2020 FAA SAY Soccer Registration is Open!  

Please click the link to sign up:

Now accepting sign ups for children born from 2004-2015. 

Season Information: 

Practice will start early August, games will begin late August and go to the end of October. 

Age Divisions: 

Peewee - Born in 2014 or 2015

Passers - Born in 2013 or 2012

Wings -    Born in 2011 or 2010 

Strikers -  Born in 2009 or 2008

Kickers -   Born in 2007 or 2006 

Minors -    Born in 2006 or 2005

Registration Deadline is July 21, 2020. 


We understand there is lots of uncertainty regarding the ongoing pandemic. In order to facilitate planning for the season we will proceed with sign ups as normal. Hopefully things have changed for the better by August. We will keep all registrants informed of developments that may prohibit the season from proceeding as intended. We will be adhering to State, local, and SAY governing body guidelines to keep our families safe and healthy. 

Volunteers needed! Please reach out to Chris Statt ( if you are interested in helping with the season. 

If you have any further questions you can email them to

Support Finneytown SAY Soccer

The Finneytown Athletic Association (FAA) soccer program is available to all boys and girls residing in the Finneytown School District or attending a school located within the district. This soccer program is organized under the rules of SAY soccer (Soccer Association for Youth) and we are a member of the Cincy Central SAY Area which includes teams from Greenhills, Evendale, Sharonville, Glendale, St. Michaels, and Wyoming.

The Soccer Association for Youth (SAY) was formed to provide an organization within which children could learn and play soccer, the world's most popular sport. The fact that any size player can be successful at the game and the modest expense required to field a team, make it possible for many children to participate in organized competition. These factors, plus the enthusiasm of the children once they have played the game, have resulted in a rapid growth of the SAY Program.

It is the function of SAY to provide:

1. guidance and instruction for new participants,

2. an organizational structure to form leagues and schedule games; and

3. prescribe rules and regulations which will ensure safe, enjoyable and fair competition.

A youth program should be, as its name implies, a program for the kids. To win at any cost may be the proper attitude for the highly skilled professional, but is contradictory to the basic objectives of the Soccer Association for Youth. Stacking teams, tryout camps, all-star powerhouses, etc., may produce a climate of excellence for a talented few, but will not in the long run be beneficial to the vast majority of young people involved.