings, getting a walk, scoring a run and getting an RBI for the Redwings.


Ashton and DC had hits for the Redwings and Tyler had an RBI for them. Meanwhile everyone had an at bat for Beavers. DC had 2 hits, a walk and scored a run for the good guys.

Andrew played some good infield and had a hit for us as well as walking twice and scoring.

 Lukas Wend Bell, batting 3rd came up with a hit and pitched a good inning, he should have been out of the inning with no more than one run.


Flap is catching in the picture above for the Redwings.  JP ( Jacob Pinkham)  contributed an RBI single pitched and inning allowing 1 earned run.


Marco had a hit and an RBI, Caught a couple of innings and played third base as well.


Squeak played for both teams as well but only got up twice because when he was scheduled to hit for the Redwings he had to pitch for us. He has gotten faster over the off season but not fast enough to throw a pitch from the mound and hit it from the plate! He gave up one run on bump.


Keep both hands on the bat longer Squeak!

  Nice form here Woody, fouling it straight back, just missed it! Woody pitched a good inning


Didn't quite beat out the infield hit. Tyler Duncan "Dunk" got one walk for each team and played some first base. As seen above, with Cobra on base. Vince batted but did not play in the field, He went one for 2 with a solid knock in the 4th inning.

Flap and Ashton had hits for us as well.

We have to get Ashton in front of the bag to take that throw though! Want to be on the infield side of the bag to take the throw from the catcher so the runner can't get between you and the ball!




2019 Beavers draft complete-Welcome new Beavers.

February 24, 2019

Welcome to our new Elk Grove Babe Ruth 2019 Beavers Baseball Club. We have 2 great Sponsors (Elk Grove Sports Shop and TPC Law) We have 14 players 4 coaches and host of family support.

Returning players are: #11 Joey "Moose" Avila (high school supplemental player- Bradshaw Christian HS), #1 Daniel "DC" Corona; #8 Luke "Woody" Wood; #2 Austin "Squeak" Vue; Joining them in no particular order are Frank Arcuri (Supplemental High School Player- Monterey Trail HS) Vince Arcuri; Marco Sanchez; Moses Baca; Ashton Harlow; Andrew Quihuiz; Tyler Duncan; Lucas Wend-Bell; Jacob Pinkham; Jacob Campbell

We have our first event Tuesday February 26, 2019 at Lamppost Pizza 5105 Laguna Blvd. (Safeway Shopping center) Elk Grove, CA 95758 6:30 pm to about 8 pm, This is a very important event, and will give everyone the chance to meet the Coaches, teammates and their families.  We will distribute the hats above and fit uniform jerseys for each player. Information about the rest of the uniforms, practice schedules, practice content, and player expectations will be provided. Oh and Pizza too! 

Our Coaching staff: Doug Penney, Manager, Brent Tetlow, head Coach, Jessie "Goldie" Mejia, assistant Coach, Donny Penney Special pitching Coach. George Avila Team Parent-Associate Coach, Mando Anguiano Associate Coach

Players: Please sign our guestbook.

See you all Tuesday. 

Build a Dam Beavers! A one hit Shut out Beavers-12 RiverCats-0

Pitching and Defense stopped the powerful RiverCats, Defense featured Sabo with a key catch of a high pop up to him at second base, hit by 16 year-old super star Blaze Thompson. 2 outs with a runner on via a walk. If Sabo doesn't make this play, we lose the shut out.

Pitching: Rocket starts and goes three good innings giving up a meaningless hit on "a ground ball with eyes" and striking out 6 including Matt Gomez, Tony Sole' and high school player, Greg Allen.

Bomber comes in next for 2 innings: 0 Hits, 1 walk and 5 strike outs ( a very determined effort, just look at his face of determination)

Bullet comes in after his Brother for one 10 pitch shut down inning with 1 K. He is just as determined as Bomber.

Moose closes with a walk to lead it off; then three straight strike outs, looking by RiverCat batters.

Our pitchers struck out 15 Rivercats, most on called third strikes (looking), We struck out 5 times most on swinging strike threes. The defense helped out in addition to the Sabo Catch, with one out in the 1st we walked Blaze Thompson but he was caught stealing, Moose to Slick.

Then the same thing happened again after Chase Nordlund's hit when he was caught stealing even worse than Blaze. Nice two hand tag, Slick!

The offense was there too! Everyone except Sabo scored at least one run. (Sabo's contribution was that defensive catch to preserve the shut out!)  Slick scores here on a Moose Double in the first Inning ( a 7 run first for the Beavers)

Goldie, Bullet and Bomber also Doubled. Bomber's lead off double in the 4th set up another run

  We had 9 hits for the team and a bundle of walks, hit by pitches, as well as a reached on errors and Easy reached on a catcher's interference. All leading to 12 runs, including a single and an error on ball hit by Flash over the bag at first.  The first baseman doesn't seem to interested in the getting the ball here as Flash takes second. Meanwhile Bullet and Easy score without a throw!

We had some laughs too. Twice our catcher (two different catchers) tossed the ball out and started into the dugout with 2 outs instead of 3.

We exhibited some nice sportsmanship as well. Below Goldie score while the pitcher was blocking the plate without the ball. Goldie avoided hard contact but it didn't do the pitcher any good he got drilled in the chest seconds later with hard throw from the catcher.

Our one umpire missed 2 no tags on the bases, (Bomber & Rocket) and at least one call at first where Moose was safe. DC says he was safe on this play as well where the umpire called a tag by Big Tony but DC says, I think he would know, No tag. 

The some of the RiverCats players were taunting and "vocal" on the field, we just ignored it. We were enjoying the game and most of the 'Cats, like Matt Gomez were enjoying it too!

Discount Cards are Back!

February 26, 2019

When our card provider retired we thought we could no longer offer our Pizza discount cards at Lamppost Laguna, but a little fast work by the Redwings and now we have the cards to sell again.  With this card you buy for $10 you get a buy one get one free Pizza Pair per month starting in March. Your average Medium or Large Pizza is going to be $14 or more.  Buy one and get one of equal or lesser value for Free!  The card pays for itself and more in the first visit. We have several people buy 2 or more cards and enjoy for the whole year while supporting a local business and the League. We make over $9 on each card sold. 

Also, Save the date for our Golf Tourney Friday, May 3, At Dry Creek Golf Ranch in Galt. It is a lot of fun! details to follow soon. 

Why do we sponsor, play and coach youth baseball?

April 5, 2009

Simple, look at Moose crack up T-Dub and get Cy's and Trac's attention. We can never forget that this introduction to the great sport of baseball has to be fun for us all. It obviously is to this group of Beavers. That was a picture from several years ago and we still keep in touch with these players. Dirt Track, Taylor Johnson, was a Tyler Routt player then a post season all star.  Most of whom were playing high school Baseball when this picture was posted in 2009, but now most are in College and #55, Matthew "Cy" Dunbar, is an umpire, "Moose" Jemes (#3 far left) is at Cal Poly but stops by and helps us Coach once in a while. Each year brings new excitement and new laughs.

So Why Beavers Coach?

February 25, 2008

The Oregon State Beavers Baseball team was the Division 1-- 2006 and 2007 NCAA College World Series Champion. Also Coach Doug's Alma Mater. So. "why not?" to quote Bluto on Animal House

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