2020 Tournament Dates & Locations - as of March 2020

  Districts Districts States States Mid-Atlantic Mid-Atlantic World Series World Series
Divisions Locations Start Dates Locations Start Dates Locations Start Dates Locations Start Dates
Cal Ripken 8U TBD       Upper Allen (NWPA) July 25    
Cal Ripken 9U TBD       Poughkeepsie (SENY) July 18    
Cal Ripken 10U TBD       Mountainside (NNJ) July 18 Palm Beach Gardens, FL August 7
Cal Ripken 11U (Major/70) TBD       Cherry Hill National (SNJ) July 18    
Cal Ripken 12U (Major/60) TBD       TBD      
Cal Ripken 12U (Major/70) TBD       Basking Ridge (NNJ)  July 18 Branson, MO August 7
13U – Babe Ruth TBD       Atlantic Shore (SNJ) July 25 Jamestown, NY August 15
14U – Babe Ruth TBD              
13-15U Babe Ruth TBD       Hamilton/N. Burlington (SNJ) July 25 Eagle Pass, TX August 12
16-18U Babe Ruth TBD       South Colonie (NENY) July 15 Mobile, AL August 1

Here is your 2017 10u All State Team!

Here is your 2017 12u All State Team!

Here is your 2017 13u All State Team!

In fondest memory of

Commissioner Brian Weiner

8/23/53 - 6/2/15


2017 Easter New York State Tournaments

Locations and dates for the 2017 State Tournaments

8y/o     July 14th    Tuckahoe

9y/o     July 14th    Poughkeepsie

10y/o   July  6th     North Colonie

11y/o    July 14th   East Fishkill

12y/o    July 6th    TBD (46/60)

12y/o    July 6th    Burnt HIlls (50/70)

13y/o    July 14th  Clifton Park

14y/o    July 14th  Saugerties

13-15    July 14th  Tuckahoe 

2016 10u All State Team

Jerry Francis Rule

Jerry Francis Rule: 


Any ENY Cal Ripken or Babe Ruth team that forms a travel team and wants to participate in ENY Cal Ripken or Babe Ruth post season must play at least 10 games in ESBL, or half of the season. You can play in multiple travel leagues, but rain outs or schedule conflicts must not interfere with the ESBL schedule. This is an ENY rule created by Jerry Francis and agreed on by all of the local league presidents, in 2009.   







Eastern New York All State Teams

Eastern New York 2016 ALL-STATE Team

Congratulations to our 2016 10u ,12u, 13u, 14u and 13-15 All State Players. The All State teams are chosen by the Tournament Managers for playing with pride-dedication-good sportsmanship. Each will be invited to a luncheon in their honor where they will be recognized for their outstanding achievements

2016 10  Year Old All State Cal Ripken Team

ALL-STAR                                         Team

Daniel Cormie                               South Glens Falls

Joshua Delancy                           South Glens Falls

Aiden Dubetsky                            Poughkeepsie

Stephen Ciancio                           Poughkeepsie

Owen Pianno                                Poughkeepsie

John Sharrino                               Rome

Marco Sparace                             Rome

Stephen Carr                                New Paltz

Cole Mumford                               New Paltz

Brendan Lassner                          East Fishkill Grey

Christopher Reese                       East Fishkill Grey

Saif Chowdhrey                            Niskayuna

Williem Mizenko                           Niskayuna

Danny Costello                             East Fishkill  Blue

Jack Joseph                                 East Fishkill Blue

Ryan Farr                                     Saratoga / Wilton

Ben Cohen                                   Saratoga / Wilton

Francesco Sitori                           North Colonie Blue

Willie Kimbler                                North Colonie Blue

Alex Bucolo                                  OCCR

Zachary Rometo                           OCCR

Derek Constance                         Kingston

Joseph Manginelli                         Kingston

Cooper Renisch                           Clifton Park 

Scott Hanson Jr.                           Clifton Park


2016 12 Year Old All State Cal Ripken Team

ALL-STAR                                    TEAM

Gregory Wescott                          Burnt Hills/ Ballston Lake

Kyle Decresce                              Burnt Hillls/ Balllston Lake

James Mulligan                             Clifton Park

Jason Rubilotta                             Clifton park

Ryan Bilka                                     North Colonie Blue

Jacob Contois                               North Colonie Blue

Dillion Tegar                                   North Colonie White

Alex Grzechowski                         Marlboro

Dylan Fox                                       Beekman

Mauro DeCillis                                Tuckahoe

Daniel Beal                                     East Fishkill

Gavin Groppuso                            Kingston

Alex Russo                                    Niskayuna

Craig Wooley                                 Niskayuna

Damon Campanaro                       Rome

Jacob Hall                                     Rome

Ryan Ash                                      Saratoga / Wilton

Daniel Cohen                                Saratoga /Wilton 

Sean Morrissey                            Saratoga / Wilton


2016 13 Year Old All State Babe Ruth Team

ALL-STAR                                     TEAM

Chris Erickson                              Niskayuna

Kevin Abatto                                  Niskayuna

Michael Decker                             Clifton Park

Michael Augeri                              Clifton Park

Owen Jaquette                              Tuckahoe

Robert Mirrione                              Tuckahoe

Ryan Hunter                                  Tuckahoe

Brady Short                                    Kingston

Jimmy McCardle                            Kingston

Nate Coffey                                    Kingston

Robert Fratangelo                        North Colonie

Alex Mosidis                                   North Colonie

Christopher Martin                          South Colonie

Cameron Aery                                South Colonie

Luke Wrobel                                    Beekman

Paul Andrews                                 Beekman

Randy Dodig                                   Saugerties 

Ty Gallagher                                    Saugerties


2016 14 Year Old All State Babe Ruth Team

ALL-STAR                                       League

James Falace                                 Niskayuna

Jeremy Sims                                   Niskayuna

Carmen Erno                                  Sorensco

Robert Erno                                     Sorensco

Bryan Pustolka                                Burnt Hill/ Ballston Lake

Michael Sgambelluri                         Burnt Hills/ Ballston Lake

Samuel Law                                     Clifton Park

Drew Signor                                    Clifton Park

Michael Paola Jr.                             Marlboro

Christian Diorio                                Marlboro

Greg Osterhout                                OCCR

Haakon Meland                                OCCR

Jakob Lemperle                                South Colonie

James Davis                                    South Colonie 

Collin McDonough                            South Colonie


2016 13-15 Year Old All State Babe Ruth Team

ALL-STAR                                        TEAM

Brendan Egan                                  Bethlehem

Sean Turner                                     Bethlehem

Jake Hernandez                              Guilderland

Joseph Harwood                              Guilderland

Mario Angawand                               Harrison

Noah Rosenthal                                Harrison

Kyle Fortin                                         Sorensco

Christian Bebar                                 Sorensco

Carter Bach                                       South Colonie

Michael Lavinga                                South Colonie

Mathew Canastra                              South Colonie

Sam Culwell                                      Rondout

Lukas Poremba                                 Ronduot

Daniel Miller                                       Saugerties 

Jeremaih Ernst                                  Saugerties