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In order to keep registration fees low, and to provide a positive and fun experience for the youth of Northfield, we need the help of Sponsors! Some of the costs (but not limited to) that we incur to run an effective program include insurance and gym usage fees, uniforms, referee fees, equipment, trophies and medals.  

Thank you in advance - your generosity is greatly appreciated!






The Family Association of Northfield, or F.A.N, is a non-profit organization that is 100% dedicated to the betterment of the youth sports programs in our community. Our mission is to offer youth sports programs at the recreational and travel level, that will teach kids the fundamentals of athletic sports, including sportsmanship and teamwork

 We encourage everyone to attend our monthly board meetings, ask questions, give feedback, get involved!

FAN's public meetings are scheduled each month.


Public meetings will be held in the Art Room at NCS @ 730pm, unless noted otherwise:

Upcoming Dates

 July 23, 2020 (Closed Mtg)

August 20 (TBD)






Links to Football, Cheerleading and Basketball Web Pages

 The individual sites for Cheerleading, Football and Basketball can be found at the top of the menu onthe left hand side of this page. These webpages will be your go-to place to find any information you need about your child's sport!


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 Local Sponsors

Please remember to take a look at our generous Sponsors.   See who has been giving their support to your child's sports programs and please do the same for them!!


                                           FAN Current Board Members

Joe Goukler (President)

Chris Graves (Vice President)

Pat Geubtner (Treasurer)

Devon Kallen (Secretary)

Angelo DeRosa

Angela Borini

Steve Malia

Jennifer Juckett

Julie Pepper

















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