• Next ESFPL meeting will be SUNDAY, June 23 @ 7pm at the Colonial Lounge
  • It's Playoff Week!! Look for a notification from your association rep for your schedule!

June 1- End of Regular Season for ALL age Levels

June 1 and 2- 8U tournament sponsored by Lower Swatara

June 3- 10U and 14U Playoff Tournament Starts

June 4- 12U Playoff Tournament Starts

June 23- League Meeting @ Colonial Lounge, 7 pm

 LD Charity Softball Clinic


Linda Kreiser, Lower Dauphin's field hockey coach, runs an event for people in need for LD School District.  This year we have two students who have lost their parents and one teacher who was diagnosed with MS.  All proceeds are donated to these families equally.  It is an amazing event.  Please see the registration form in the handout section of this website.

Contact the ESFPL President (esfplpresident@gmail.com) for general concerns and any grievances related to Paxtonia softball teams.

Contact the ESFPL Vice President (esfplvp@gmail.com ) for anything related to grievances/protests, except if related to Paxtonia softball teams.

Contact the ESFPL Treasurer (esfpltreasurer@gmail.com) for anything related to fees and funding

Contact the ESFPL Secretary (esfplsecretary@gmail.com) for anything related to rosters, waivers, items to include on meeting agendas, etc)

Contact the ESFPL Commissioner (esfplscores@gmail.com ) with information ONLY related to games: cancellations/postponements, reschedule date, game scores)

  • Reporting Reschedule
    • Subject Line should state: RE: Game # Reschedule
    • Body of Email: Game Number, Home Team, reschedule date, field and time
  • Reporting Cancellation/Postponement
    • Subject Line should state: RE: Game # postponement
    • Body of Email: Game number, home team, postponement date
  • Reporting game score
    • Subject Line should state: RE: Game # score
    • Body of Email: Game Number, Date Played, Home Team (score), Visiting Team (score)

Contact the ESFPL Webmaster (esfplwebmaster@gmail.com ) for information related to coaches information update, league contact updates, info that the league would liek to post on websites like clinics, etc.


  • Scott Bowers
    • Mobile: 717-877-2885
    • Email: scottasa1@comcast.net
  • Please contact Scott at least 2 HOURS before game start time if game will be postponed due to weather
  • Please contact Scott at least 24 HOURS before game start time if game will be cancelled
  • DO NOT contact for rescheduled games

Reporting scores to ESFPL

10U, 12U and 14U game scores are to be reported.

6U and 8U – no need to report as wins/losses are not recorded


1. HOME team is responsible to report game scores

2. Scores should be reported within 24 hours of game



To : esfplscores@gmail.com 


Subject: 14U Game Score


In the E-mail body, include the following:

1. 4/23/2019 (date of original schedule date)

2. John Smith 14u (coaches name and level)

3. Harrisburg- 8 Paxtonia One- 3 (score)

**If rescheduled game please include:


4. Game played 4/30/2019


Please note: Any association with more than one team at

any level should spell out the team number. Only use 0-9

numbers for the score.

Good = Paxtonia One


Bad = Paxtonia 1

2019 ESFPL Meeting Schedule @ Colonial Lounge:


  • May 19 @ 7pm
  • June 23 @ 7pm (End of Season Discussions)
  • August 11 @ 7pm (Plan Fall Ball Season)
  • October 13 @ 7pm
  • November 10 @ 7 pm (Present proposals and motions for changes, board nominations due)



January 12 @ 7pm (vote on proposed changes and Elections)

Link to 18u league

Here is a link to the 18U girls Softball League


Email Marcy Velez for additional information 

2018 Champions

8u Londonderry

10u Silver Hershey 3

(no picture)

10u Gold Lower Swatara 3

12u Paxtonia 1

14u West Hanover

Congratulations to our National Honor Society Inductees from our

14u Paxtonia & West Hanover Teams!