• Welcome to the website of the government softball league
  • Final week of ball is upon us
  • Hope you've all enjoyed another fun year!
  • Good luck to all teams this week
  • ...and stay hydrated!

A season end draws near...

July 25, 2018

Hey everyone,

We are now in our final week of ball. Hope you've all enjoyed another enjoyable season!

For the most part the weather has been great, if not, too hot!

As for a year-end league get-together, nothing has yet been confirmed.  When we know more, a message will be sent out to the team captains. Stay tuned.


June 22, 2018

Hey teams! Here is the schedule for the tourney this weekend:

TOURNAMENT FORMAT - 2018 In-town Tourney
Time Ryall 1 Ryall 2
8:30 AM
Eh! Team Fireballs
Cyclones The Farm Team
10:00 AM
DOJ'ers Eh! Team
Misfits The Farm Team
11:30 AM
DOJ'ers Fireballs
Cyclones Misfits
1:00 PM
Cyclones Fireballs
The Farm Team DOJ'ers
2:30 PM
Eh! Team  
4:30 PM
G1: Seed 3 vs G2: Seed 4 vs
Seed 6 Seed 5
Home team is higher seed from round robin
Time Ryall 1 Ryall 2
9:00 AM G3: Seed 1 vs. Winner G1 G4: Seed 2 vs. Winner G2
10:45 AM G5: Loser G2 vs. Loser G3 G6: Loser G1 vs Loser G4
12:30 PM G7: Winner G3 vs Winner G4 G8: Winner G5 vs Winner G6
2:15 PM G9: Winner G8 vs Loser G7  
3:45 PM (Final) G10: Winner G9 vs Winner G7  


I will update the schedule after the Saturday games.  Good luck to all teams! 

The season, so far...

June 6, 2018

Hope everyone is enjoying the season.  The weather has fully co-operated...*knock-on-wood*. If it rains this Thursday, you can all blame me!

Some housekeeping:

1. Reminder: please report your game score to the league. 

2. The full schedule for the remainder of the year has been uploaded. Have a look to ensure I haven't made any mistakes.

3. The In-town Tourney is fast approaching for the weekend of June 23/24 at Ryall Park.  This tournament is always a fun time and all teams are guaranteed 5 games. And, we have SPN umpires! The schedule for the tourney is near completion and will be sent out to the teams, shortly. Also, I will post the schedule on the site and update it after the Saturday games.


Reminder: Rain Outs

April 12, 2018 – 06:30 PM

Just a quick reminder: if the weather is bad and it looks like there may be a potential rain-out, please contact the captain of the team you are playing.

From our league rules:

9. Rain outs will be decided on game day by the team captains. The decision cannot be unilateral and does not have to be made prior to 3:00 pm. If one captain feels the game should be played, both teams must show up at the part to determine if the game is playable. Should one team fail to appear it will result in a forfeit for that team.  Rain outs can be made up at both team’s convenience. If the game is not rescheduled, it will be deemed a tie. It is the responsibility of the team captains to make arrangements for rescheduling a rain out. No team is obligated to play a makeup game. If one team wants to play a makeup game, opposing captains should do their best to accommodate this.