• MUMC, Cedarbrook, CRUCC, FPC in AB; Seventh Day St KD, St Timothy, Damascus Rd survive CD 1st week
  • Double check with team managers for any possible changes to the post season tournament schedule
  • Have a great and cooler second week of the post season tournament.

Cedarbrook, Seventh Day win their respective 2019 tournaments

The weather was the best of the year, and the field conditions were generally good at Pinecliff Park, despite rain a couple of days earlier (aside from the deep batter's boxes for righthanders!). Both Cedarbrook and Seventh Day Adventist went undefeated as they won their respective post season tournaments for 2019.  In the AB Tournament, 4th seeded Cedarbrook blanked 2nd seeded CRUCC for their win, while 1st seeded Seventh Day overpowered 3rd seeded St Katharine Drexel in the CD tournament. Pictures of the winning teams will be posted shortly.  Remember to get team pictures next year so they can be uploaded to the website.  It would be great to utilize more of the features of the website, so look for more information to come.

Congratulations to all the teams in the league for getting though another season!

Top seed in AB out, second seed in CD exits in hot tournament

With temperatures exceeding 95 with high humidity, conditions made for a sweaty and exhausting first week of the 2019 post season Tournament. Holy Family made an unexpected early exit from the AB tournament, defeated by 2nd seed CRUCC in the second round of the loser bracket.  Cedarbrook and MUMC top the winner bracket, and move on to the second week unscathed.  CRUCC and FPC join them in the loser bracket.

First seed Seventh Day continued their winnings ways in the CD tournament, making it to the second week without a loss.  St Katharine Drexel joined them in the winner bracket.  Second seed FCOB lost their first two games, paving the way for St Timothy to recover from an early loss to head to week two in the loser bracket. Damascus Road followed a similar path to joined St Timothy in week two.

The weather forecast for the second week is for temperatures almost 15 degrees cooler, which should make for a more enjoyable day. Some teams would need to win four games to become tournament champions, so this forecast is very welcomed.

8/11 recap: Regular season ends with plenty of meaningful games; make-up games key

Holy Family swept 4 games from MUMC to win the division A crown.  They hit 6 home runs, including 3 from Aaron Anderson.  Meanwhile, CRUCC held onto first place inn division B by winning 4 games from New Beginning.  Cedarbrook put the pressure on by winning 4 games from St Ignatius.  FCOB split games with St Katharine Drexel, having already won division C.  Seventh Day was idle, along with St Timothy, but they had already won division D. The rest of the teams in the league split their season ending games.

The post season double elimination tournament will be held at Pinecliff Park on 8/18 and 8/25. The schedule has been sent to managers, and may be uploaded to this website, once I figure out how! First games start at 2pm, and teams are invited for a tournament opening prayer at field #3 just before the start. Remember that only players on the final roster in July are eligible to play in the tournament.

August 9th update: make up games may affect division winners and playoff seedings

Some teams have been able to arrange make up games the last weekend of the season, which could affect who wins their division, as well as tournament seedings. MUMC and Holy Family play 4 games, as they are two games apart following a  pair of forfeit wins for HF. New Beginning has arranged 4 games against B division leader CRUCC, and are only one game behind them, tied with Cedarbrook.

Neither FCOB vs St Katharine Drexel nor Seventh Day vs St Tim could not be held due to the lack of available fields.

Division winners and seedings for the final tournament should be determined late Monday and posted no later than Tuesday.

Division winners are based on number of wins, with the first tie breaker being winning percentage, then runs allowed, then runs scored.

Tournament seedings are based on winning percentage, then runs against, the runs scored.

Reminder to have results in by 1pm Monday.  Sunday evening would be better!!  Thanks.

August 4th recap, look ahead to playoffs: Divisions A and B still up for grabs with one week to go

In A division, MUMC took two games on 8/4 to extend their lead to 4 games over Holy Family.  This sets up a crucial 4 game set on 8/11, as MUMC and Holy Family make up a double header that was postponed earlier in the season due to rain, along with the regularly scheduled games against each other that day. If Holy Family wins all 4 games, they would most likely be the Division winners by virtue of the first tie breaker, winning percentage.

In B division, Cedarbrook took two games from CRUCC to pull within one game of the division lead, currently held by CRUCC. If they end up tied, CRUCC would most likely win by virtue of the second tiebreaker, runs given up for the season.

In C division, FCOB swept St Timothy, and appears to have won the division, as they are three games ahead of St Katharine Drexel with one week to go.  However, they need to win both games this coming weekend against  St Katharine Drexel to possibly capture first seed in the post season tournament over Seventh Day.

In D division, Seventh Day, which has already won their division, extended its lead in the division with a convincing doubleheader sweep of St Katharine Drexel.  Seventh Day does not currently have any games scheduled next week due to their bye week. This may change as they are trying to find a way to make up a rained out double header.

Results from 8/11 need to be reported to Bob Eaton no later than 1pm on Monday, so that tournament rankings and schedule can be finalized as soon as possible.

July 28th Recap: Seventh Day Adventist clinches D Division; Half the teams split double headers

Seventh Day Adventist has clinched the D Division, despite splitting their games with FCOB. Three other double headers were also split.  MUMC swept their double header, extending their lead in Division A. CRUCC earned a forfeit from St Ignatius, extended their B Division lead by one game over Cedarbrook. St Katharine Drexel swept their games to pick up a game on C Division leader FCOB.

Two weeks remain in the regular schedule, as some teams are trying to make up rained out games.  Be sure to check with Gidget before finalizing any makeups, and to try to get them on the website in time.  However, be sure to communicate directly with your team members, in case changes don't make it to the website in time.

Report scores for 7/14 and 7/21 to Bob Rice; change in game schedule on website

Bob Eaton will be away for two weeks, so report scores and highlights to Bob Rice for games on 7/14 and 7/21, and any make up games in between. Thanks for getting them in by Tuesday evening at the latest, though by Monday is preferred! Remember managers for both teams need to report, to assure accuracy.  One tie breaker for Division Champion and tournament seeding is run differential between runs scored and runs allowed.



Also, the schedule on the website shows two games for each team on 7/14 and 7/21, to help ease recording of scores.  As is our custom, the second (latter) game listed shows who the home team is for the week, for the sake of batting practice where practice is available. Home team for the week starts practice 1 hour before game time, while visiting team starts half hour before game time.

Let Bob Eaton know if this is too confusing. Thanks for using the website!

July 7th Recap: Sweeps ruled the week, though rain canceled one double Header

Most teams who won did so by sweeping their opponents.  Middletown UMC remained unbeaten, while formerly unbeaten FCOB lost both of their games.  However, Holy Family split their games with Frederick Presbyterian. Hope Christian and FCF had to postpone their games due to field conditions.  CRUCC players hit 9 home runs in their games with St Ignatius. St Peter's James Naill hit two home runs, including a grand slam to tie their second game in the 6th inning, but MUMC came back to win the game in the end.

Bob Eaton will be on vacation the next two weeks, so please report your scores to Bob Rice either by cell 571-344-4915, or by email at bobricefcob@gmail.com . 

Remember if you make plans to make up rain outs, check with Gidget for field availability and reservations.  Let Bob Rice know as well.  

June 30 recap: Middletown UMC and FCOB remain unbeaten: Final Rosters due 7/5

Division A teams took all games they played against Division B teams on June 30th, with Middletown UMC remaining unbeaten. Meanwhile, FCOB remained unbeaten in Division C, as they took two from FCF. Seventh Day split their games with Hope Christian, but retained a commanding lead in Division D.

A few games ended with fewer than 5 innings due to time limits, which are particularly acute at Urbana, Utica, and Middletown 2  fields.

REMINDER: FINAL ROSTERS FOR TOURNAMENT ELIGIBILITY DUE TO GIDGET BY 7/5!! These rosters will be used for posting eligible players at the season ending tournament on 8/18 and 8/25.  Players can be added after 7/5, but they will not be eligible to play in the tournament.

Many thanks to the team managers who continue to get their scores reported quickly.  Hopefully Bob Eaton will get things right the first time when documenting the results! It's a good thing St KD had a bye this week (along with Damascus Road)!

Remember to let Gidget and Bob know if make up games are being schedule so she can confirm with the County the field availability and reservations.

Additional change to 6/30 schedule involving St KD, FCOB, FCF

The proposed make up games between St KD and FCOB have been postponed.  FCOB and FCF have decided to move their 6pm games to 4pm on Middletown field #1.

June 23rd recap: (corrected on 7/1) Best weather day yet results in full schedule and then some!

For the first time, there was no threat of rain! A and B divisions mixed it up, with FPC and Cedarbrook having a bye. St Peters swept St Ignatius, with James Naill hitting two home runs and Danny Schults one home run for St Pete's.  New Beginning won their second game of the season, splitting their double header with Holy Family. Holy Family had 4 home runs in their double header. Middletown UMC took two from CRUCC in the battle for Middletown supremacy.

In the C division, leader FCOB remained undefeated as they swept Zion, while St Katharine Drexel took four games from Hope Christian Fellowship, making up for an earlier rainout. Maciah Thomas hit 3 home runs for Hope, while Alex Foster had one. Colin Brown had one for St KD.  St Timothy swept FCF.

Seventh Day remained on top of the D Division, sweeping Damascus Road.


If you work out suggested rain out make up plans with other teams, be sure to confirm with Gidget so she can make sure with the County that the fields are available. Once confirmed, let Bob Eaton know so he can adjust the schedule in this website.



June 16th recap

6/16/19: Happy Father's day! This was a week of double header sweeps for the most part. St Peters, Frederick Presbyterian, St Timothy, St Katharine Drexel, and Seventh Day Adventist all won their double headers.  FCOB won two by forfeit.  The big excitement was between CRUCC vs Holy Family, where each team won in walk off fashion. Middletown and St Ignatius had byes.

Lots of home runs were hit with at least one player with two. FPC reported a total of 7 home runs by their team, while St KD reported three.

There will be a few changes in the schedule coming up due to efforts to make up rained out games.  Remember to let Gidget know of any proposed changes so she can confirm with the County field availability before reporting them to Bob Eaton, who can make the changes in the website.

This weekend, St KD and Hope Christian will attempt to play 4 games at Middletown field #1 starting at 4pm.

6/9/19: Rain holds off as all teams got to play their doubleheaders for a change!

Despite the forecast for rain off and on throughout the day, all games were able to be played on 6/9. MUMC and FCOB remain undefeated.  Hope Christian and New Beginning won their doubleheaders as well.  Everyone else split their games.

Michael Belcher hit three homeruns  for FCOB, including a grand slam. Ken Hofgesang for St Katharine Drexel and James Naill for St Peters each hit 2 home runs for their teams.

Thanks to all the managers who sent their scores by Monday morning!

Reminder that most teams are playing games next week on Father's Day! If all goes well, the word RAIN won't be mentioned in next week's report!!

6/4/19: Hail and rain dampens some teams' hope to play on 6/2/19

After getting a full schedule of games in on 5/19, only one double header got to be played in full on 6/2 due to hail and rain.  Four others got to get their first game in before thunderstorms forced them to take cover. Others couldn't get even get on the field. I don't recall any games ever being postponed due to hail in the over 20 years I have been playing in this league!!!

Next weekend features a rare date with no byes, and A division and B division playing within their own division. C and D divisions mix it up.  Hopefully Mother nature will leave us alone that then!  Remember to send scores to Bob Eaton by Tuesday at the latest.

Nature rains on opening day excitement!

Once again, rain washed out this weeks games.  This time there was no real doubt as it rained all day, turning fields into lakes in many cases. Efforts will be made to try to make them up, but be sure to let Gidget and Bob Eaton know so they can be shown on the website.

There are no games next weekend due to Mother's Day.  The next games are May 16th. Lets hope the fields dry out by then!! The regular schedule for the rest of the season should be posted this week on the website.  Note that the league rules are also uploaded to the website.

Be sure to remember your moms next weekend!!


The 2019 Season 1st week of games this weekend, May 5th

After rain messed with at least one practice date, the season officially begins this weekend on May 5th.  The schedule for these games has been entered, with the first team listed in each match up being the visiting team. The schedule for the rest of the season will be entered by next week, since the schedule has undergone several revisions in the past two weeks.

In addition, the 2019 rules and Manager contact list have been updated and uploaded, and can be found under the Forms tab, then click on Handouts.  The Manager's (and Assistant Manager's) contact info for each team is also listed under each team's roster. Please report any corrections/updates needed to Bob and Gidget.

BOTH TEAMS are supposed to report final scores to Bob Eaton (301-514-3609, b.eaton@comcast.net ) by end of tuesday following the games, but preferably the same day if possible.  You can also report any notable achievement, such as walk offs, triple plays, game saving catches, etc, if you wish them to be mentioned in the weekly recaps.

In case you have new players, directions to our fields should be listed under the Schedules tab

REMEMBER, no games Mother's day weekend!

So lets have a save and fun year with great sportmanship!

2019 Season starts with practices scheduled for 4/7/19

The 2019 Season finally begins with the first practices scheduled for Sunday, April 7th.  As of this update, the weather is supposed to be perfect, no rain in the forecast!

There are four divisions this year as a couple of new teams have joined, and a former team returns.  The divisions in the website have been updated, with Managers' names, phone numbers and emails listed.  If there are any errors, please contact Bob Eaton at b.eaton@comcast.net .

Play Ball!!

Second managers meeting scheduled for Sunday, March 10, 2019, 5pm at FCOB

The second Managers meeting for the 2019 season is scheduled for Sunday March 10, 2019 at 5pm at FCOB, room 214. Softballs, scorebooks and rule books will be handed out, and practice schedule will be discussed. If your team has still not paid dues, this would be a great time to bring it.  First practices are tentatively set to begin on April 7th, with first games to start on May 5th.  Let the fun begin!!

First 2019 Coach's meeting set for January 27, 2019, FCOB, room 214

The first meeting of the Coaches for the FCCSL is scheduled for 5pm January 27, 2019, in room 214 at FCOB, 201 Fairview Avenue, Frederick, MD.  The agenda includes:

-Last Years Standings results

- 2019 Division Alighment

-Treasure's report

-Updates and announcments

-General scheduling dates


      -end of season tournament dates

      - due dates for forms and rosters

-General discussion, miscellaneous

Looking forward to a new and hopefully drier season!!




Check this site for weekly updates, standings, game results, and other league information. Scores and standings are updated as teams report scores. Full weekly results should be updated by Wednesday of each week. During the off-season, there will be periodic updates with league meeting info and other news.