Just a reminder to all coaches, money is due ASAP.  A check made payable to Elvaton rec  for  $400 or cash will be accepted.   Once your team has made payment, balls and schedules will be handed out.  Season starts on June 19th.

Elvaton Rec Coed 2018

Welcome back to the Elvaton Rec Coed League for the 2018 season. A few changes have been made for the coming season.

I would like to start by saying this is a Co-Ed rec. ball league, Intended for people to come together compete and have fun. If your are a super competitive softball ball junky with poor sportsmanship -THIS LEAGUE IS NOT FOR YOU!!!!

ALL QUESTIONS ABOUT RULES SHOULD BE ADDRESSED BEFORE THE GAME OR AS SOON AS THE QUESTION ARISES. Any issues about the game, other team , and or umpire should be brought to my attention as TARK@HOWARDCOUNTYMD.GOV

*Bats and Mats are still to be used during every game.

*Each Field should have a 26, 27, and 28oz bat at each field
*All games start at 6:00pm, except for Saturday's. Saturday start times are either 4:00pm or 6:00pm, please make sure you read your schedule properly.
*Home Team is responsible for getting the umpire, having game balls, and making sure the field is properly equipped with bases and outfield is free of any obstacles.
**Umpire Fee for each game is $25.
**Umpire (Officials) list can be found under the schedules tab.
**Winning team is responsible for reporting score - if no score is reported before your next scheduled game. BOTH TEAMS WILL GET A LOSE
**Report scores to or 443-618-9393 or Thomas Ark (on Facebook)
**All teams are in the same Division this year. You will play every team 1 time throughout the year. Your record will distinguish where you will be seeded in the end of the season tournament.

Rules to remember:


**New Rule - Females get unlimited homeruns on every field. Males still have a 2 homerun limit, after the 2nd male home run they will be recorded as outs. ** New Rule - on a walk for a male the male runner automatically goes to second.  The next Female player will must hit unless there are 2 outs, at this point she will have the option
^^Batting order must consist of male/female or female/male rotation. If there are more males than females, the females must continue to rotate in their original order.
^^You must have 9 players to start. 5 male/4 female or 5 female/4 male. Teams with only 4 female's can insert a 6th guy (if available) to make a complete team. In this scenario you must have a male catcher.



**NEW** Umpires can eject any one they deem to be acting aggressively towards another player or team. Any questions coaches can call Tom Ark @ 443-618-9393. This includes purposely hitting the ball up the middle.

^^Absolutely no profanity of any kind will be tolerated. Unsportsmanlike conduct will cost you and your team. All calls made by the umpire are final, no exceptions. Arguing calls made by the umpire constitutes unsportsmanlike conduct.
^^All rain-outs must be made up as soon as possible. Please don't wait till the end of the year to try to make up your rain-outs.

Season Starts on Thursday TBD


Pinch Runner Rule

The new Pinch Runner Rule is as follows: All batters must be able to run to first base. Once you reach first base, you can be pinch ran for. A male for male or a female for female. The person designated to pinch run for you will be the batter of the same sex who bats before you. Another example would be. If you are the 5th place hitter and reach first base, the 3rd place hitter becomes you pinch runner. If for any reason the 3rd place hitter is also on base, the 1st place hitter becomes your pinch runner.

Substitute Players

Just a reminder to all teams. If you use substitute players to fill your roster for any game, you must play all your players every inning and fill in the empty positions with your substitutes.

Weather and Field Conditions

All weather related questions are the responsibility of each teams coach. I do not make decesions on field conditions. It is the responsibility of the home team coach to make a decesion if the field is playable. If it is decided that the field is unplayable, the home team coach must call the other team's coach and make plans for a make-up. The home team coach must also notify the umpire if game has been cancelled.

Reporting Game Results

Attention all coach's. Please remember that the winning team must report the final score after each game. To report the final score, you must e-mail or 443-618-9393 after the game. This is very important, Final standings determine seeding in the End of the season Tournament. All games that go unreported will result in a loss for both teams.