Blaze Black  1st 

First Step  2nd

Phan 3rd 

10/u 2

Splash City 3rd 

Express 2nd   

Blaze blk 1st  

Schepps NBBA 4th 



Reign City 1st 

Gill NBBA 5th 

Nunez NBBA 4th 

SF Champions 2nd 

Cornerstone 3rd  

11//u D1

NCP  4th 

Winter NBBA 3rd 

SF Champions Select 2nd 

Splash City 1st 


East Bay Soldiers 2nd 

Solano Select  3rd 

Sf Champions Gold 4th 

Express 5th 

Blaze Black   1st 

Bauer NBBA 6th 


11/u D3

Pederson   3rd 

Kay NBBA  2-2   1st 

Arnold NBBA  4th 

Ratshin NBBA 2-4  2nd 


SF Champions Select 1st 

Winter NBBA 2nd 

Bauer NBBA 5th 

Washington NBBA 3rd 

First Step 4th 


Express 6th 

Blaze Black 2nd 

Bachich  NBBA 4th 

SF Champions Gold 7th 

Reign City 1st 

Wolfpack 5th 

Wilcats  3rd 


NCP 4th 

Huff NBBA 3rd 

Nunez NBBA 1st 

Wambold NB 6th 

Boles NBBA 2nd 

Gill NBBA 5th 


Blaze Black 1st 

Turner NBBA 3rd 

Prescott NBBA 4th 

Reign City  2nd


NCA Elite 1st 

SF Champions gold 4th 

Solano Select 2nd 

East Bay Soldiers 3rd  

Express 6th 

DeMaestri NBBA  8th  

Gongora NBBA  8th 

Nightmares 7th 

NCP 5th 


Schepps NBBA 3rd 

Kay NBBA 2nd 

Page NBBA 1st 

Gongora NBBA  4th 

8th D1

MTB 13"s 5th 

NCA Elite 3rd 

Splash City 2nd 

DeMaestri NBBA 6th 

Iacopi NBBA 4th 

Pride 1st 



Legends 4th 

Ballers 2nd 

SF Champions 1st 

Roseland Ballers 3rd 

Express 5th 

Baker NBBA  6th 



Blaze Black  4th 

NBBA Johnson  5th 

NBBA  Bachich 3rd 

NBBA Huff 2nd 

NBBA Pederson 1st 

15/u D1

Solano Select 1st 

Myerson NBBA 8th 

Ross NBBA 6th 

Washington NBBA 3rd 

Kingdom  2nd 

Turner  4th 

Carpenter NBBA 7th 

Iacopi NBBA 5th 


Play 4 Keeps 7th 

Train 1st 3rd 

APT 12th 

Blue Devils 2nd 

Cornerstone 1st 

SF Champions 9th 

Carpenter 11th 

First Step 4th 

Express 8th 

Blaze Black 5th

Lloyd NBBA 6th

Sbragia NBBA 10th 

Owen NBBA 7th

Barde NBBA



Blue Devils 6th 

Kingdom 5th 

SF Champions Select 15 1st 

NBBA Lloyd 8th 

Jenkins NBBA 4th 

Healdsburg 9th 

Splash City 9th 3rd 

Carpenter 7th 

Vallejo Knicks  2nd

legends 8th


Marin Lightining 2nd 

Hoyas 4th 

Apt 3rd 

Kingdom 5th 

Baker NBBA 8th 

Barde NBBA 9th 

Lott NBBA 7th 

Jenkins NBBA 6th 

Healdsburg 1st   

Cook NBBA 10th 


Blue Devils 6th 

Roseland Ballers 4th 

Express 1st 

SF Champions JV 2nd 

Coester  NBBA 1-5

Behrs NBBA  5th 

Carpenter NBBA 7th 

Owen NBBA 8th 

United 3rd 

5th girls

Raptors 1st 

CA Ballaz 2nd 

6th Girls

Raptors 2nd 

Renegades 2-1

Baseline 1st 

Shaw 6th 4th



Borello NBBA 1st 

Shaw NBBA 8th  3rd 

Sf Champions  4th 

Raptors 2nd 



Ballers 2nd 

Raptors 5th 

Soldiers 1st 

Hurricanes 3rd 

Thompson NBBA 6th 

Willis NBBA 4th 




North Bay Chicks 2nd 

Raptors 4th 

Borello NBBA 1st 

Ratshin NBBA 5th 

Willis NBBA 3rd 







March 9-10 Ballers & Splash City

April 6-7 Oakland Rebels

April 13-14  APT 

April 20Th FF Ballers

April 27-28 NBBA

May 11 Ballers

May 18-19 SF Rebels 

May 25-26 NBBA & Ballers  Memorial Day 

June 8-9th  Splash CIty

June 15 Ballers

Contact coaches for tournament:




JV Coach Dedrick (707) 416-6801

15 d1Ballers Select Ranked 22 in Country Ranked 2 in West COast  Leon 707 812-3286

15/u D1 MTB Ballers Taron 707 720-8970

13 Boys D1 (Purple)   MTB Ballers  707 290-3757

14/ud2 Boys: Coach. Eric. 707 980 5794

10/u MTB Ballers  707 315-4733  

11/u MTB 707 290-375

Marcel Var girls 707 208-2702

JV Girls 707 208-2702

9th girls Steve 400-3335


The 1st graduating class of Baller History 2009 get 2 players in each league to have MVP HONORS!!!!!


MICHAEL McCHRISTIAN MEL MVP 2009 WIL C WOOD HIGH (invited to the Sac Vs. Bay All-star team 2nd year in a row!)



  • Khristina Hunter Scholarship San Diego State (D-1) 
  • Joz-Lynn Case Scholarship William Jessop (NAIA)
  • Ally Brown Scholarship Cal State Bakersfield (D-1)
  • Thelaya Nickson Scholarship Cal State Eastbay (D-2)
  • Hillarie Grant Scholarship Dominguez Hills (D-2)
  • Jazmine Miller Scholarship Chico State University (D-2)
  • Jala Carter Scholarship  Holy Names (D-2)
  • Jehiah Cook Scholarship UNLV   (D-1)
  • Taylor Crowder Scholarship Sac State (D-1) 
  • Aleseanna Whitney Scholarship Stanislaus (D-2)
  • Zaire Williams Scholarship New Mexico State 
  • Destinee Sinegal Waldorf College Iowa (NAIA)
  • Tamorie Sanger   Dixie State   (D-1)
  • Kianna Moore  Utah                (D-1



  • Franky Johnson Scholarship Virginia (D-1)
  • Lavar Neuville Scholarship Pacific (D-1)
  • Mike Mc Christian Scholarship Idaho (D-1)
  • Roman Robinson Scholarship Dominican Republic (D-2)
  • Tramayne Bondurant Scholarship Arizona (D-1)
  • Robbie Herndon Scholarship San Francisco State (D-2)
  • BJ SMith Scholarship Sonoma State (D-2)
  • Erik Kinney Scholarship Cal State Bakersfield (D-1)
  • James Lake Scholarship Adams State (D-2)
  • Ronnie Baker Scholarship Alaska Anchorage (D-2)
  • Rashaad Allen Scholarship   Alaska Anchorage (D-2)
  • Tyler Idowu Scholarship Washington Eastern (D-2)
  • Koree Cox  Scholarship Hawaii Pacific (D-2)
  •  Kareem Ransom Scholarship  Benedict (D-2)
  • John Ocon  Scholarship  Ottawa Kansa (D-2)
  • Devon Pouncey  Scholarship Pacific University Seattle (D-2)
  •  Mike McKinney Scholarship San Diego Christian (D-2)
  • Jose Flores  Scholarship Cal State Bakersfield (D-1)
  • Tahron Morrison Scholarship Holy Names (D-2)
  • Ryan Stewart  Whitman (D-3)
  • Jansen Smith.   Cal  Martime (D-2) 
  • Roosevelt Smith  Iowa (D-2)
  • Raymond Hubbard NIA Pacific Union
  • Alex Hubbard Cal Poly 

Our players are always underrated and we are all from 707 and doing very well a lot of colleges are biting at our players so we shall see..

                                                                                               "Heart, Hustle, & Hard Work!"


Things to do in & around Fairfield:

Scandia Mini Golf and Go karts 4300 Central Place Fairfield, Ca
Westfield Mall & Movies 1350 Travis Blvd Fairfield, Ca
Stars Bowling 155 Browns Valley Parkway Vacaville, Ca
Vacaville Outlets 321 Nut tree Rd Vacaville, CA
Legend & Heroes Bar & Grill kids welcomed Golf Course 3990 Paradise Valley Rd.
Allan Witt Water Park 1741 W. Texas St Fairfield, Ca

Marine World in Vallejo 15 minutes away!!!

>>> Click here for Registration form <<<

Coaches must fill out registration form and fax to me @ (707) 455-9237
Thank You!