• Next ESFPL meeting will be SUNDAY, February 9th @ 7pm at the Colonial Lounge
  • Please send in your proposals for spring schedule changes by February 2nd!
  • New waiver/grandfathered player form available under HANDOUTS!

2020 ESFPL Meeting Schedule @ Colonial Lounge:


  • February 9th @ 7 pm (Send in proposed schedule changes by February 2nd)
  • March 8th @ 7 pm - Finalizing spring schedule
  • March 22nd - times vary - Spring scheduling meeting, starting with tee ball and later for increasing ages.


Contact the ESFPL President (esfplpresident@gmail.com) for general concerns and any grievances related to Paxtonia softball teams.

Contact the ESFPL Vice President (esfplvp@gmail.com ) for anything related to grievances/protests, except if related to Paxtonia softball teams.

Contact the ESFPL Treasurer (esfpltreasurer@gmail.com) for anything related to fees and funding

Contact the ESFPL Secretary (esfplsecretary@gmail.com) for anything related to rosters, waivers, items to include on meeting agendas, etc)

Contact the ESFPL Commissioner (esfplscores@gmail.com ) with information ONLY related to games: cancellations/postponements, reschedule date, game scores)

  • Reporting Reschedule
    • Subject Line should state: RE: Game # Reschedule
    • Body of Email: Game Number, Home Team, reschedule date, field and time
  • Reporting Cancellation/Postponement
    • Subject Line should state: RE: Game # postponement
    • Body of Email: Game number, home team, postponement date
  • Reporting game score
    • Subject Line should state: RE: Game # score
    • Body of Email: Game Number, Date Played, Home Team (score), Visiting Team (score)

Contact the ESFPL Webmaster (esfplwebmaster@gmail.com ) for information related to coaches information update, league contact updates, info that the league would liek to post on websites like clinics, etc.


  • Scott Bowers
    • Mobile: 717-877-2885
    • Email: scottasa1@comcast.net
  • Please contact Scott at least 2 HOURS before game start time if game will be postponed due to weather
  • Please contact Scott at least 24 HOURS before game start time if game will be cancelled
  • DO NOT contact for rescheduled games

Reporting scores to ESFPL

10U, 12U and 14U game scores are to be reported.

6U and 8U – no need to report as wins/losses are not recorded


1. HOME team is responsible to report game scores

2. Scores should be reported within 24 hours of game



To : esfplscores@gmail.com 


Subject: 14U Game Score


In the E-mail body, include the following:

1. 4/23/2019 (date of original schedule date)

2. John Smith 14u (coaches name and level)

3. Harrisburg- 8 Paxtonia One- 3 (score)

**If rescheduled game please include:


4. Game played 4/30/2019


Please note: Any association with more than one team at

any level should spell out the team number. Only use 0-9

numbers for the score.

Good = Paxtonia One


Bad = Paxtonia 1

Link to 18u league

Here is a link to the 18U girls Softball League


Email Marcy Velez for additional information