2019 falmouth men’s softball rules


All bats must be tested and have 2019 Falmouth sticker(subject to random checks)


Each player must make 10 games to be eligible for the playoffs


Any team that starts with 9 guys and goes threw the whole lineup must continue to play with 9, if you take an out for that 10th guy before going through the lineup it remains an out until the 10 player arrives.


Any player needing a runner must get a runner for the whole game, (must be last out) and can not advance past first base, if an attempt is made after taking a runner, that batter is out


Hitter must touch orange bag unless advancing to the next base, if orange bag is not touched the runner is out


7 home runs per team anything after that is an out.


A base runner must avoid contact with any close play either slide or move over


No open beer containers allowed in the dugout, please put in a cup


Each dugout is to be cleaned after every game please


All bases are to be locked up after each game, the home team is responsible to make sure they are locked up after the second game..( if there not locked up and are stolen that team is responsible for replacing them, they cost $700)


Pitching hight is 6ft to 10ft illegal is to be called by the ump immediately 


Pitcher can not fake or pump and must stop before the next pitch is thrown


Each batter starts with 1 ball 1 strike with no balls to waste after second strike


Home plate and mat is a strike


Each team is to submit a picture of the book after every game to


If a ball goes out of play after being fair the fielder must raise there hand, if the out fielder touches the ball and proceeds after the ball the runner can keep running


The pitcher is allowed 3 steps forward and 3 steps back from the mound, no more than that


If a player is hit by a ball and is injured and can’t continue to play the ump takes the bat and is subject to re testing, if the bat fails that player is suspended indefinitely


If a player is not on the roster by the 6th game he is not eligible to play, all rosters must be submitted to me, if you fail to do so any player will not be able to play( all teams must submit a roster by May7th)


Each team is responsible to pay 20$ to the ump for each game


All games will be called at 4pm due to rain, if a team wants to take the chance to play and it rains, each team is still responsible to pay the ump $20 for each game


15 minutes grace period for the start of the 5:30pm games, 6:30pm games is no grace period


Run rule is 20 after 4 innings

15 after 5 innings


Due to darkness after 5 inning is a complete game but the ump had the final call


Any rain makeups will be made at the end of the year, the dates are posted on the website


All bats must be placed out so the ump can check them at the start of each game


Any player that’s using a bat without a sticker is subject to a 1 game suspension


Any player that abuses the beer rule in the dugout is subject to suspension, please keep the beer in a cup and outside the dugout