• Game Schedules will be posted in Late November!
  • Games Start First Saturday in December!
  • Gate Entry Fee is $5.00 / SR $2.00 / Under 18 Free
  • 3 weekends will be played before Xmas break. Games resume first Saturday in January!
  • Weather Cancellations - Coaches will be notified



EOC Basketball League

The EOC Basketball League is a collaboration of Harrah, Choctaw, Nicoma Park, Indian Meridian, Jones, Luther and Mcloud school districts to provide a youth league to develop basketball skills and sportsmanship. 

EOC Basketball Rule Changes 2018-19 Season

The EOC Basketball Committee approved rule changes that are effective as of December 1st, 2018. Those changes will impact the following areas:

1. Game Balls - Each association will provide the game ball to be used in their gym. If both coaches agree, another ball can be substituted.

2. Running Clock - After a 20-point lead a running clock will begin. The clock will remain a running clock the entire game except for time outs. If a running clock has started and the lead falls below 20-points the clock will remain a running clock.

3. 35 point lead - A 35 point lead will result in the game being over. Teams will not continue to play with or with the clock or score being kept.

4. Overtime - There will be no tie games. Overtime will be two minutes with each team having one additional time out and all 2nd half time outs will carry over. In case of a tie after two (2) consecutive overtimes each team will send out three (3) eligible players to shoot one (1) free throw shot each (fouled out players cannot shoot). Normal free throw rules are still in place, if a player crosses the line the free throw is no good. The away team will have all (3) players shoot first on their goal, then the home team will have all (3) players shoot on their goal. The team with the most shots made will be the winner of the game. If the game is still tied, each team will continue shooting until one team is declared the winner. After each shooting series both teams can elect a new set of (3) players or continue using the same. The home team has last shot in the series.

Please see the complete document of rule under Pages - Rules/Documents.

Gate Admission

 Admission fees for adults will be $5.00 per day, per gym.

 Admission fees for adults over the age of 62 will be $2.00 per day, per gym.

 Admission for under the age of 18 will be free.

2018 - 2019 EOC Basketball Schedules


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Schedules can change please check schedules Friday night.


WEATHER Cancellations - Coaches will be notified

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