Upcoming Games
Sunday, March 24, 2019
2019 Regular Season
Easton Pool & Spa @ Brown Chropractic
Murphy Payroll @ Easton Painting Inc.
Grogan Sporting Goods @ Vagabond CF
Michel @ Evergreen Landscaping
Kempton Consulting @ Dana Barros BC
Bourne's Auto @ Delamere Law
Sunday, March 31, 2019
2019 Regular Season
Grogan Sporting Goods @ Kempton Consulting
Easton Painting Inc. @ Bourne's Auto
Murphy Payroll @ Evergreen Landscaping
Easton Pool & Spa @ Vagabond CF
Brown Chropractic @ Delamere Law
Michel @ Dana Barros BC
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6:00 PM Easton Pool Brown Chropractic OAHS - New Gym Grogan Carlo Urcioli Glen Zimmerman
6:00 PM Murphy Easton Painting OAHS - Old Gym Michel Dave Norman  Mark Norman
7:00 PM Grogan Vagabond OAHS - New Gym Easton Pool Jorge Silva Daryl Tracy
7:00 PM Michel Evergreen OAHS - Old Gym Murphy Mike Davids Tom Kane
8:00 PM Kempton Dana Barros OAHS - New Gym Vagabond Kris Carrier Matt Hrenko
8:00 PM Bournes Auto Delemare OAHS - Old Gym Evergreen John Hrenko JP Livingston








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As requested, we will also start to track the playoff scoring leaders after the 2012 playoffs are concluded.

To the best of our abilities, we have updated the all time leaders for season average/total points and career average/total points. This is still a work in progress and currently (probably only will) only goes back to the 2010 season. To qualify for career average you must have stats for at least two seasons. You can see this under the "All-Time Leaders" tab, simply change the category between average and total points to see leaders for each.