(posted on 7/10/2019 @ 3:21pm)

Below are the top 6 teams from the summer league regular season that have advanced to tonight's League Tournament:

  1. Beast Mode/Gator's Dockside
  2. KraussCare Landscaping
  3. Shaggy Dog Grooming
  4. Johnson Home Builders
  5. Milt's of Amelia
  6. Diamond Cutters

The League Tournament schedule is as follows:

  • 6:50pm, Field #1:  Johnson Home Builders (home) vs. Milt's of Amelia
  • 6:50pm, Field #2:  Shaggy Dog Grooming (home) vs. Diamond Cutters
  • 8:05pm, Field #1:  Beast Mode (home) vs. Winner of Johnson H.B. / Milt's of Amelia
  • 8:05pm, Field #2:  KraussCare Landscaping (home) vs. Winner of Shaggy Dog / Diamond Cutters
  • 9:20pm, Field #1:  Championship Game

Tournament reminders:

  • In order to be eligible for the League Tournament, players must have signed their respective teams' rosters and played in at least two (2) regular season games.  To check numbers of games played by players, click the "Teams & Rosters" link at the top of this page, then click the "Teams/Rosters" link in the drop down box, find your respective team roster page, and look in the "GP" column (games played).  A first name only listed for any player means that player did not sign his/her team's roster and is considered ineligible.
  • The Tournament is single elimination.
  • Home team for all games during the Tournament will be the higher seeded team.
  • All Tournament games, except for the Championship Game, will have time limits of 70 minutes or 7 innings, whichever comes first, and there will be 5-minute grace periods for the 6:50pm games only.  The Championship Game will not have a time limit.
  • Run-ahead rules will be in effect for the entire Tournament.
  • Teams will pay umpires in cash before all games:  $18 per team if 2 umpires on a field; $12 per team if 1 umpire on a field.
  • Softballs will be provided by the Recreation Department.





(posted on 7/08/2019@ 4:55pm)

Registration for the fall Co-ed Open Softball League will be held for 2 weeks at Peck Gym:

  • On-time - July 22nd - 26th:  $360 team registration fee*
  • Late - July 29th - August 2nd:  $385 team registration fee*
  • Two-game refundable forfeit fee due August 9th:  $72

*Registration fee includes 1 dozen softballs and scorekeepers' fees.  Umpires' fees not included.




(posted on 02/20/2019 @ 12:08pm)

If you should have any maintenance concerns in regards to the playing areas or grounds of the Ybor Alvarez Softball Fields, please email Rex Lester, Streets & Parks Maintenance Director, whose department maintains the softball complex:



posted on 01/11/2019 @ 5:33pm)

All players with bats with 2018 league-issued decals must get their bats re-tested for proper compression (composite bats) and affixed with new hologram decals for the 2019 adult softball leagues.  2019 decals are now available The 2019 decals will be valid for the entire 2019 calendar year.  One-piece single wall aluminum/alloy or wood bats that are affixed with the round orange hologram decals with "FBPRD SWA" on them do not need new decals or to be re-verified for validation of aluminum/alloy or wood construction, unless the print on the decal is no longer legible or the decals came off of the bats.  These decals are permanent.  

Players with new bats or bats without former league-issued decals must also get their bats either compression tested or verified.  Bat compression testing and verification are done at Peck Gym, 510 South 10th Street in Fernandina Beach (entrance on the corner of Elm Street and South 11th Street).  Days/hours for testing/verification and more information below:

  • Monday - Friday from 11:00am - 5:30pm
  • Please call/email Jason (904-310-3353; to make an appointment.
  • Other times/locations can be arranged.  Please call/email Jason to schedule alternate times/locations.
  • Bat testing/verification will not be done at the Ybor Alvarez Fields on game nights.  Exception:  one piece, single wall aluminum/alloy or wood bats may be affixed with decals at the Ybor Fields on game nights.



If you want another way to find players for your teams, find out dates for leagues' registration, put names with faces, or even post ideas to make our softball leagues more appealing, join the "Fernandina Beach Adult Softball" group on Facebook!  This page quite often contains up-to-date information on field conditions during a season; people looking to join teams or teams looking for players; make-up game dates; and just general "softball talk." 

Log onto and type "Fernandina Beach Adult Softball" in the Search box.  Get connected!



Need players for your team?  Check out our INDIVIDUAL PLAYER LISTS below for several people who are interested in joining teams.  If you would like to be added to a list to be recruited by teams, please email your contact information to



Summer Female Individual List - Co-ed League 

Summer Male Individual List - Co-ed League
Ben Irizarry:  904-252-7876; email: (added to list on 01/22/2019)
Jake Johnson (infielder):  904-206-3960; email: (added to list on 02/03/2019)
Fernando Chavez:  912-276-7945; email: (added to list on 5/08/2019)
Anthony Horne:  904-548-7385; email: (added to list on 5/10/2019)
Jamison Hudson:  904-548-5089; (added to list on 5/20/2019)
Justin Bender:  904-624-3244; email: (added to list on 5/28/2019)
Brandon Pope:  904-534-9226; email: (added to list on 6/04/2019)
Dru Watkins:  904-382-0191; email: (added to list on 6/11/2019)


Summer Couples' List - Co-ed League 

Individual List - Men's League
Pat Giovannoni:  925-787-3694; email: (added to list on 5/01/2018)
John Kent:  706-332-2361; email: (added to list on 5/01/2018)
Dalton Miles:  904-624-3233 (added to list on 5/01/2018)
Darius Prentice:  904-705-5539 (added to list on 5/01/2018)
Chad Marsden:  321-274-6115; email: (added to list on 5/01/2018)
Tony Deane:  412-742-7101; email: (added to list on 5/01/2018)
Jeremy Duggan:  757-350-9012; email: (added to list on 5/01/2018)
Jeff Maurer:  702-232-4568; email: (added to list on 11/20/2017)
Joe Neiser:  423-309-6368; email: (added to list on 12/20/2017)
Joe Hrabak (2B, SS, 3B):  480-273-5247; email: (added to list on 01/03/2018)
Troy Burnsed:  904-408-6715 (added to list on 01/18/2018)
Larry Luedtke:  904-556-8956; email: (added to list on 01/24/2018)
Peter Keeley:  603-512-5968; email: (added to list on 02/01/2018)
Kevin Vernon:  321-412-0375; email: (added to list on 10/04/2018)
Jared Standerwick:  541-325-3735; email: (added to list on 01/15/2019)