• The FCCBL Season is in process...


Playoffs start next week, Saturday, March 2nd, for Junior and Senior divisions. The top four seeds advance, first seed will play fourth seed and second and third seeds will play. Winners advance to Championship games. Cadet and Elementary divisions first and second seeds will play for Championship. Championship games are March 9th at Laurel Highlands Middle School.

Access to Faith Assembly Gym

For games at Faith Assembly, coach and player access will begin at 8:45 for Saturday games and 6:05 for Monday games.

Church Attendance Rule

Many of you that are new to the league are asking about church slips/attendance rules.  A player must turn in a church slip which is provided on this website and available at the front desk.  Or you may turn in a church bulletin that has the player's name and signature of a church Pastor, Sunday School teacher, Youth leader, or church representative.  This slip or bulletin can be from any church that the player attends.  Each player must turn in two slips per month which means that they must attend church or a church activity twice a month.  Also in order for a player to play in the tournaments, they must play in at least 50% of the games.  The blank church slips are available under "Forms" and then "Handouts" on this website.


Pre-Game Statements

January 29, 2015

In case you were wondering what we are doing at mid-court before each game, we are reading a brief statement to the coaches and two Captains about what is expected as a participant of the FCCBL.  Please read this. 



Pre-Game Statement


The purpose of the FCCBL is to promote wholesome recreation and high standards of sportsmanship.  The FCCBL and the Penn State Fayette Campus shall insist that all persons connected with the League act in a manner appropriate to the purpose of the League.  No coach, parent or player shall demean or disrespect any player, coach, referee, league officer or spectator.


Only two coaches are allowed on the bench.  Only one coach is allowed to stand with the other coach remaining seated.  Only coaches, players, scorekeepers officials and league officers may be allowed on the bench side of the gym.


There shall be zero tolerance for any foul or abusive language.  Those individuals that cannot or will not abide by our high standards of sportsmanship and conduct may be asked to leave and subject themselves to further penalty from the FCCBL and/or Penn State University.