The Reapers are the 2017-18 Champs beating the Crunch



2017-18 Playoff seeds

1st   The Crunch

2nd  Reapers

3rd Jeddore Sharks vs 6th Shore Boys

4th Porters Lake Pub  vs 5th Harbour Nailers

with a 2 gm total points series if tied in points then it will be plus/minus with a MAX of +5 a game. if still tied then total GF/GA if tied then sudden death overtime period.

then it will be  1st vs lowest seeded team remaining 

                        2nd  vs highest seeded team remaining

these series will be best 2 out of 3

then the finals

which will also be best 2 out of 3. 



Reminder that half of league fees are due by october 29,



Reminder Rosters are due Dec. 3rd

can't not add any players after this date, other than fill in goalies. 



Half of League fees are due October 29th

final payment is January 14th


Roster are due December 3rd